Ok, so I am going to put this here, so i don't have to re-hash it all the time.

It began 2 days ago... a guy came up to me in towns and started talking to me. We got along great, and became friends. He gave me his email address, I didn't say anything.. he suggested it. So I add him on msn, and my yearbook just for the h*** of it. So then I try to talk to him... make a friend and become better acquainted. He had mentioned finishing up a new tattoo, so i asked him how it looked.. he said he was busy and had 12 other msn windows open. So I say Ok, we can talk later. Have fun. a few hours later, I see him in towns, so I try again.. this time he says he's listening to somthing, and can't be disturbed. So, again, I say alright, I'll talk to you later. Then as I was roaming towns, I see him talking to someone alone. so I message him again, asking if it's ok to chat now. I then see him say "Ugh I have this 28 yr old woman talking to me and she won't leave me alone!' I was hurt by this, and told him, on msn, that if he didn't want to talk to me all he had to do was say so. And instead of replying to me, he went on about how I wouldn't leave him alone, and how he thinks I was stalking him or something. That got me angry. So I walked up to him in towns and called him a jerk, and left. Then I proceeded with deleting him from all my lists. I was really upset that he'd think of me like that, as I had never hinted as to wanting to be anything more than friends.

So my question is...WHY must people treat others like this? Feign friendship and then drop them like a burning rock? =/