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[It is night... The group, exhausted and beaten, is now within the heavenly Me'ihm Gardens. Chris has finally reverted into a human for the first time in as long as he can remember. Vulpixis himself has become his original species again. This is his first time seeing the Believer's human form, as well as being in Me'ihm gardens... The group wishes to reach Hideaki, however they are falling fast to exhaustion...]
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-Creation's Passage.-
[The area is home to Gibbous, the second of the Phazes. He is an Idol, as opposed to Kresent, who is a Deity. It is a reddish, crystalline path surrounded on both sides by Me'ihm's ocean, the Radiant Abyss. Pillars protrude the surface of the water. A large temple can be seen at the end of the path...]
Amen: ...I understand you must all be very tired, but Gibbous is nearby. He shall gladly shelter us for as long as we need.
Vulpixis: That's cool. I was feeling a little weak... I probably haven't slept for a few days, but that's normal.
Aren: A f-few days? Ok-kay then...
Chris: ...Safiri, Ray, Slianna... [He turns to the three Eclipses, then kneels to their level.]
Safiri: It's kind of amazing seeing you like this again. [Despite this, she seems depressed.]
Chris: To think only you and Kutzu, maybe Cellie, got a good look of my human form... By the way, Kutzu's here in Me'ihm. Would you like to meet him?
Ray: You've told us about him. Of course we want to meet this guy.
Slianna: Yeah, he sounds cool. What's he like?
Chris: He's... [Blinks.] (...He's girly... I forgot about that...) Kutzu's... a little... feminine, I'm gonna say.
Ray: ...Feminine...? So he's gay?
Chris: Haha! Ha... ha... [Gulps.] Yeah. Just a little.
Aren: ...S-seriously?
Chris: ...Yep. Just ask Amen.
[They begin walking as Aren asks Amen, who explains to Aren what he believes happened to Kutzu. Chris notices Safiri's depression...]
Chris: ...Saf, I... I'm really sorry about...
Safiri: ...Let's not talk about it... please...
Chris: [Shakes his head.] If you don't want to, I understand. I'm sorry.
Safiri: No, I... I just can't think about... [Sighs.] Anything...
Chris: ... [He looks back to Ray and Slianna, who are also understandably down about it.] ... I'll fix this... [He speaks under his breath.]
[The rest of the walk is silent between Chris and the Eclipses.]
[They reach the palace, its doors opening at their presence. Awaiting them behind the door is Gibbous...]

~Gibbous~ [Gibbous is an Idol Phaze. He is wearing eastern attire, consisting of a monk's robe. The designs upon his head represent gibbous "half circle" shapes. The colors that make up this Phaze are red and purple. {Gibbous is an extremely skilled samurai as an additional bonus!}.]

[The inside of the temple is similar to a monastery, the foyer being a large chapel. Other rooms lead to bedrooms for Lightspawn {Creations of Light. They're used just as Nightmares are used for Darkness, except their appearances are luminous versions of Fantasy's creatures.}.]

Gibbous: ...I stand in shock! Amen and Aren, you have returned safely! With... company, I see... Chris. I have heard of your return. It is a pleasure to have you with us again.
Chris: Pleasure's mine, Gibbous. [He smiles in the Phaze's direction.]
Amen: Kind Gibbous, may we bother you for a stay at your monastery? We have returned from the crippled world of Safa.
Gibbous: I had received word from Sol and Supernova that Safa had experienced quite the downpour of Darkness. And a new foe? This Hellspawned?
Aren: H-Hellspawned, yeah. Th-the name speaks f-for itself.
Gibbous: Hmm... Let us discuss this in front of a warmer setting, my friends...
Amen: Why of course.
[Gibbous allows the group inside. He walks them into the back of the monastery, where they enter a room much smaller than the chapel, but large in size for what it is: a library. Gibbous takes the group to the back of the two story library where a fireplace is lit in front of a cozy setting of a love seat and a few larger couches, with a couple recliners as well.]
