Alright, so... I'm planning for this part to be short as "F".
So let's start.

[Chris, Kutzu, and Safiri have stayed the night at Kresent's home, the Creation's Veil. Before they fell asleep, Kutzu and Chris had an epiphany of romance, falling in love with each other. They awoke smiling to each other, and kissed again... The three dealt with their morning preparations before returning to the Creation's Passage to tell everyone of what would be taking place... Ray and Slianna felt that they could venture to Soren with Safiri, Chris, and Kutzu, but were told by Amen to stay because of reasons regarding their positions as additional Eclipses. Amen himself was headed off for the Antifigurate World to assist a few other Phaze Guardians in need, and possibly locate the other Saviors. Vulpixis and Aren were to head back to Safa and keep watch there for awhile... After consulting with Gibbous, Chris, Kutzu, and Safiri are taken to the Angelic Zenith to receive the word from Hideaki to go to Soren...]
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(Chris - Safiri - Kutzu)
-Angelic Zenith(Altar).-
Chris: [Walking up the altar and holding Kutzu close to his chest with both arms.] Kutzu... You think Susie and Ectie are okay?
Kutzu: [Nods, looking back up at Chris.] I do, because those two are, like, smarter than I am when it comes to these sort of situations.
Chris: When Darkness attacks?
Kutzu: When anyone attacks! They know the proper procedure... And Darkness attacked Castle Blossom. So! I'm totally positive a lot of the Fairies are at the Illusive Horizon.
Chris: Illusive... Illusion... So that's the Creminine's territory.
Kutzu: Yes! You're, like, so smart... [Giggles.]
Chris: You're, like, so adorable. [He brings Kutzu up a little and noses at the top of his head.]
Safiri: [Watching the two, grinning.] (Eeeeee! So cute!)
[They reach the top of the altar, where only Ember guards the Phaze Lord...]
Hideaki: Greetings, young heroes... Are'th thou prepared for thy journey?
Kutzu: [Flutters his wings a bit. Chris lets him loose and he hovers by Chris' side.] Yes, Lord Hideaki. We are~!
Chris: [He nods.]
Safiri: I'm ready to go also.
Hideaki: Very well... Young Phaze Guardian... I shall grant thy the ability to manipulate dark corridors.
Chris: [Nods again.] Thank you, Lor--...Dark corridors, Milord?
Hideaki: Indeed... Thy power resides with Darkness...
Chris: ...Hmm... So I can't use the Light counterparts of dark corridors...
Hideaki: It seems not... My child, thou are locked within the confines of Darkness' strength... Yet thy usage of such power is quite respected.
Chris: ...Thank you, Lord Hideaki... I'll use this wisely.
[Entrusted to use it wisely as he says, Chris feels a strange sensation overcome him, as if his body was fading in and out of existence in fractions of a second.
Chris: [He looks at his palms.] ...Interesting...
Ember: I'm sure dark corridors have the same exact principals as luster gateways. You have to think of your destination. Feel the world you are upon, and the world you are departing to.
Chris: Does it have to be exact? I have to think of the exact spot I warp to?
Ember: Yes. That is why acquiring the knowledge of the worlds in Fantasy is so helpful for Light and Darkness both. With the more places you travel to, your mind will attune itself to those places, therefore allowing you to warp to a specific area.
Chris: Nice. Thanks a bunch. ...By the way, Ember, where's Skyelord?
Ember: ...Well... Light has discovered two new Ecliptic Worlds... just as Darkness has.
Chris: ...Wh--Really!?
Ember: Yes. Tulwar V and Pimix... He was assigned to investigate these worlds.
Chris: Nice. Can I visit them sometime?
Hideaki: Hoho, patience, my child... Currently, thy task is bound for Soren...
Chris: ...[Nods sternly.] Yes, Milord... Alright guys, gather together! I've always wanted to try this.
[Safiri and Kutzu {who is already close enough to Chris} gather together around Chris... He closes his eyes and thinks of the Castle Blossom's hall he had battled Darkness in...]
[The three disappear in something so out of place, almost anyone would think Darkness had just left Me'ihm Gardens.]

--E N D I N G--
So ends Part 3, and begins Part 4! *Is eager.*