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My Little Dirty Journal

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Skins Roleplay (Ideas)
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Skins is a British teen drama that follows a group of teenagers in Bristol, South West England through the two years of sixth form. The controversial plotline explores issues including dysfunctional families, personality and eating disorders, mental illness and death.

The First Generation-

Anthony 'Tony' Stonem first seems to be every parent's dream: he is very handsome, one of the most popular boys in his town, does very well in school, and many of the girls in his town would give anything to date him. His favourite philosopher is David Hume, his favourite medieval king is Charlemagne, his favourite Primal Scream album is Vanishing Point and that his favourite food is potatoes.

There is a dark side to his personality, however. The flip side of Tony's charm and self-confidence is an arrogant belief in his own superiority, but no one seems to notice. Teachers, friends' parents, schoolmates and girls all idolise him, despite his sociopathic tendencies — the cruel games he plays with his family and friends, in particular those closest to him, his girlfriend Michelle Richardson and best friend Sid Jenkins. It is unknown if he is truly bisexual, as he says that he simply wants "to try something new", and that he never showed sexual interest in any other men before or after Maxxie. In a psychology lesson, he equates sex with power and his lust for both is portrayed in his presentation.

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Sidney 'Sid' Jenkins is initially portrayed as an unlucky virgin who has a crush on his best friend Tony Stonem's girlfriend, Michelle Richardson, although he later realizes that his true feelings are for Cassie Ainsworth. Manipulated by Tony, he is frequently unlucky: losing an expensive amount of weed, getting beaten up by Jal Fazer's brothers, getting urinated on by a dog and a homeless person. He is also at first oblivious to the machinations of his best friend who, aware of Sid's undying adoration of Michelle, exploits it for his amusement. Despite this, he seems to idolise Tony.

Sid's character is generally supposed to be the nice guy, in contrast to Tony's self-serving egotism. He is extremely loyal towards his friends, including Tony and Anwar, who frequently abuse his loyalty and cause him a great deal of difficulty. Sid's nice guy attitude is quick to win the affections of Cassie, but Sid is oblivious, which leads to him hurting her feelings on numerous occasions. Sid is also very intelligent but underachieves in school because he is easily distracted. When faced with failing his coursework however, Sid is able to write an entire history dissertation in one night.

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Michelle Richardson s portrayed initially as primarily interested in serving her boyfriend Tony Stonem's needs and in "looking shaggable" which she places as her primary function, compared with Jal Fazer's interest in the clarinet. She is very confident in her appearance. She is also aware of Sid Jenkins being in love with her, and is sometimes angry at Tony for him calling her "nips" in reference to her nipples, and protesting that her breasts are uneven.

Despite lack of academic interest, she is a very talented linguist. It is stated that she is very talented with languages and seems to be fluent in French and Spanish and can also understand Italian when it is spoken around her. She has knew Chris scince they were 7 and Jal scince she was 4. Her avourite musicians are Stevie Nicks, Peaches, and Eminem, but she doesn't like Keane and James Blunt. Her favourite films are Mean Girls, Emperor's New Groove, and The Last Seduction, and her favourite television shows are One Tree Hill, Scrubs, and Extreme Makeover; stating the latter brings her to tears.

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Cassandra 'Cassie' Ainsworth is a thin, blonde and spacey girl who likes to say 'wow' alot. Cassie is depicted as being eccentric and suffering from several mental disorders — most notably, anorexia nervosa — and multiple problems, including low self-esteem, suicidal ideation, and drug addiction. She attempts to hide her own struggles with mental health while her flamboyant parents ignore her in favour of their new baby.

Cassie falls in love with Sid even though he, at first, is obliviouse to her feelings and is constantly hurt. When they finnaly got together she moved up to Scotland but they kept a long term relationship. Sid however did not trust Cassie and ended up being with Michelle with Cassie catching the pair. During this time, Cassie moves in with Chris and becomes highly un-stable. After witnessing Chris's death she runs away to New York. Sid goes after Cassie in New York leaving their fates unknown.