Gibbous: Make yourselves comfortable... You must be worn out. [He stands in front of the fireplace, watching his guests become comfy. Chris sits in the love seat, Safiri jumping up and laying on Chris' lap. Slianna and Ray hop up to the other side of the love seat. Vulpixis takes one of the other seats near Aren, and Amen takes a recliner.]
Amen: Hellspawned and Darkness... At first I assumed they would be working together, but I was terribly wrong... wrong indeed...
Gibbous: Mm, that tells me that Hellspawned's goals are hated by both Light and Darkness... They are reckless, yes?
Aren: Th-that's a good way to put it.
Vulpixis: They come from Reality... Something called BlackMatter started this whole thing a few days ago. He was joined by what I heard is called a Perfect. That Perfect's name is Vince.
Gibbous: A Perfect!? ...By Father Hideaki, where in the realms did a Perfect come from!?
Amen: Kresent was as aghast as you. Additionally... Before Vince, Chris... [He turns to Chris.] was a Perfect... But his form was usurped clean from him.
Chris: [Petting Safiri.] I don't get how Hellspawned could've done that...
Vulpixis: Vince is strange... We didn't know him for very long, but he knew a lot about the Believers. He was obsessed with us, and well... He became a Believer himself. One far worse than everyone thought we were.
Chris: ...Vulpixis... Why are you a Believer? How many Believers are there?
Vulpixis: There're five... My mother, Sacreda... She was considered the Queen of Hell for some time... It's not as bad as you think, though... The angels of Eden rescued her, purifying her... She gave birth to the devil's son... That's me. Vulpixis.
Chris: You're telling me that Satan's kid is a Vulpix.
Vulpixis: That's kinda how it is.
Chris: I like how my religion is totally serious.
Vulpixis: Hey, if Fantasy wouldn't have intervened, I would probably be pretty ugly.
Chris: You're probably right... Sacreda... You... Me... Vince... Who is the last Believer?
Vulpixis: That would be Ixis. Ixis Muugen.
Chris: Vulpixis with the Vulp...
Vulpixis: I'm not a pro on his story, but he's probably the toughest out of all of us... I mean... maybe except for Vince now.
Chris: Are you kidding?
Vulpixis: No way. Ixis penetrated the gateway from Fantasy to Reality. He stood up to BlackMatter himself back on Earth. That dude is a god.
Amen: Ixis... I do remember his face. Upon Vrtra, before Chris disappeared... Now I do wish to meet him in person once again.
Vulpixis: He's strange. He's not necessarily evil, but he's strange.
Chris: He can't be evil if he stood up to BlackMatter, right?
Vulpixis: Darkness stood up to BlackMatter. They're evil... But no, Ixis isn't.
Chris: (Darkness stood up to Hellspawned, then ran away.) Hm... By the way, Gibbous... [He continues petting Safiri, now stroking her back. Her eyes are closed. She seems to be asleep. Ray and Slianna are asleep as well.] Daniel, who isn't really working under Naught anymore, mentioned something about Scripts, which Saf here explained to me later on...
Gibbous: The Scripts of Ecliptic Origin... I suppose the mention of these important icons was inevitable, seeing as how they are more crucial than ever before...
Chris: So Light knows...
Gibbous: Indeed... Light knows of their existence... I know very little about what their purpose is, though I know the worlds depend on them and their Eclipse Guardian. Hideaki knows the truth... Perhaps you should see him.
Chris: [Nods.] That's a good idea... [He looks down to Safiri.]
Safiri: [She seemed asleep, but was not. Her eyes are half open, her nose twitching, taking in Chris' scent.] ...I'm coming with...
Chris: Saf... You sure? You looks so tired...
Safiri: I'm okay, really. I'll sleep when you do, Chris... Plus... I wanna meet Kutzu.
Gibbous: I can transport you to the Creation's Veil. It is closest to the Angelic Zenith, and Kutzu is living there at the moment.
Chris: That sounds good. [Nods.] You don't mind?
