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I have had some items donated to me in the past but I never made a list so I'm afraid I can't recall who those generous people were. Well! Now I have this journal post to remind me and give a big THANK YOU to those nice people who donated an item or gold. biggrin

Please do not bother these people for gold or item donations.

Angelic Reiya: Pink Neko Cosplay

Leylei: Donation

AMG Elf/Fairy:
Red Rose Wristlet Corsage
Poinsettia Hairpiece
Wintery Hot Cocoa

AMG Secret Santa 2010:
Holiday Cardinal
Unsavoury Cactus
Gingerbread Man Cookie
Galve Goat
The Sun (OM NOM)
Hotel for Dogs White Terrier
Grunny Slippers
Eggnog with a Cinnamon Stick
Gift Box
Celebration Ribbons
Plate of Cookies and Milk
Randy Orton's Steel Chair
Ace Meow
Heavenly Awesome
Bug Face-Hugger
Monsieur Panda
Kachina Clown Body Paint
Otami Jewelery
Sisky The Wombat
Ugly Orphan Sweater

Legends of Guardians Owl Buddy
Squid Ink

JungleKitty: Starmony

Julianna Quinn: Blonde and Silver Long Bi-Color Costume Wig

Seoul23: Grey University Skirt

Angelic Snow Angel: Dewdrops

AMG Secret Valentines Gifting 2011:
Adding this soon...

Earth Mood Bubble
Grizzly Bear Hoodie
Yellow Daffodil Bouquet
Skull Chocololli
Panda Paper Charm

If I missed anything out I'm really sorry but please know all your gifts are really loved and appreciated. heart

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