a brain needs a stomach. a stomach needs a heart. a heart needs a brain. all three need the sex organs, and the sex organs need all three. there is no central organ. no central authority. no master. just interaction. nothing lords over the entire organism called the human. it lords over itself. its organs all interact to benefit one another and in turn to benefit themselves. this is free interaction with the absence of coercion and unnatural law. the brain would be seen as a central leader by most. this is untrue, as the brain provides a service to the body in itself while subsequently needing to gain from the rest of the body's functions, and the same is true with all other organs. all five sense organs need the mouth to eat, and need the stomach to digest, and the two need the sense organs in order to know if whether what the human is going to eat would be edible at all. it needs the eyes to see, the nose to smell, the skin to feel, the tongue to taste, and the ears to hear, and they need the brain to relay that information in order for the human to act accordingly. and the brain needs those organs as well, or else it would not have much use at all.

free interaction exists without a leader. collective benefit exists through that, and through the absence of coercion by a central planner. there is no president, no god, no pharaoh, no general giving out orders, because each one of the interacting organs needs all the other interacting organs to do their job right. the sex organs are also useful so as to gain solace from sexual intercourse with another human, so that all the interaction done by the organs will be seen by the human (by the collective being) as worth it. a psychological benefit. and even the sex organs are an interacting collection of organs, same with the respiratory, the nervous, the digestive and all the other organ systems.

though there are general groups. there are still no leaders within those groups, and those groups or organ systems still need each other and the other organ systems for the human to prosper. there are perks, there are problems, but hey, it's not utopian, it is not some philosophical bullshit that has a deeper meaning. it is an inscription of the actions done within the collective in which absence of authority is present. different capabilities, and different talents can come together to interact and create a complex and beautiful society, but nothing is perfect. humans get illnesses. but they find ways to recover. there's the occasional virus, but that's a job for the white blood cells, which still need the bones and the bone marrow, and all other organs and cells. all without a leader. all without what would be seen as "equality". no democracy, no communism, no monarchy, just plain and simple anarchy.