So I just wanna say a couple short words on all the animes I'm watching right now. Some words may be longer. Just for fun. They are listed in the order they appear on my profile--that is, in the order I began watching them.

Wonderful stuff. I enjoy the mass amounts of dialogue, our two main characters, the designs and art, and the music. Sword-per-month template I also enjoy though the blow at the end of episode 4 was not quite welcome. Shichika's sister is unpleasant...I hope she can find some sort of happy resolution in the end. One other qualm; Shichika's body design changes every episode. Annoying.

The Qwaser of Stigmata
Adore this. Breast-sucking action, inaccurate chemistry, stellar voice acting, and the most fantastic ending monologues EVER. Katja is mai waifu. I barely have a bit of an idea of the story now, but...pfff. Story. Who needs story? Oppai!

Angel Beats!
Ugh. ...Ugh. UGH! I can't--I don't...even... I want to have faith in the characters. I'd like to totally blame the creators. I think i can do that, but nonetheless, that leaves me with an anime I have to defend against failing. But it's not even! Great Oricon rankings, record watch-rating, live concerts, huge hype.. Some people are stupid.

Arakawa Under the Bridge
Wins the spring season. Totally. Just completely. Without a doubt. Hilarious, definitely unique, great voice acting, hilarious, and surprisingly...human. Not even Iwasawa could object to the lack of common sense here. It's too well done.

Kiss x Sis
Mmmmm. Shameless incest. Riko ftw.

Far inferior to K-ON!. Like the lots of Tsumugi, though. Always loved her. <3

Mayoi Neko Overrun!
Less harem obsession and more group play. I quite like how it's an ensemble cast--even if all the cute girls remain centered on the one generic boy. Except for Takumi screaming like a girl, the voice acting is pleasant too, I find.

RAINBOW: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
******** ******** fukc ufkc yfkc, Oh my. Look at those typos. I'm keeping them. Anyway--Rainbow. UGH. It...I... I'm so disappointed in this show, I could cry. I could' could've really been something. But no. So, so close. I seem to be the only one with this opinion which I understand, so...well, I still won't ever recommend it. Ever.

As mentioned in my entry dedicated to Miyuki Sawashiro, I began this show for her character Celty Sturluson. I watch this show for Celty. This show has so much more than her--she who is so phenomenal. I keep summaries of what happens in every episode and I...still... I feel like I'm missing a lot. Definitely must watch again. Epic voice acting and badass OPs.

The Tatami Galaxy
Whoo! Saw this randomly and watched it randomly--I am in LOVE. The voice acting is total love, the art is ABSOLUTE love, and the events in each episode never tire me despite it all being the same two years each and every episode. Total wonder.

Senkou no Night Raid
Was really looking forward to this back in winter--wanted something Unit 731-ish. When it aired, I dropped it after the first episode for reasons I can't recall; probably confused me too much. Too dark, too much super powers, no actors I knew, I didn't know enough about anime in general. Since then I've shaped up, restarted, and I am happily dedicated and understanding of the historical terms. Lots of badly spoken foreign languages. Really--I could speak better Chinese than that.

Dance in the Vampire Bund
Missed this during winter; was going to watch, but then didn't. So I am now because I heard it kicked a**. It's.......okay so far...I'm on episode four. Mina isn't the super hot loli I was hoping for and Akira opinion as of yet. We'll see, I guess.

More on Angel Beats!.
Otonashi is a conceited b*****d. He's the new Kira. Angel (As I will be calling her .) is nothing but a Nagato clone with white hair and much more questionable alliances and beliefs. Yuri I was beginning to like; I rethought her past spill in episode two and realized I'd read it totally wrong like an idiot. That story was years and years ago--it was relevant to the situation in explaining her feelings about a leader. She was the eldest sister to siblings who died with every ten minutes she failed. She's the leader to a group of teens who all threw themselves to their deaths just then. They would come back just fine, but...she was haunted by the thought that perhaps she could have done better.
And then she said it. The b***h said the worst thing she could have EVER said. In the latest episode--nine--referring to Angel not waking in the infirmary, Yuri said, "Who will God side with?" b***h, you *PAUSE*
IM'd a friend right there; is Yuri still set on kicking God's a** or is she all atheist now? Friend replies that Yuri thought a God existed--or hoped one did but lately she's been seeming pretty atheist. So I was bemused for a moment there--got caught up in a whirlwind of thinking Yuri had given up on God but thinking that she hasn't still makes more sense. My bad. >_> I'm so sorry, Yurippe. ....Though she didn't deserve to pass Nagato Yuki as #1 favorite female character in Newtype. UGH.

Yawn. Gonna stop now.