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Christopher 'Chris' Miles character was initially portrayed as being very into pills and as being something of a hedonist, but at the same time had other layers to his personality. He will 'smoke/screw/rob/snort anything'. He is very keen on going to his psychology lessons as he has feelings for his teacher, Angie, who is described as being "out of this world" in Chris's eyes. He later falls for Jal.

He hangs out with best friend duo Maxxie Oliver and Anwar Kharral. He is also shown as having possessed a great admiration of his late older brother and feels like he cannot compare to him. He says that he enjoys listening 1970's emo music and the pop of the 1980's, and that he doesn't likes TV at all. He is the party animal of the group. He has a difficult home life; he lost his brother to illness at a young age, and is an emancipated minor due to his ambivalent father and absent mother.

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Jalander 'Jal' Fazer is described as super bright and the most talented young clarinet player in the country. The daughter of celebrity Ronnie Fazer, she is easily the most affluent of all of her friends, of whom she is closest to Michelle Richardson, Cassie Ainsworth and Chris Miles. As a highly talented and intellectual teenager, she defies various stereotypes. Her school is quick to take pride in (and responsibility for) a young black student being so successful, despite carrying little interest in the naturally gifted Jal. She is very straightforward and self aware, and has contempt for her brothers' fake "ghetto" personas as well as Tony Stonem's poor treatment of Michelle, and the way in which Sid Jenkins ignores Cassie.

She dislikes dislikes modern pop artists and wishes to 'sue MTV Base for prolonged emotional distress'. Her favourite 'musical dynamics' are Dolce, Affettuoso, Rubato and Giocoso. Her other favourite things include eating chips, Maxxie Oliver's dancing, and the correlation between maths and music (Pythagorean triples). She is also incredibly driven, finding herself knowing more than her careers advisor, having planned out her future, and having to pass up a fifteen minute interview in awkward silence.

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Maxxie is a openly gay teenager who also has status as one of the lads amongst his peers. Maxxie is alluded to having had many promiscuous relationships. He is portrayed as a proficient at several styles of dance, including tap dance, a brilliant artist, seductive, well-liked and well-adjusted. He is something of a comedian, particularly with best friend Anwar Kharral. His favorite things as toast, boys, dancing, drawing, Arcade Fire and the Sistine Chapel, and he wants to meet Johnny Depp, Nigel Reo-Coker and Ron from Harry Potter.

Maxxie moved to London with boyfriend James and friend Anwar Kharral.

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Anwar Kharral is portrayed as a young Muslim boy with overbearing Pakistani parents that attempt to regulate both his faith and his life inside of the Mosque. He is not a very devout Muslim, he takes drugs whenever at a big party, drinks and has premarital sex; although he does pray five times a day and believes that homosexuality goes against his religion. His best friend is Maxxie Oliver, although his views on Maxxie's homosexuality sometimes put a strain on their friendship. He does lament that as a Muslim boy, he feels he has no choice in his faith. His favourite things are Tequila, Dope, Pills, Lupe Fiasco, Breasts and X Factor. It is suggested that Anwar moved back to Bristol away from Maxxie and James as Second Generation character, Cook, meets him breifly.

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The Second Generation-

Elizabeth 'Effy' Stonem, the only character to appear in both the First and Second Generation of characters. While not so much a main person in the First Generation, Effy becomes the main person for the Second Generation. Effy is Tony Stonem's tearaway sister and one of the only people whom he truly cares about. Tony seems quite proud of her sneaking out of the house to go clubbing, having sex, and partying, and has helped her on more than one occasion to deceive their parents. Tony says she has 'shadowy ways' and is described as 'sugar, spice and all things nice'. It is apparent that she enjoys going out at night and partying, wearing skimpy, sexy outfits. She also rarely speaks in the First Generation to the point she could be considerd a mute. Tony's younger sister, becomes the lead character for the second generation. Effy is beautiful, popular, and a natural leader like her brother, but also quiet and distant, attempting to keep her own troubles hidden. She is fully aware of her desirability and capacity for manipulative behaviour, but feels expressing her own emotions will show weakness.

