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Pirate Rp

Kylie gave a soft sigh; she was leaning heavily against the railing of the ship as she looked out over the ocean. Every now and then water droplets would splash up at her pale white face and she would gently brush them away. Kylie never got sea sick, she simply had fair skin, but her sailors often commented on how the sea was “too much for her frail body to handle”. Kylie was aware that her crew expected a male captain to run the ship, but after her father’s recent death of scurvy, he had left everything to her. Kylie would like to say that she had the respect of the whole crew, but to be honest quite a few were rather stubborn to take orders from a woman, let alone a seventeen year old girl. She often kept her distance from the men as much as she could, simply because they often missed a woman’s company. However, Kylie wasn’t as fragile as they all thought; she had two twin daggers and knew how to use them. Just then her gaze was pulled away from the water by the sound of her crew cheering at the sight of land. It must have been Port Au-Prince, for that’s where she had ordered them to set sail for. Kylie too was rather excited, for they had been at sea for at least a month. As the ship came to the docks, Kylie took notice of a whole lot of other ships in the area; she had never seen so many in her entire life. After Kylie had the crew’s attention, she told them they would stay for only three days. She watched as they eagerly got off the ship heading for the town. She knew the majority of them would find a tavern and drink until they could no longer stand and find a woman or two. Kylie herself was glad to have the whole ship to herself for a little while, before she too would head into the town. She would clean up a little, take a bath, and change into new clothes before she left the ship, but first she pulled out her map of the Caribbean and looked for their next destination.

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Club/Bar Rp

Chloe had arrived in New York a few days ago with her best friend Sophie. Both of the girls were from Canada and were just in the states for a few days to meet some of Sophie's old friends. Chloe didn't know any of them, but if they were friends of Sophie's, she was bound to like them right? They hadn't been staying with them too long before Chloe realized they next to nothing in common. Chloe had pulled Sophie aside eariler that afternoon, "We can't go!" She said with a worried expression on her face. "Were only nineteen and even though we can go to clubs in Canada, we can't here. You have to be twenty-one, and neither of us look old enough." Chloe said, but Sophie brushed it off and insisted she come or else stay at the appartment alone.

When they arrived, Chloe was shoved into the club by Sophie while the bounchers were busy looking at the other girls IDs. Already she was rather nervous as she looked around the club. The club seemed normal enough to her, but she stuck close to Sophie regardless. "If you look like that, your sure to get us kicked out..." Sophie said rolling her eyes as she walked over to her little group of friends that had been let in legally.