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User ImageThose who spawned from the "fiery pits" of Hell spawned in Reality...? What business could they have within Fantasy?
--I N T R O D U C T I O N--
...(Keep fighting, Chris. Keep fighting... I will continue to uncover a way to return you to your Perfect self... In the meantime, I have to applaud your effort again. Even through this disturbance of a new Perfect and a strange new enemy, you are standing strong... Maybe... just maybe Perfects are so powerful, however, that there may only be one in existence at a time. This VinceFourth... you must fight he and Hellspawned back. They do not belong here... And I should not have ever done this... But I will not be caught. I am depending on you, Chris. Continue forth, to be Fourth, and fight on...)
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(Chris - Safiri - Kutzu)
-Soren-X, Castle Blossom.-
[The audience chamber of Castle Blossom is no longer strewn with dark fog... But there are no signs of the Fairies or Dragons or even Darkness. All has left Castle Blossom... A dark corridor flashes into existence. Chris, Safiri, and Kutzu walk from it. The second Chris and Safiri take their first step on Sorenian ground, they become pulses of light... Within a second, they are transformed into Sorenians...]
Chris: We're here... ...[Is unaware that she is even a Sorenian for a few moments. She looks around at herself. Chris actually seems to possess a Base Primitive now, the evolution of all Northern Sorenians. She, like her Safan form, is a black fox as well as a Fairy.] ...I'm a Sorenian already!?
Safiri: [Stumbles, now on two legs.] Ouch! Mgh... What the heck just happened? [She appears to be an Illusion Sorenian, still possessing some of her plant-like appearance. Like all Illusions, she has two antennas. She's wearing a white sleeveless top with the same colored short skirt. Her moth-like wings are brown with yellow speckles. {Also, Creminine get most of their clothing ideas from the Fairies and the Dragons. They call each other leims, just as Dragons are boys and Fairies are girls. The Cyborgs call themselves cies.} I'm... What am I? Am I a Sorenian?
Kutzu: [Gasps.] Uh-wow! A leim!
Safiri: Leim?
Chris: [Helps Safiri to her feet.] A leim, I think, is the "boy/girl" term for a cremale.
Safiri: [Takes Chris' help, holding her paw in case she falls again.] So... I'm not a girl anymore?
Kutzu: You're a Feminine Creminine. Still a girl... but a leim!
Safiri: Huh... strange.
Chris: You know what this tells us, right?
Kutzu: Hm? Like, how quickly you two were turned into Sorenians? I think it has something to do with what Lord Hideaki said... l-like about the Scripts!
Chris: The Ecliptic Pull...
Kutzu: Oh gosh! Ohmygosh! We totally gotta go to the Illusive Horizon! C-c'mon! [He flaps his wings and takes flight, remembering where Susie and the Fairies are sure to be... He doesn't make it too far however, turning around to see that Safiri is having trouble even walking, and still needs Chris' assistance.] Oh... Um...
Safiri: [Holding one of Chris' paws.] Errr... [Walking carefully.] This is tough... This is really tough...
Chris: I got'cha, Saf. You'll get the hang of it in no time.
Safiri: Nyeh... I feel like I'm not taking enough steps! ...Two legs... two steps... two legs... one step for each of them... just like four.
Chris: [Blinks... She looks ahead at Kutzu and smiles nervously.]
Kutzu: ...[Giggles softly.] ...I guess... I guess this really is gonna take some more patience. It's funny enough seeing you as a Fairy, Chris! And Safiri, I just know this is your first time as a Sorenian. Just wait until we're outside and you'll see the amazing world of Soren!
[By now, they have reached Kutzu and are walking a little faster.]
Chris: [Still assisting Safiri.] Get in the hang of it, Hon?
Safiri: K-kinda... It's... Well, I feel like I'm going too slow.
Chris: Heh, trust me, Saf, I felt that way when I became a human at Me'ihm again, after being a Safan for a while.
Safiri: ...Ohh... Chris, you put up with this all the time, and here I am complaining about it. I'll be fine.
Chris: Are you sure? [She releases Safiri. Safiri walks on her own now...] Oh, I guess so.
Safiri: Oh... It's not that bad, but it's still pretty weird. A lot of things are weird right now! I mean, you're a girl! That's... kinda strange, no offense.
Chris: Heh, trust me, I'm used to the weird. [Smirks.]
Kutzu: [The doors to the castle foyer are wide open... Everything is tossed around and broken. It is a wreck. Kutzu stands silent.] ...
Chris: Oh shoot... [She approaches Kutzu from behind.]