Effy claims she is distantly related to the 17th century French aristocrat called Cecile DeLacroix, who was beheaded during the French Revolution. She also says her favourite smell is petrol, and describes a peculiar talent of being able to pick up objects with her toes. Her best friend is odd girl Pandora Moon, who despite their differences, 'gives the detached and cool Effy a heart'. Effy also has a talent for picking up things with her toes. Effy is Queen Bee of the Second Generation. She suffers from psychotic depression. She is also in love with Freddy and has had a past relationship with Cook.

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Pandora 'Panda' Moon is initially shown to be naive and a bit immature, as a result of her over-protective mother's attempts to keep her safe from the world. She also often describes herself as 'useless' to others and often (willingly) takes a backseat to Effy, whom she describes as her best (and only) friend.

Pandora is described as having 'a sweet tooth for naughtiness. and lies to her mother about her activities with Effy and their friends. Although Pandora's mother has "banned" her from boyfriends, telling her that they're 'bad', she meets and falls in love with a boy called Thomas in the third series. However, her first sexual encounter is with Cook, who 'teaches' her how to have sex.

She enjoys Jeremy Kyle, Trisha, Harry Potter Puppets, and caterpillars.

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Thomas Tomone is an immigrant from the Congo. He is a very friendly, good, honest, musical and although having an honourable soul he's as shrewd a criminal as any of the others. Due to his African upbringing, he doesn't understand the British way of life. He is in love with Pandora. He becomes confused about peoples attitude towards their lives and tries to follow that to despratly fit in and not to be casted out.

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James 'Cook' Cook Jr s charismatic, funny and can handle a lot of Alcohol. He likes to spend time with his best mates - JJ and Freddie. He's Outgoing, kind of slovenly and usually in a good mood. He loves to have a good time and is constantly the life and soul of any party. Cook shows a great interest in the ladies, and all his partying can sometimes get out of hand, leading him into trouble.

Previously good friends with Freddie Mclair and JJ Jones, his sexual relationship with Effy Stonem has drifted a wedge between them. Things became more complicated as he had also fallen in love with Effy.

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Frederick 'Freddie' Mclair happily skates around, smoking weed with his mates, and staying cool. He has problems taming his crazy friend Cook, who is not afraid to do anything. His other best friend JJ is an integral part of their friendship, as he acts as a mediator whenever there is a fight between Cook and Freddie. Freddie's relationship with his family is strained due to his sister Karen attempting to use their mother's death in order to become famous. However, he and Karen are much closer, having resolved all their differences.

Freddie's romantic feelings for Effy affects Cook, who also has fallen in love with her. Effy's decision to start a relationship with Cook although she has feelings for Freddie begins to deteriorate the friendship between Cook and Freddie. However when forced to pick between JJ, Freddie and Cook, she picks Freddie, pretty much destroys his friendship with Cook.

Freddie and Effy both deal with the fallout of her decision, and thus are unsure how to talk to Cook. Freddie and Cook's relationship is still strained, due to Cook's lingering feelings for Effy. Similarly, his relationship with Effy is put to the test when she starts having a mental breakdown; he's not sure whether he is strong enough to stay or if he's not able to handle it.

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Jonah Jeremiah Jones, better known as 'JJ', has a huge imagination, shown by his enthusiasm for magic. With childlike excitement, he dreams up the entertaining schemes for himself. He is best friends with Freddie and Cook and they're known as the 'Three Musketeers'. He is well spoken, and extremely good at Math, Science and many other academic subjects, but lacks basic social skills. He has high-functioning autism, and has developed a close friendship with Emily Fitch, considering her to be his best female friend. After himself, Cook and Freddie all fought for Effy's affection the small group broke apart, he becomes much closer friends with Thomas and eventually reconciles with Freddie. His friendship with Cook, however, still needs work. He suffers from Asperger syndrome.

