This is a Journal of Thoughts.


It's a lame acronym but hey.. I did my best. It's simply what it is. Thoughts. Whatever I think. Whatever I want to share.

Unambiguity is the uncertainty of what is right and real. That is what is happening in my head. But even in doubt there is something that I still believe.

Everything is possible.

It's ironic, I know. But when you see a picture and found it unattractive in first glace, why not try looking at it, in a different angle this time. That's how I see everything. This is the very reason why I am random. It's stupid when you are not in a fixed reasoning, a fixed truth. But it's unambiguity that's ruling over my thoughts. Thus, this unambiguity would lead me into searching what I have to find.


People find me careless and really clumsy. But in this clumsiness, when I truly care for something, I find hurting myself just to undo the carelessness that cause everyone's pain.


Most of the things I say doesn't make sense. However, I don't find Chinese language nonsense just because I don't understand it. Everything has a sense on it. One just has to try understanding it.


Poems nowadays create riddles. But something doesn't seem right to me. Because I believe that one writes a poem to express himself/herself. Why complicate the words you use?
Well, I guess.. Something hidden is hidden for a purpose; so not everyone would be able to see it, just the few who are eager to find it.


Food for T.H.OU.GH.T

Can you miss the future?
Is it possible to miss something you have not encountered yet?

Because, when a person miss something, that something has become a part of that person's history, that person's past.. not future nor present.

What do you think?