Today at work I saw a hummingbird. Lets take a look at this cute and amazing animal.

One Mayan legends says the hummingbird was the sun in disguise. He is trying to court the beautiful woman who is the moon. Another Mayan legends says the first two were created from scraps left over from the other birds. The god who created them liked them so much he throw a wedding for them. A Mojave legends says the people used to live underground. They sent a hummingbird who found them the path to the upper world. Hopi and Zuni legends say that hummingbirds helped humans by convening the gods to send them rain. In Mexico there is a belief that hummingbirds bring love and marriage. In ancient times stuffed hummingbirds were worn to bring luck to matters of the heart. In Taino tradition hummingbirds were symbols of the spreader of life on earth. One story says they were created from flies. They were thought to be peaceful but would protect the homeland with the heart of an eagle.