Mood: Blank.
Song: Stole My Heart - Little and Ashley

What a lovely girl,
I'll follow you around the world.
I love you,
don't you see?

One moment I care,
The next I don't.

One moment I trust,
The next I won't.

I've learned to not let anyone in after f*cking up once.
Only one person breaks that rule.
Only one.

And she knows who she is
And she never takes advantage of it.
because she's the best there is out there,
The only friend I need.

I hate guys.
I hate girls.
I don't get what's going on with life.

It's all mundane and sh*t,
and I just want the weekends to keep on going.

I never have anything to think about,
Finally all my thoughts have be processed or aren't worth picking up again.

Where life is headed,
I do not know.

All I know is I wish we weren't in a financial deficit.
I want to go to D.C. and see other intellects this Fall.
That won't be happening though, I see.

All the best things in life cost money.

The ability to talk to my best friend.
The ability to see my best friend.

Those great nights.

It all costs money,
and I know now better than ever before, I can't be a failure in life.

My love for money and my lava for Bri greatly exceeds my love for any man on the face on the earth. (;