Upon a ravaged portion of the Elliptical Range.

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[Separated from the Kutzu and Safiri, Chris is forced to face this new threat alone.]
[Chris prepares herself... but suddenly.]
???: [Dashes at Chris with a dark wind trailing behind her. She stops in front of Chris, the wind wrapping around her yet again in a sort of telekinetic choke that holds Chris in the air.]
Chris: Ack--!!! [Holds her paws to her throat, struggling to break free... Within a few seconds, she releases a burst of black energy. This blows her opponent's hold off of her. She lands softly.]
???: [Is knocked back, but not down. She warps, wind trailing around Chris. Behind Chris, she performs an uppercut with an additional effect of some purplish-reddish element blazing from the attack. It sends Chris into the air, helpless. The mysterious character warps again, following Chris in the air and continuing the attack with a series of hook kicks all empowered with the strange element, each attack erupting into a tiny explosion on impact. She warps again, this time becoming a purplish electricity that strikes through Chris multiple times before rising above her and solidifying into the character again, smashing into Chris and sending her plummeting into the hard soil.]
Chris: [Crashes into the ground.] ... (I feel no pain... Am I dying...? Or is this normal...? Whatever, I can still fight...) [She stands, readying herself again.) Whoever you are... You're no joke, it looks like.
???: [Reappears only feet from Chris, her arms crossed.] Do you feel it...?
Chris: [Props her head back a bit...] (What!? What is this weirdo talking about? Feel what...?)
???: The Tier... engulfing you within bliss...
Chris: Whaaat...?
???: ...Give it time... Give it moments...
Chris: (I don't understand any of this... I do feel something... Maybe she's right about the bliss part. I'm starting to feel content, but...) Whatever! You've taunted me enough! [She runs at her opponent, paws sparking with electricity. The foe vanishes, though Chris watches the trail of dark wind as it spins around her. She leaps into the air, flapping her wings at the same time. Inverted so that she is upside down, she fires the two bolts of electricity at the wind, breaking it and knocking her enemy to the ground. Chris turns around, now on the ground, and dashes at her foe.]
???: [Rises suddenly, five pillars of a magmatic, fiery plasma rising into the air, simply enveloping the two... A few moments pass...]
Chris: [On her knees in front of the figure... Her head is lowered and her eyes half-shut...] (Whatever this is... I love it... It's feels so wonderful...)
???: What a shame... Even one such as you would fall so easily to the bliss of Nirvana Tier...
Chris: Nirvana Tier...? ...I don't feel any pain... I feel like I've just been revitalized... (Wait, I understand... It's like temptation... Then it's even more deadly than pain. If I don't snap out of it, I'll be eliminated and won't even see it coming.) [Stands.] Alright. Try me! [Suddenly rams into her foe, electricity empowering the attack.]
???: [Grunts a little before recovering in midair.] Hmph... [A ring of the purplish-reddish plasma encircles Chris, as well as a dome-shaped force-field that locks her inside...]
Chris: (Damn, I can't get out! ...Well, this won't hurt...)
[The ring shrinks until it enters Chris' body. If this were any sort of other "Tier", sensations would vary, however Chris feels complete bliss once again.]
Chris: [Closes her eyes... Her legs begin shaking... She smiles... ...Then her expression returns to normal...] (No... I won't be taken...) [Her legs stiffen. She stands firm, a pulse of dark energy shooting from her entire body as she throws an arm out to the side. The force-field shatters.]
???: Hm... Very well... [With an arm out in front and her paw open, she focus another sort of Tier on Chris' body... Usurp.]
[This Tier drains all of the Nirvana Tier from Chris' body, along with some of her own energy. She falls to the ground in excruciating pain as the bliss leaves her.]
Chris: Ahhhhh!!!!
[Safiri and Kutzu watch in horror as Chris writhes in pain on the ground, rolling as if she was trying to extinguish fire... After a few seconds, she calms down, breathing deeply and laying on her back.]
???: ... [Approaches Chris.] When one becomes enclosed in bliss, that individual will often forget of the dangers that are a constant threat, making him or her all too easy to annihilate.
Chris: [Now used to the pain, she readies herself for any tricks...]
???: Hmhm... You fight well, yet not well enough... [She offers her paw to help Chris up.]
Chris: ... Hmph... [She stands using her own strength, ignoring the help. Chris dusts herself off, still in a bit of pain...] Who are you to judge me?
Ixis: [Crosses her arms.] I am a Believer. Ixis Muugen.
Chris: [Gasps, now watching Ixis wide-eyed.] ...You... I've heard of you... Vulpixis... told me about you.
Ixis: So you have met Vulpixis... Interesting.
Chris: Ixis... What's your beef with me? You're a Believer... Vulpixis didn't fight me, why would you want to?
Ixis: Consider our conflict a test for the greater trials ahead... Temptation is not far. You will be grateful that I taught you this, Fourth... [She turns around.] Farewell. [Without another word, Ixis vanishes in her dark wind.]
[At this moment, the large force-field separating Chris from the Eclipses fades away... Kutzu and Safiri rush to Chris.]
Kutzu: [Hugs Chris tightly.] Oohhhh, I was worried! Like, totally worried!
Safiri: Are you okay!? Who was that!?
Chris: I'm okay... I'm fine... [Smiles, Hugging both Kutzu and Safiri.] That was another Believer... Ixis Muugen...

--E N D I N G--