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Katherine 'Katie' Fitch s Emily Fitch's twin sister, who she is older than by a few minutes. While they were young, they developed their own cant-style language that only they understand. Quietly insecure Katie thinks of herself as something of a WAG and wants to usurp Effy's place as Queen Bee of the group. Her homophobia causes problems with her sister Emily, who is coming to terms with her identity as a lesbian. However, she comes to terms with the facts and finally accepts her sister and becomes closer with Effy.

Katie is initially presented as being very manipulative and very outspoken, seemingly using people for her own gain. However, Katie begins to show a different side of herself; she is actually very insecure and afraid of being alone, thus she tries to cover this up by acting nasty towards everyone and attempting to control every aspect of her sister's life.

She is not close to anyone in the gang as her quest for popularity made her isolate herself. She is especially cold to Effy, Emily, and Naomi. She begins sleeping with Freddie, partly because she likes him, but partly because she wants to get back at Effy. She seems shaken by her sister Emily's homosexuality, but eventually learns to accept it.

Katie later on reconnects with her sister, becomes close friends with Effy and Pandora, and establishes friendships with Thomas, Freddie and even Naomi. She has become a much nicer person, and she and Naomi are much more friendly than they were in the previous series. Although she has become a better person, she still has kept her outspoken personality, most vocally standing up for Kanye West during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards Controversy. When herself, her mother, father and brother are evicted from their home she is the main link holding the family together.

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Emily Fitch is Katie Fitch's twin sister, who she is younger than by a few minutes. While they were young, they developed their own cant-style language that only they understand.

Emily is initially presented as being very quiet and a "doormat" to her sister Katie. She often be bullied and taken advantage of by her dominant sister Katie. As the show progresses, Emily begins to come out of her shell and strives for individuality. Much of this is due to her becoming okay with her sexuality and her feelings for Naomi Campbell.

Emily deals with her dealing with her sexuality and coming out to her friends and family. Emily mantains that she is straight, but is convinced by Naomi to accept her sexuality. Emily has accepted that she is a lesbian and she and Naomi share their first sexual experience. Emily comes out to her family and she and Naomi both come out publicly as a couple.

Emily and Naomi soon have problems brewing in their relationship mostly due to Naomi cheating on Emily while also having contrasting plans on whether they should go to University right after graduating or not. In the end their relationship its the rocks, but Naomi finally reveals her true feelings: that she had always loved Emily and that she is done running, and presents to her two tickets to travel after graduation, and thus she and Naomi reunite.

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Naomi is an idealist. Passionate, political and principled, she's the only one who still believes in anything.

At first, Naomi's sexual orientation is left ambiguous; after firmly maintaining she is straight, she later confesses to Effy and Emily, on separate occasions, that she is unsure. However, Naomi reveals that she is in fact a lesbian, as she said that she fell in love with Emily when they were younger, but was afraid of Emily's effect on her, so she slept with boys to try to get rid of her feelings for Emily.

Much of her time is spent dealing with her feelings for Emily and questioning her sexuality. Naomi persists that she is straight and does not have feelings for Emily, who she knows is in love with her. However, she and Emily share their first sexual experience with each other later on. She becomes public with her relationship with Emily.

Naomi and Emily start to live a hedonisitic life style as their relationship starts to plummet after their plans keep clashing and Naomi cheating on Emily. It finnaly hits rock botom till Naomi goes after Emily and confesses her true feelings for Emily thus they get back together.

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Okay so these two sets of characters are the main people. There are obvousily alot more Canon's aswell such as siblings and parents to these guys. Also I am open to OC's. This will be under the Gaian Neighbourhood of the roleplaying forums. I just would like to know if this sounds interesting or anything any of you would like to take part in.

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