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Within a secret chamber of the Growth of Oaths.
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VS. The BlackParasite
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[Let the battle between the "Grey Area" and Hellspawned commence.]
[The BlackParasite begins the assault with an attempt to infect Safiri and Ray once again. Venomous vines shoot from the walls at the two. Safiri, using her high speed capabilities, avoids it while Daniel shields Ray with a sudden-formed wall of ice.]
Ray: Thanks!
Daniel: Don't mention it. Be prepared for anything, you two! We can't have you guys poisoned again.
Safiri: The tentacles are a problem right now! Focus on them and they'll be sure to relent! [Dashing at the speed of sound, Safiri slices through the tentacle which had nearly struck her. The beast growls as one of its {and possibly the Growth's at the same time] vines are sliced.}
Ray: [He does the same with his bladed tail, cutting through the thicker vine with ease.] Ew, gross... Man, Saf, we can't get any of this glop on us.
Safiri: You're right... Slianna! Can ya help us out with these vines?
Slianna: Will do!
Daniel: Chris, we gotta take out the thing's tentacles, let's go! [He runs ahead, leaping at one of the monster's tentacles dug into the wall and bites it... then immediately jumps off at the horrible taste.] Blegh!! [Shakes his head.]
Chris: It's best we don't try to eat it.
Daniel: Tch, that wasn't the focus! [He smirks at the monster, who roars back, then turns its head at the bitten tentacle, which becomes to freeze over.] How 'bout that? [He stomps onto the ground, a pillar of ice shooting up into the monster's frozen tentacle. Both of the frozen objects shatter on impact, including the tentacle. The BlackParasite roars, blowing Daniel back into Chris.] OW! Sorry Chris.
Chris: [Under Daniel.] Yeah, no prob. [He gets up as soon as Daniel jumps off of him.] My turn any who. [Smirking, he sprints at the huge parasite, black electricity sparking around him.] (I remember... I remember how to fight with electricity, my beloved element.) Here goes... [He leaps up, becoming a ball of dark electricity, and tears through the black sickly tentacle, leaving only two. The BlackParasite now summons more vines from the ground and ceiling, immediately wrapping around Chris and Daniel and strangling them, leeching them of their energy.] Ergggghhhh, get off!!
Daniel: Ack--W-wrong move, buddy!! [His body becomes extremely low in temperature, causing the vines to freeze over. Daniel himself becomes in control of the ice, and commands it to shatter, releasing him. Upon landing, he stumbles, having lost some of his energy already.]
Chris: [He allows the BlackParasite to drain his energy, potentially backfiring on the creature seeing how Chris' energy is in the form of dark electricity. Within seconds, the vines become electrocuted, and drop Chris. He lands with more stability than Daniel. He looks back to the three Eclipses.] Safiri, Ray, Slianna! Let's swap roles now, you guys go for the parasite's tentacles and we'll keep those vines at bay.]
[Receiving affirmation from the three, Chris and Daniel let the Eclipses take the front lines, vines following them, and slice down the stalking vines, only to find themselves battling more.]
Safiri: [Watching the tentacle above the BlackParasite.] I'll take the top one. Ray, you get the bottom one! Slianna, watch our backs!
[Ray instantly begins twirling his razor tails against the tentacle, finding that it is much more difficult to cut through. Safiri, too, has difficulty. She arches over the demon in a high speed flash, slicing the tentacle but not necessarily cutting through it.]
Safiri: Well now... [She growls, stepping back and preparing to leap over the parasite again. Before Safiri can jump, she is knocked aside by one of the vines. She slams against the wall, not injured too badly.] Ouch--Gotta... do that a little quicker. [She stands, and in the blink of an eye, leaps over the monster, cutting its tentacle from the roof of the tree chamber. It collapses onto its lower tentacle, Ray thankfully out of the way as this happens. The parasite roars, emitting black acid from its mouth. Ray and Slianna back away at this, however Ray feels the acid burning on him.]
