Guess who? GEE, I DUNNO!
[Chris stopped to tell stories of the past to Safiri and Kutzu, feeling as if it would not waste their time. Based on the Connection, they seem to have been right... Now, they can see the Illusive Horizon clearer as they near a strange, large land formation where the smallest yet one of the most impressive battles of Northern Soren took place many years ago.]
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(Chris - Safiri - Kutzu)
-Elliptical Range (Strange Formation).-
Kutzu: Oh! [Stops in midair just before the strange formation, which appears to be a large geographical symbol of some sort. It is a dotted spiral, the dots themselves being the darker colored areas.] ...
Safiri: [Stops sooner than Chris, being in the back of the group.] Whoa... What on Safa...?
Chris: What on Soren... [She observes the massive marking.] Kutzu, what is this?
Kutzu: ...Terrifying... It happened so long ago, but I still remember it like it was only a few weeks ago... What happened here was a conflict.
Chris: A battle... between who?
Kutzu: The Fairies, back then Feminine, and the Romuline.
Chris: Wow, how long was this ago?
Kutzu: I think six years... before I was with the Feminine. But still, this battle really hurt the Fairies for good, showing everyone on Northern Soren just what the Cyborgs are capable of.
Safiri: Did they blow this place up?
Kutzu: You could, like, say that.... Operation Heart Stopper... Neutralizing land mines placed in a spiral all throughout these grounds... At 01Zero's command, they neutralized every Fairy in this battle, even stunning their own troops.
Chris: ...They didn't just win that battle then...
Kutzu: They won a perfect victory... no trace of the opposing forces. Horrifying...
Chris: [Shakes her head and flies into the strange field...] ...This place is just a teeny bit eerier than the last... Hm...
[Safiri and Kutzu eye each other quickly, then follow after Chris... however, the boundary between the natural land and altered land prevents them from doing so. A huge, purplish force field rises at light speed, forming a magical wall between Chris and the Eclipses.]
Kutzu: Oh shoot!! H-hey Chris!!
Chris: [Spins around and flies back to the two, observing the force field.] Oh crap, really!? Are they really gonna isolate us now!?
Safiri: Maybe you can break it!?
Chris: Let's find out! [Dark electricity spark around her paw. She clenches it into a fist and jabs at the magic wall, but the wall simply absorbs it in a blinding flash.] Like I hadn't seen that one before... Uggghhh... [She places both of her paws on the force field, leaning into it but still flying.]
Kutzu: [Presses his own paws against the wall as well, just where Chris's are... His ears are flat against his skull.] Erk... Hm? [His ears perk up as he spots a dark wind forming on the ground behind Chris.] Wh-who...?
Chris: Kutzu?
Kutzu: Who's this...? [Watching the figure come into being... It is a dark purple Sorenian Fairy, but looks far more sinister than even Lea. She is a raccoon, with spiked wings and a torn top that reaches just above her knees. Her hair worn off to the side and is jet black with highlights of dark red.]
Chris: Darkness, I presume... [Now watching the figure. She touches down to the ground, now walking toward this mysterious Fairy.]
???: You must be the one... [Stands completely still, almost intimidating. She is taller than Chris by about 4 inches.]
Chris: [Stops, leaving about fifteen feet of room between the two.] The one...?
???: The one they call the Believer... the Fourth Believer.
Chris: So you know me... But you misheard. I'm the first Believer.
???: No. Fourth.
Chris: ...(Who is this freak...? She looks a lot like some new Shade. Maybe she's not from around here.)
???: Very true, I'm not from this world. Nor am I from the clutches of Darkness.
Chris: [Winces, stepping back.] Wh--What did you--...? (Did she just read my mind!?)
???: Indeed... Tier holds the answers, but those shall have to wait. Enough chatter. Come at me, Believer... Test your strength in the face of a Moonhalo. [Holds a paw out, a dark wind beginning to surround and squeeze Chris.]
Chris: Ack--[Coughs.] H-h-hey!! S...Stop!! What're you, crazy!? [She flares her body out, a small wave of electricity blowing the dark gusts off. She breathes deeply.] Ouch...
???: Do not hold back. Do not hesitate. Just fight. Fight me, Believer...
Chris: [Prepares herself, not even bothering questioning this cryptic Sorenian.] Something's way off here...

--E N D I N G--