Gibbous: Not at all. [He turns to Amen, Aren, and Vulpixis.] You may relax, or read a selection of your choice of books. I shall return shortly. [He looks at Ray and Slianna.] It appears they are quite relaxed... Hmhm, let us depart. [He walks to Safiri and Chris. Safiri jumps to the ground next to Chris, who stands all the way.]
Gibbous: [He places a hand on one of Chris' arms, and one on Safiri's head... The three vanish in a more advanced version of luster gateway...]
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(Chris - Safiri - Gibbous)
-Creation's Veil.-
[The radiant flash reveals the three... Once again, Chris looks up at the huge fountain that is the Creation's Veil, but he is now much closer to it, realizing that it is a building. Gibbous starts ahead...]
Gibbous: Welcome to Kresent's home, my friends. This is truly a gorgeous sight during the day.
Chris: It is, I agree. I didn't know this was an actual home...
Gibbous: Quite tricky, hm? [He chuckles, approaching the large fountain doors on the outer ring of it. He knocks kindly... and waits a few moments.]
[Inside, a friendly "I'll get it!" is heard. The voice sounds like Kresent... She opens the door, peeking out.]
Kresent: Oh, Gibbous! And... My, Chris? And Safiri? Chris, you really change forms a lot, you know?
Chris: Heh, sorry! Can't help that. [Shrugs.]
Kresent: [Giggles.] Oh, it's okay! [Flicks her wrist a little.] Come on in, you three.
[Kresent holds the door open for them. They enter the circular home... A huge chasm lies in the center of this home, where the fountain spouts its water. The chasm is blocked off with a large transparent wall, not necessarily glass, but crystal.]
Chris: This is pretty cool... like... really cool, actually.
Kresent: Heh, thanks! Glad you could drop by! What brings you here, you three?
Gibbous: We wish to pick up Kutzu to speak with Father Hideaki of the Scripts...
Kresent: [Her mood changes from cheerful to concerned.] ...Is... everything okay? I-I... I think I heard about those Hellspawned guys... They're really really bad, right? They didn't... do anything to the Scripts, did they?
Safiri: I don't think so. I think Darkness might have, though... Hellspawned threatens our world in brutal ways, while Darkness thinks the same goals over in a more strategic manner.
Chris: And even if Hellspawned doesn't steal the Scripts, they're still some of the most dangerous foes I've ever faced. They weren't encountered on Soren, our next stop... I'm sure they're there now.
Kresent: ...[Nods.] Okay... I hope you don't go tonight... You look so beat.
Chris: [Shakes his head.] No no. I'm going to get some rest before even thinking of going back out... Safiri too.
Safiri: Mhmm... [She yawns, squeaking with it a bit.] Ooh, sorry...
Kresent: Aww... Do you want to at least rest up a little bit before going to Hideaki?
Chris: It's cool, we can sleep afterward. Thanks though.
Kresent: [She nods.] Okay, stay here. I'll go get Kutzu. [She smiles at the three before turning and walking further into the home.]
Chris: [He lowers himself to Safiri's level.] You holding up?
Safiri: Yeah, I'm okay. No worries.
Chris: Hm, okay... [He smiles at Safiri, petting her on the head. She presses her head up into Chris' touch.]
Gibbous: [He watches the two...] I recall you saying, Chris, that Daniel told you about Darkness' plans for the Scripts... Did he tell you that directly?
Chris: [Turns back to Gibbous.] He did. He's changed... When he saw me again, I think he remembered how close we were together. We're brothers, and even that makes him feel closer to Light.
Safiri: Some of the Shades grew so close to Chris that... I really think he shares the Connection with them too.
Gibbous: That would mean that they too are Eclipses... Very interesting. You grew close to four Shades, yes?
Chris: That's right. Lea, Danny, Idi, Ginsengaar...
Gibbous: If you could gather those four on your side, then maybe they truly are Eclipses... Eclipses that fell short of luck... and no one knew.
Chris: Danny really wanted to stay by our side, but Darkness is constantyl looming over him... I have a feeling that if I gather the Shades together, we could all work together to overcome Naught. Danny said this, and I believe him.
Gibbous: Hmm... Quite ironic... Your mingling with Darkness may cause its downfall...