Ray: Ahhh!!! It's burning, heeeelllllp!!! [He drops to the ground, paralyzed. It is not long before Slianna begins to feel the paralyzing, save the pain because of her normal anatomy.]
Slianna: I... I can't move... [She drops as well.]
Chris: We'll be right there!
[Daniel and Chris rush to aid the three. Safiri dashes around the monster before it can pull any tricks... At this moment, Daniel watches the beast as Chris and Safiri tend to Slianna and Ray...]
BlackParasite: Grrrrrrrrrrr... [It closes its mouth. A strange gargling is heard.]
Daniel: ...HEADS UP!!! [He summons a huge, thick wall of ice separating the team and the BlackParasite. At that exact moment, the monster vomits up the same powerful black acid in huge quantities. It is so fresh and vile that it even burns through non-plant organisms, and anything else really. The ice wall begins to warp at the heat of the acid. The monster's continuous stream nearly proves to be too much for the wall before it floods itself in the acid, carving a burning hole in the tree. The acid tears through the structure, creating a huge hole that only leads downward into the lake... The monster plummets downward.]
Daniel: ...[Looks ahead, noticing that a layer of ice only a half inch thick was left of the wall. He commands the ice to melt, and steps forward at the edge of this gap that the acid created.] Hoooly...
Safiri: ...We have to follow it. Ray, Slianna... How're you two feeling?
Ray: The burning... stopped... I think I can move again.
Slianna: I'm fine now. I think... [She slithers a bit.]
Chris: ...Guys... [Steps next to Daniel.] It's waiting for us. Let's give this one final push!! [He leaps down the hole, dropping as fast as he can before spotting the monster still falling, facing upward at him. It spits black acid in his direction. Chris moves in midair to avoid this, still falling faster than the monster, whose tentacle is dragging him a bit. Eventually, Chris falls into the maw of the monster. It closes its mouth on Chris...]
Daniel: [Now dropping as well.] Damn!! It ate Chris!!
Safiri: [Dropping.] What!?!? We have to hurry!!
[Ray and Slianna decide to wait until they are completely healed...]
[The BlackParasite crashes into the lake, an enormous freezing splash following. It lengthens its tentacles, growing extremely high. It stares up into the hole it fell from, waiting for the others to follow in Chris' steps with its mouth wide open. Daniel foresees this, an conjures a sheet of ice at the exit of the hole.]
Daniel: [Having summoned the ice right in the demon's face.] Safiri! Use that high speed of yours to ram into the ice! Shatter that thing's face to bits!
Safiri: Okay! [She inverts her body so that she is falling vertical, and begins glowing, picking up speed at an incredible level. Within a few seconds, she is travelingat about 300mph. Safiri rams into the ice, not shattering the beast but blowing it back into the water without getting eaten herself. The impact actually slows Safiri down. Daniel summons a narrow ramp of ice leading to the section of land where they fought the BlackParasite the first time. He and Safiri both take it, and it melts soon after. They face the water where the demon crashed.]
Safiri: Ch...Chris...?
Daniel: I don't know what he's doing in there... But I know he's keeping the thing from overpowering and turning this entire lake into sludge.
[Almost instantly after "sludge" is mention, the BlackParasite shoots from the lake on its two tentacles, roaring its loudest. Daniel hears its growl again... It's going to vomit once more...]
Daniel: Damn! Okay, this'll be it![Similar to the icy ramp he conjured upon falling, he blows a narrow "road" of ice stretching from the tree's wall to the edge of the lake, forming a high ramp from there, aimed straight at the demon. He spins around, watching Safiri.] Safiri!!