Kutzu: Maybe... it's better out there... [He points outside... The doors are open. Kutzu flies down to the first level of the castle and leaves the main room, stepping outside into a world that looks as if war had torn through it... Earth war, not Sorenian war. The gardens are destroyed, the sky is red, and there are still no signs of life... Kutzu drops to his knees, staring into his world.] ...This isn't Soren...
Chris: [Again, Chris approaches Kutzu from behind, placing a paw on his shoulder.] Oh, Kutz...
Safiri: [Stands by Chris.] ... [She, too, looks out into the world.] ...Poor Kutzu... I'm... sorry.
Kutzu: ...[Shakes his head...]
[Chris hugs Kutzu from behind...]
Chris: We can fix this. We will... we will. [She releases Kutzu, stepping ahead...]
Safiri: Darkness...? Hellspawned...?
Chris: ...I... don't know. If I had to guess, I'd say Hellspawned...
Kutzu: It was Hellspawned... [He stands. Both Safiri and Chris turn to look at him.] Lea said herself that Darkness doesn't just blow up worlds. I don't know how horrible Hellspawned is... But I hate them so much right now... I always will.
Chris: [Watching Kutzu.] (I hate them too... If they're gonna keep this up, it's their own loss.)
Kutzu: We have to move quickly. Safiri, do you understand how to fly?
Safiri: It's not walking... On two or four legs. [She flutters her wings a tad, almost with difficulty. After a few seconds, she flaps them enough to take air, then drops to the ground again.] I'll have to start slow, but I think I get it.
Chris: You don't mind leading the way, Kutzu?
Kutzu: Not at all. Let's get going. [He takes flight, Chris following after him. Safiri is the last to take off. She's a little challenged for the first few moments, but her performance is adequate...]
[The three travel through the air, seeing signs of nothing. By now, Safiri understands flight a little more, and the trio has picked up the pace, but they still have a ways to go before reaching the mountain range that separates the Fairies from the Illusions. This is the same range that the Dragons reside on, which is known simply as Dragon Valley... The mountains come into sight, but the world is still a horrifying shade of red...]
Chris: ...(Soren... Kutzu's own home... it's like it has nothing left, but that can't be true... It really reminds me of Earth when I was working under Naught... Earth was in ruin for a while, but I guess things are better if...) [His thoughts are cut off by who he sees on the ground, standing on a strange, spiral rock formation... That person suddenly vanishes in a dark gust.] (What... the hell? Who was that?) Did you two just... see... that person?
Safiri: What person? [Turns to Chris.]
Kutzu: I didn't see anyone. What did he or she look like?
Chris: I... don't know... kinda dark... eerie. I guess I was just seeing things... Cliché, but true... maybe.
[The three shake the thought, and continue on to the Dragon Valley... The mountain they decide to scale and cross is known as Mt. Melody. Strange things happen here, as it says in a Northern Sorenian folklore.]
-Mt. Melody Base.-
Kutzu: [Still flying high above the ground, looking up at the tall mountain.] ...Humm...
Chris: Tall... [Looking up as well.] I feel weird here. It's like the mountain's calling me.
Safiri: You know, me too.
Kutzu: Chris, Safiri... This is a very strange place. It's not like Starfall or the rest of Dragon Valley... A lot of Fairies believe that the most mysterious place is the Princess' Meadow.
Chris: (Which I destroyed.) [Sweat drop.]
Kutzu: ...But I believe that this is truly second to the legendary Blessed Garden...
Chris: ...I beg your pardon? Blessed Garden? (Rhymes...)
Kutzu: ...Let's get moving. [He nods.] I'll tell you both about the Blessed Garden once we reach the summit of this place. [He flies ahead.]
Safiri: [Begins flying by Chris' side.] Why would we need to get to the top of the mountain though? We can go around it, yeah?
Kutzu: That would take us far longer than just going up and over it, believe it or not... and besides... [Turns his head halfway.] I have to show Chris something.
Chris: Hm? [Blinks a few times.] (What? Show me something? Is it another secret? I just wanna know about this Blessed Garden, and why this place is so mysterious...)
-Mt. Melody(Summit).-
[After about five minutes of ascending, the trio reaches the summit of the mountain, which looks as if it used to be a beautiful garden... All is lost here, aside from a strange, powerful gravitational force that is literally grounding the three so that they can no longer fly.]
Chris: Ack... [Having trouble standing.] It's... like the Ecliptic Pull... but way stronger.
Safiri: [Falls to all fours.] Owwie... I can't get up!
Kutzu: [Struggling to stay standing as well, but manages.] ... [He sits, somewhat roughly...]