Chris: (Hey... That's true... Because I walked with Darkness and gained the trust of those four Shades, this is possible... If I hadn't sided with them, they only would've hated me more... would they have...? Hmph... Strange.)
[Kresent returns with Kutzu, who is floating by Kresent.]
Kutzu: [He waves.] Yoo-hoo~! Here I am!
Chris: [He smiles in Kutzu's direction.] Kutzu!
Kutzu: Chris! You're humany again! [He darts at Chris, hugging him tightly.]
Chris: [Returns the hug, smiling wide with his head over Kutzu's.] Hey there, Kutz. How're you doing?
Kutzu: I'm doing fine! Getting a little sleepy, how about you?
Chris: I'm good. Same on that sleepy part though.
Safiri: [Blinks, watching Kutzu.] ...Kut...zu...?
Kutzu: [He down at Safiri, still clinging close to Chris.] ...Oh... Um... Hello!
Chris: Heheh, Kutzu... this is Safiri. My close friend, and Eclipse from Safa.
Kutzu: Wh-whoa! [He drops to the floor, approaching this "Safiri."] Like... totally? Really!? Oh gosh! You're Safiri!
Safiri: I am Safiri, yeah. And you're Kutzu... Wow, I didn't, um, think you'd be...
Kutzu: This girly? [Motions to himself with his paws. He giggles.] Hehe, it's okay. I'm a strange one, I know!
Chris: But he's really nice. You two would get along really well. [He crosses his arms and nods.]
[Safiri and Kutzu turn from Chris to stare at each other, as if looking into a mirror...]
Gibbous: Hmhmhm, shall we get going?
Safiri: Oh, sure! I... got a little distracted.
Kutzu: Like, me too! Wow, that's so cool though!
Kresent: Isn't it?!
[Now more excited than tired, they leave for the Angelic Zenith. Kresent remains at the fountain. Chris lets Gibbous know kindly that he remembers where the altar is. Gibbous obliges to let him off with the two Eclipses.]
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(Chris - Safiri - Kutzu)
-Angelic Zenith.-
[After a bit of walking and getting to know each other, the trio comes to the Zenith altar.]
Safiri: Wow, Kutzu... So your world functions so much differently than ours, but... we're so much the same.
Kutzu: Totally! I, like, would so love to visit Safa one day.
Safiri: It's a beautiful place... I'm positive Soren is also, and I'd love just as much to see your home as you would mine. [She looks up, noticing she is walking on stairs.] Me'ihm is really pretty too...
Kutzu: Isn't it totally gorgeous...?
Chris: [Walking in front of the two, he turns his head slightly.] All of your worlds are awesome. [Smirks.] I want them to stay that way... That's why I gotta know more about the Scripts of Ecliptic Origin...
Kutzu: ...Hideaki will tell you what you need to know. Promise.
[They reach the pinnacle... Chris and Kutzu bow before the Phaze Lord. Skyelord and Ember are absent... Safiri realizes that she must bow as well.]
Hideaki: Thoust cometh unto me with the intention of learning...
Chris: Yes, Lord Hideaki...
Hideaki: Very good, very good... I must welcome thy Eclipse, Safiri, into this garden...
Safiri: I am honored, Lord Hideaki.
Hideaki: Hmhm, thy honor is welcome as well... Now, Phaze Guardian Child...
Chris: Yes, Milord... I've... recently heard about what's known as the Scripts of Ecliptic Origin... directly from Darkness.
Hideaki: Ahh... Indeed, this day would come whence Darkness discovers the Scripts... The keys to thy worlds which hold all of the magical truth tethered to Ecliptic Origins... You see, my child, thy friends, the Eclipses, possess remarkable abilities... the very same is true with duties. I hath bestowed upon the Eclipse Guardians the role of protecting their Script of Ecliptic Origin... Such an icon holds everything that maketh up an Eclipse world... and more...
Chris: ...(More...) ...Do these Scripts hold the worlds in balance...? Their nature...?