Safiri: [She nods, already knowing what she must do. She runs to the ice path and glances up at her target: the BlackParasite.] You can't take Chris away from me!! [The atmosphere around her becomes distorted.] Away from us!!! [Within a fraction of a second, Safir bursts into the speed of sound, a bright yellow beam trailing behind her. She lets the slippery traction of the ice take her to the ramp, where she is lifted into the air, and dives straight through the beasts mouth as it vomits, interrupting the move. Safiri is like a bullet, ripping out through the back of the parasite's head. She slows down after that to a reasonable speed at an incredible speed, decelerating fast enough to catch herself on a reverse-inclined ramp that leads onto another section of land. The beam of yellow fades. The monster remains still... Suddenly, it becomes engulfed in building black electricity, and explodes in a torrent of said electricity, its acid vaporizing at the superior heat of the dark energy. The beast itself disintegrates almost immediately. The only living thing left in its place is Chris, who floats with the same energy pulsing from himself. He smirks, falling in the lakes now-heated water. As he does this, Safiri becomes enlightened. She skims across the water at her high speeds, reuniting with Daniel. The two smile at each other, turning to face the lake. They await Chris...]
Chris: [Emerges completely unharmed.] Haha!! [He swims quickly to land. Daniel and Safiri, with their mouths, both grasps Chris' scruff of fur on the neck, hoisting him from the water. He stands victorious.] We win.
Safiri: Chris!! [Rubs her own face against his, feeling the warmth of the energy.] ...Mmm, don't ever do that again...
Chris: [Rubs back into Safiri.] Not without you, Saf...
Daniel: Duuude! You had me worried over here!! Why didn't you blow him up sooner!?
Chris: There weren't enough ways for the electricity to exit... Then suddenly, the thing became like... ripped apart... That was my chance... Safiri and Danny... Did you two work together?
Daniel & Safiri: [The turn to each other and nod.] ...Yeah.
Safiri: We did... To save you Chris. [Turns back to Chris.]
Daniel: That and to kill this thing off. And heck, Safiri... you make an awesome partner, I'll admit.
Safiri: Ooh, really? [Blushes.] Gee, you're pretty powerful yourself, Daniel...
Daniel: Please, Saf! Call me Danny... He does. Why shouldn't you be able to?
Safiri: Alrighty, Danny! [Giggles.] ...Oh... Slianna and Ray. [She looks up... and notices that they're now falling just as she and Daniel did.] D-Danny!!
Daniel: What--Oh!! [Notices them and conjures a wide slide of ice for them to ease their fall... though it ends aimed straight at himself and Safiri.]
Ray: Wheeeeee!!! [Blinks, noticing that he is on a collision course with Safiri.] Safie!! [Holds out his arms and tackles into her, hugging her tightly.] YOu're okay!!
Safiri: [Knocked to her back, she meeps.] Eep! Ray! We won, we beat the monster! [She licks Ray's cheek a few times.]
Slianna: Waaaaahoooo! [She lurches at Daniel, wrapping around him.] You guys did it!!
Daniel: Heheh, h-hey!! [Falls over.] Slianna! Where'd this come from!? [Laughing playfully.]
Chris: [He can only smile at the scene before him; a Shade and three Eclipses, joyous of each other for saving the world...] ... (Danny... Safiri, Ray, Slianna...)

[At this moment, the forest fairies fly into the scene, scattering from the large hole formed by the acid. They look around and begin cheering, magical dust spreading all around. The fairies, now freed from the binds of the BlackParasite, begin fixing the Growth of Oaths' disorders... The lake begins shining again, much like the small pond from earlier. The life begins returning to the Ancient Growth in the most beautiful, luminous ways...]
Chris: ...[Stunned, he watches the fairies...]
Daniel: [With Slianna now beside him, he watches this as well, a smile glued to his face.]
Safiri: [Watching the fairies...] ...This is our world... This is Safa... And to think I was put in charge of a book that, if taken from me, could eliminate all of this. Safa... would be nothing... Lifeless... The Ecliptic energy is what makes this planet so beautiful... I want it to be beautiful... and all who live upon it... I want them to live life at its fullest, its most precious... I will do anything to achieve that... to reach my resolve.
Chris: [Turns to Safiri, standing beside her.] (Safiri... I know you will see that dream become a reality one day... When you don't have to worry about Hellspawned or Darkness or any other otherworldly problems... When this world will be Safa... Just Safa... Beautiful Safa...)

--E n d i n g--