just a small story i suddenly felt like doing. i might add more if i feel like it. let me know if you wish to see it progress.

The light of dawn broke through the small openings of the light gray blinds, streaming over a small bundle in the bed. The small rays of light slowly moved from the center of the bundle to the top end of the bed, causing the bundles to stir and shuffle, then remain still once more. The only sound breaking the silence was the soft steady breathing of the creature deeply sleeping within. All seemed at peace within the dark room. Not even the two kittens sleeping at the end of the bed stirred. Suddenly, however, the peace was shattered, as a loud obnoxious banging came from the closed door not far from the bed. A female's voice could be heard, speaking sternly before the door swung open and the open of the voice appeared. A tall slender girl with long black hair emerged stating it was simply time to get up and start working. The bundle stirred once more, grumbling in dismay as the attempt to open the eyes from under the sheets failed and the small, crumpled figure dozed off once more. Again, the females voice rang out for the other, louder and commanding. With a small, heavy sigh, the small figure on the bed slowly rose to a sitting position, letting the sheets fall from the body, back onto the bed. What emerged was a petite girl with short brown hair, yawning and stretching her arms in the air. How much she wished to return to her deep slumber, her dreams quickly forgotten in the mixer of wanting to sleep, and needing to get up.

There was a chill in the air, visible only on the small glittering particles of frost on the edges of the grass growing outside the small home. The younger girl, who'd just been woken by the older sibling, quickly got dressed into some warm jeans and short sleeved, black shirt, throwing on a dark blue jacket for warmth. Once dressed, the younger girl headed for the small kitchen, looking for a mug to heat some water in. Quickly preparing some tea, the younger girl hurried out the front door, meeting her older sibling outside with the mug of tea in her hand. A small shiver ran down the younger girl's spine when the cool air slapped her in the face. She greatly disliked waking up early, yet if the two were to get the task presented to them the night before done before noon, there was no other choice.

Another yawn escaped the mouth of the younger girl, only noticeable through the slivers between her fingers as she tried to hide it with her hand. "So what's the task for today?" The young woman rubbed the left over sleepiness from her eyes as she spoke. The only thing keeping her awake at this point was the hot mug sitting in her hand as the bitter cold caused the rest of her exposed skin to grow slightly numb.

The older child was glancing through a few sheets of paper in front of a small table filled with small trinkets and valuable gadgets. She hadn't looked up from the small bundle of paper as she responded to her sister. "We have a few items we need to sell before we have the amount of money needed for the correct equipment on tonight's job."

"A few items?" The younger sister glanced down at the table and grimaced at the thought. Though her older sister did say it was only a few, the table seemed to overflow with what merchandise the two had to sell. She hated to sit around waiting for people to buy their hand made trinkets, even if the money was necessary. Taking another small sip from the warm mug of tea in her hand, the girl glanced over her sister's shoulder and at the small stack of papers the other was filing through. "And what is it we'll be hunting for this time?"

The older sister slowly placed the sheets of paper into a yellow envelope and set it on the table, quickly arranging the items on the table to be viewed with ease from future customers. "A demon of course. Looks like today's bounty is that of the bird class. Falcon maybe. So we may need some long ranged equipment. Unfortunately our supplies are low from last weeks hunt."

A small sound escaped from the younger girl's lips as she seemed thoughtful in the remembrance of the previous weeks battle. "We might not have this issue if we had actual jobs. It's not like we make much money off these items anyways."

The older sister glanced up at her younger sibling for the first time since the girl stepped outside to join her. "You know as well as I do that getting an actual job is out of the question. There are too many hazards and complications with it. What if we were given a job with a time limit, yet we couldn't fulfill it because one of us was needed to work following the governments rules and regulations. Or suppose one of us was attacked while under cover working at another job. If we were to fight, not only would there be casualty's, but also collateral damage. The money would be subtracted from the paycheck, and you would be lucky if you didn't lose your job. And let's not forget about the issue of surveillance. Everything would be caught on tape. You know only a select few are allowed to hunt demons due to the lack of public's acceptance. They may be grateful for what we do, but some are skeptical and others despise us thinking the whole thing is our fault to begin with. Money wise, this route may be more difficult in some suspects, but in others, it's more beneficial."

The younger sister sighed heavily and scratched the back of her head with her free hand in dismay. "I know. But it's so boring." She then sat down on a nearby chair and set down her mug of tea on the table. Her hands quickly came up to her face, rubbing away any left over sleep and adding warmth to her cold cheeks. "Besides, I hate waking up so early."

The older sibling sat down next to her sister, retaliating her sisters whining by stating in slight annoyance, "Well this isn't exactly my idea of fun either, but it needs to be done."

After 10 minutes of silence passed between the two, a small green van with sliding back doors pulled up alongside the street, indicating that the first customer had arrived. "Let's get this done with," said the younger sibling, as the older one stood up to greet the man and daughter who had just stepped out of the vehicle. Mornings were always long, and the girls' were both sure that this one was no different.