Hideaki: Correct. Everything... from the Ecliptic Pull, to the magnificent species of all Eclipse Worlds... These Scripts... are the truest energy sources of thy worlds...
Chris: Even more so than the Ancient Growths? Or those Soul Spheres?
Hideaki: Yes... The Ancient Growths, for example, control Safa's growth and flow of time... They keep the planet alive, which is the reason Darkness wishes to absorb them... Yet, it is written in eternal ink, within the Scripts of Ecliptic Origin, that the Ancient Growths possess such a duty.
Chris: ...Really...? Wow... Is it the same with the Soul Spheres?
Kutzu: That's right. It's the same... Because it's written in that book, it's done. The Scripts control everything about our worlds.
Hideaki: In simplicity, they control the laws of nature around these worlds...
Chris: ...Dang... I... I guess it was better that I didn't know in the past... I feel like I shouldn't know this now... Th...Thank you, Milord. [He bows once again, having raised his head a bit earlier.] That is all I need to know for now.]
Safiri: Hmm... Humble, Chris?
Chris: Yeah. We can't let them get in the wrong hands... or paws. We can't let Darkness or Hellspawned have them.
Hideaki: Ah, yes yes. My child... before thoust take thy leave, might I ask... how didst thy encounter with Hellspawned unfold?
Chris: ...The first time, they didn't attack me... I was to try to bring Oathville's residents to safety... But the second time, we fought... And we won, with Safiri and Danny working together...
Hideaki: ...Daniel... Lea, Idi, Ginsengaar... I hath predicted thou wouldst remain close to them...
Chris: They're part of my family... I think they're really unsure about their position under Naught.
Hideaki: Indeed... they truly are... Tell me, my child... hath thou come across Hellspawned upon Soren?
Chris: (Oh, right!) No, Lord Hideaki. We have yet to... That's why I want to go back and make sure everything is right, though I know it's far from right... Hellspawned is a huge threat to Fantasy.
Hideaki: ...Very well then... I shall allow thee to return to Soren... Kutzu and Safiri, might thou also wish to do'eht so?
Safiri: Go to Soren, Milord? It would be marvelous. [She nods.]
Kutzu: Please, Lord Hideaki... I cannot let my world be totally torn apart by this horrible Hellspawned...
Hideaki: Good good... [A smile can be seen across his face.] Now... be off to sleep... Thoust haveth a journey in thy futures...
[The three bow one last time, and turn around, headed back for the fountain...]
-Creation's Veil.-
[Upon returning to Creation's Veil, Chris knocks at the huge double doors...]
Lightspawn Scorpius: [This is a creature Chris has not yet seen... He is almost glowing in appearance. He possesses a strange, prickly structure with two scorpion tails, and a body build that actually resembles a Deity and a Perfect in a way...] Hello there! Welcome back, friends. Did you acquire what you needed to?
Chris: We did. Thanks. [He nods and smiles at the Lightspawn servant, who allows them in.] ...Huh... [Observes the Lightspawn.] How cool... I've never seen a Lightspawn until now.
Lightspawn Scorpius: Hmhm, you flatter me...
Kutzu: I've seen a couple~! They're very shiny and pretty...
Safiri: Neat...
Chris: So, what's your name?
Xhine: Oh me? I'm Xhine. Very pleased to meet you.
Chris: Nice to meet you too. I'm Chris, as you may know.
Kutzu: Kutzu here~!
Safiri: I'm Safiri. You can call me Saf if you'd like.
Xhine: Oh-ho, you three make me feel so flattered. Please, let me take you to Kresent. [He leads the way into the deeper area of the Creation's Veil...]
-Creation's Veil(Rooms).-
[The hall leads to a chapel very similar to Gibbous' and decorated in favor of Kresent. The chapel has rooms on opposing sides, otherwise identified as the bedrooms.]
Kresent: Thanks, Xhiney!
Xhine: [Bows courteously to Kresent.] Yes Ma'am.
Kresent: ...[She turns to the three and smiles wide.] You all must be starving... before you go to bed, how about we east up a little, hm?
Chris: Oh... Um, awesome... [Forgot he was even hungry.]