Chris: Kutzu...? Something up? Aside from, well... never mind. [Walks beside Kutzu and sits as well, wrapping an arm around him.]
Kutzu: [Leans against Chris, looking out into the distance... An enormous jungle can be seen through the red, hellish atmosphere.] Oh Chris... [Sniffles.] ...
Chris: Poor dear... [Rests her head over Kutzu's.] You know... Fantasy's a strange place... When all seems lost, all can be restored in a flash... Though it looks like everything has ended, things on an apocalyptic scale can be fixed... But in Reality... Apocalypse... is a little different.
Kutzu: ...Are you saying that this world has, like, seen Armageddon?
Chris: Maybe... but that's the strange allure of Fantasy... Armageddon destroys worlds, sure, but not permanently, like it does in Reality... Fantasy is so much easier to fix than Reality, because anything can happen in Fantasy...
Kutzu: But if anything can happen, that means Armageddon totally happens more often...
Chris: That's what makes Fantasy... Fantasy. It's literally the "game" of life. When it's bad, it's awful... But when it's good...
Kutzu: It's amazing...
Chris: It is... But on Reality... well... I don't know what to tell you... Reality's... now that I think about it, Reality is far more dangerous than Fantasy. One Armageddon means that all is lost... Earth was lucky enough not to be destroyed four years ago, but with how things are going now... I'd hate to be on Earth... But I want so badly to return.
Safiri: [She finds the strength to walk again and sits by Chris.] ...Reality, huh... Why would you wanna go back?
Chris: I was born there after all... It's my home... I wonder how much hatred everyone feels for me, unless they're all burning it on Vince and BlackMatter now, or those other Believers...
[The three are silent... they hear the haunting breeze of the winds...]
Kutzu: ...[He sighs, turning a bit to kiss Chris' cheek.] Do you feel awkward when I kiss you, Chris?
Chris: Not at all... [Turns to look at Kutzu, kissing him on the nose.] Even in this form.
Kutzu: [Returns the kiss to her lips.] Mm, okay... Oh, Blessed Garden.
Safiri: Oh yeah. What about it, Kutzu? Is it like a legend of Soren?
Kutzu: It is. [Nods, his head still against Chris' shoulder.] The story of the Blessed Garden is known by all Sorenians, especially Northern Sorenians... but a lot don't really take it seriously... I do. The Blessed Garden is said to be a holy place where the sacred Radial Sphere lies... It's the "parent" of the Soul Spheres... It's so powerful, that it's actually missing from the Script.
Safiri: [Gasps.] Seriously? Gosh... My Script has every little detail of Safa's magical force.
Chris: There is an object so powerful on your world, Kutzu, that it actually defies your world's magical encyclopedia?
Kutzu: ...Mhmm... [Nods again.] And what I believe is this: either it doesn't exist... or... it's related to something that goes beyond this world.
Chris: Goes beyond this world... What could do that...?
Kutzu: ...I think I know... But first... for the Blessed Garden to make itself known, every Soul Sphere, the four upon Northern Soren, must be taken to Mt. Melody's Peak, where we are now, and presented to the skies... It's said that the Soul Spheres become very heavy, even heavier than gravity right now, to protect the Blessed Garden.
Chris: So that no one can raise them into the sky...
Kutzu: Exactly! ...No one dares to do this though, despite the lands of the Blessed Garden being a paradise... And why? Because first off, it's totally tough, and second, each gender is so protective of their Soul Sphere, that they wouldn't even consider letting anyone do such a thing.
Safiri: So the uniting of the Soul Spheres has never happened?
Kutzu: Not to my knowledge, nope. But I know what happens when they do... The garden appears above this mountain, floating like some angelic island... It's a paradise... In the center of that garden lies a sacred relic... The Radial Sphere. And four pedestals surround this holy object... pedestals for the Soul Spheres to fit into. If this is done, if those Soul Spheres are placed where I said, something even more dramatic will happen...
Chris: Mmm? What would that be, Kutz?
Kutzu: Above the Blessed Garden... a swirling vortex of red will rip open, a sort of wormhole to some dimension that I don't understand... It's the ultimate portal... Of course, I'm not even sure if the Blessed Garden itself really exists, let alone all that. There's no proof here... [Motions to the scenery of the summit...]
Chris: (Some dimension? Ultimate portal, swirling red!?) W-wait, Kutzu! ...What's the name of this portal...?
Kutzu: I think the legend called it something creepy.
Gosh, what was it...?
I think it was called...
The Strayer Void.

--E N D I N G--
Ope, Strayer Void. x3