Safiri: Oh yeah... I kinda... am a little hungry myself...
[They have their supper meal, which is identical to food they've consumed on each of their worlds, in the back room of this chapel... Later, they're given the option of sleeping in separate rooms, but the three would rather sleep together... Kutzu and Chris obtain pajamas from Lightspawn material alchemists who ask for their preferences in clothing. After that, they climb in a huge bed, capable of fitting three people of Chris' size, let alone Safiri and Kutzu themselves. Safiri as already said her goodnights to Chris and Kutzu, and has fallen asleep at the foot of the bed...]
Chris: [He lays his head against the soft pillow, staring up at the ceiling. He is now wearing a loose T-shirt and loose pajama pants.] They get really detailed up here in Me'ihm... Alchemists that make clothes and food? That's... insane. That's like playing God... but, heh, then again...
Kutzu: [Wearing a sparkly white pajama gown. He lays next to Chris.] It's amazing... what they pay attention to... Hmhm... [He rolls over to his side, placing his arm on top of Chris' chest and stroking it gently with his paw.]
Chris: ...[He notices Kutzu doing this and turns his head slightly to look at him.] ...Kutzu...?
Kutzu: Mm? [His ears twitch a little. He stops stroking Chris' chest, looking at him innocently.] Yes?
Chris: What're you doing...? [Smiles sheepishly.]
Kutzu: ...Sorry... [He takes his paw from Chris' chest and returns to laying on his back.]
Chris: Heh, Kutzu... it's okay, no need to be sorry. It's just, well. I've never gotten to lay beside you... Never got the chance to really, Iunno... be with you... [He turns on his side, facing Kutzu.] You cute little Eclipse, you...
Kutzu: [He giggles softly, blushing, and turning to face Chris again.] You think so, hm?
Chris: 'Course I do. Who wouldn't? [He brushes Kutzu's hair from his face, smiling at him and looking him in the eyes.] ...You're really pretty, too... You know...? ...(...He really is... I guess I never questioned my sexuality. It doesn't really make me gay to think this about Kutzu... It does make me bi! Ha, but really... he's so adorable... I think I really love him, and not just like a sibling.)
Kutzu: [Blushes his hardest, now a little alarmed.] ...Oh, gosh... [He whispers a little.] You're making me blush, Chris... like, so much...
Chris: [He chuckles quietly, with his hand now stroking Kutzu's hair.] ...Hey Kutzu, whenever this all ends... maybe we could hang out some more... Get to really know each other...
Kutzu: [Still blushing.] Mmhmmm... We can... That'd be totally nice. Gosh... I feel so strange around you...
Chris: Hm? What'cha mean?
Kutzu: ...Like... this feeling inside my chest... It's all tingly. I... I kinda love it...
Chris: ...(I feel it too... And I know he's talking about that little lovey mushy feeling... I forgot that he comes from a world where romance is rare... R-romance... God, this might be... he and I... ro-romance... Oh... dude...) ...It's another kind of love...
Kutzu: ...Love? Another kind? Like what?
Chris: ...Well... It's strange... it's romance... The love two people (In this case...) share for each other... It's the urge to just... be with that person... and love him or her like it's bliss... it is bliss...
Kutzu: Bliss...? I'm feeling that way right now... [He scoots himself a little closer to Chris, still looking up at him and smiling wide.]
Chris: [Chuckles again, still gently stroking Kutzu's long, wavy hair.] Funny... and a little corny, but... you know what rhymes with bliss?
Kutzu: ...Is it kiss...?
Chris: It is...
[The two find themselves staring at each other for a few moments... Kutzu brings his paw up to Chris' cheek, inching a bit closer to his face. Chris does the same until their lips meet. Almost as if it were unintentional, the two hold this kiss for nearly seven seconds until backing away again, almost at the same time, and smiling at each other again. All they can do now is cuddle close and close their eyes... Chris holds Kutzu close to himself with one arm, while Kutzu nuzzles into Chris' neck... Within a few minutes, the two are asleep...]
--E N D I N G--
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