[Daniel, reunited with Chris, has come to his senses to join the "Gray Area" of the Light and Darkness scale. He has decided to become the "brother" of Safiri, Ray, and Slianna, in Eclipse and Shade terms... Their goal now is to locate the cause behind the still-crumbling Ancient Growth Forest. BlackParasite...]
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(Chris - Daniel - Safiri - Ray - Slianna)

-Growth of Oaths Base.-
Safiri: [She smiles, looking over her friends.] ...This looks good. So, what's our next move?
Daniel: I'm not sure if Darkness is directly stealing the energy from the Ancient Growth anymore. The Ecliptic Pull and that Black-Thingie proved a little too dangerous at the moment.
Ray: Where do you think Darkness is?
Daniel: I'm sure they're still plotting to return here, but for now, if none of that Blackamajig is attacking the other worlds... They're looking into other things.
Chris: So Darkness won't bother with attacking Safa right now. Too much trouble. They want to leave it to Light to fight off the Hellspawned... those sick things.
Daniel: ... Erm... [Stares away from the group.]
Chris: What's up, Danny?
Daniel: ...The Shades... ...kinda... came to the Eclipse worlds with other resolves... Orders, I mean... [Shakes his head and returns his attention to Safiri.] Saf...
Safiri: Yes? [Tilts her head.]
Daniel: I hear you've got a book...
Safiri: A book... hm?
Chris: ...A book? This is already sounding familiar...
Daniel: Yeah, it's more of a "Script". You know?
Safiri: ...G--...Gosh... [Splays her ears, somewhat terrified.] How does Darkness know about this!?
Slianna: Wait, excuse me?
Ray: Safiri... is there something you didn't tell us?
Chris: ...A Script? Saf, what're you hiding?
Safiri: [Shakes her head.] N-no! Under no circumstances am I allowed to tell anyone...
Chris: I think those circumstances have their limits.
Safiri: ......Well... The Script is something between the Main Eclipse... and the Phazes... and Hideaki himself...
[The group remains silent, waiting for a continuation.]
Safiri: ...We all have one... we're assigned to protect it... We've always been... Even in our past lives.
Chris: Past lives... I don't understand, Safiri... Past lives...?
Safiri: ...Chris... Slianna, Ray... There's always been a "Safiri", a "Slianna", a "Ray". In every generation... They're just unheard of... They hide in the folds of time.
Chris: ...[Shakes his head.] ...No, that can't be... I remember, four years ago, and I'm sure you do too. Safa collided with it's future... And you were Kewen's mother? You and Ray were parents, Safiri. I remember it.
Ray: ...He's right, Saf...
Safiri: ...That future, as beautiful as it may be... was fake. I know this, because the only way that a Safiri, a Slianna, and a Ray could cease to exist is by the desecration of the Script...
Daniel: ...You wouldn't be here anymore, hm?
Safiri: [Shakes her head.] I wouldn't. No Eclipse would. Safa would turn into a desolate husk of a planet...
Ray: ...S-Safiri...?
Safiri: Yes, Ray? [Turns her head to Ray.]
Ray: [He observes the Ancient Growth.] ...Is that thing still in the Growth of Oaths?
Daniel: Oh. I remember now. The parasite. It's still there... It slipped away from us in the last encounter.
Safiri: I remember everything turning red... I felt pain. I think I might've been dead for a few moments... Guys, we really can't underestimate this whole "Hellspawned" thing. The enemy we're facing can bring that entire tree to life and destroy Safa...
Chris: I won't be having any of that. You four, this is a battle we're going to take into our own paws. [He looks up at the Ancient Growth.] (Hellspawned... whatever you are, why ever you even exist... your first impressions suck. And I know how to judge first impressions. Prepare for mine.) Danny...?
Daniel: Yeah? [Looks up at the huge tree as well.] You want in?
Chris: Let's all go... Everyone with me? [He turns his head halfway.]
Safiri: Forever and always. [Nods.]
Ray: I am.
Slianna: Always will be, Chris.
Daniel: Ditto... [Without even making a movement, Daniel summons a large dark corridor at the edge of the water surrounding the Ancient Growth.] Alright, everyone in! [Daniel steps to the side, allowing the others to enter first.]
Safiri: [Nods.] Right away. [She dashes into the dark corridor with Slianna and Ray following behind her.]
Daniel: [Looks into the darkness with a concerned expression.] ...Chris...
Chris: [Walks up to the corridor.] I trust this leads into the tree and not right into Castle Tartarus? [Smirks, watching Daniel.]
Daniel: My home is more important than Darkness. [He nods, smiling at Chris.] No more tricks. That's over.
[The two nod to each other and enter the corridor together. It closes only a second after entering.]

-Growth of Oaths(Lake).-
[Black vines now ascend throughout the darkened tree. Tunnels have been formed, the huge vines carrying through them like railways.]
Daniel: [Walks from the dark corridor that appeared within the Growth. As soon as he and Chris do so, it vanished. He scans the area.] Man... this place got wrecked.
Safiri: This is the lake. Wow, we fought here, I know, but did we cause all this or...?
Ray: No way. [Shakes his head, looking up.] This was all the monster's doing.
Slianna: [Near one of the huge, black vines.] ...Can we get up on these?
Safiri: I think so. I just hope I don't get messed up again...
Chris: Hm? [His ears flicker at the sound of a vicious roar above.] ...Sounds pretty scary. I'm all for it. [He begins up the vine, the other four following closely behind him... A few moments pass before they reach one of the tunnels the BlackParasite had created.]
Safiri: You said you fought this whole Hellspawned group already, Chris... What're they like from your perspective?
Chris: They're... not fun. I don't know how to explain them... I think they have something to do with the Bible back on Earth.
Safiri: Bible?
Chris: It's an ancient book based on Christianity, teachings of the Old Testament and New Testament... It's a pretty important icon.
Ray: So you think that this Christianity sparked the Hellspawned?
Chris: Maybe it's just me, but... The name "Hellspawned" gives it away, unless they just call themselves that to sound cool. Hell is the opposite of heaven. Souls of the damned, Dante's inferno, eternal sin, all that good stuff.
Daniel: ...What?
Chris: There's a lot to it. And maybe there's even stuff I missed while I was away... It's just a guess though. For now, the best thing we can do is repel these guys back to the pits of Hell.
Daniel: 'Guess so, huh? ...Look... Ahead, up there! [He looks ahead, pointing with his nose. The end of the tunnel can be seen.]
Ray: Short tunnel. Musn't have gotten very far then.
Chris: Couldn't have, if you fought it back at that lake.
[They continue on until they emerge from the tunnel, the vine spreading all throughout a mysterious glowing room. Razor sharp vines penetrate the walls of this circular room. They wriggle animatedly. In the center of the room is a sparkling pond of water, only a few inches deep. Within that water, many tiny forest fairies tremble, huddled up with each other. They murmur, terrified at the sight of the five.]
Safiri: Oh my gosh... [She approaches the magical pond...] Forest fairies...
Ray: ...They must be hiding from that monster...
Safiri: But how... right in plain view?
Forest Fairy Mouse : [Appears to be a tiny, pink mouse fairy. She is now more curious than afraid.] Hey... Hey, you're not big bad evil monsters!
Slianna: [Beside Ray.] No, we're friendly, I can assure you. What're you all doing here?
Forest Fairy Mouse: This is our only sanctuary left... This wittle pond.
Forest Fairy Bunny: [Tiny light green bunny fairy.] We have these "Magic Restoration" zones spread throughout the Ancient Growth. They, well... pretty much bring us back to life, kind of.
Safiri: So... you're all safe here? That horrible black beast didn't harm you?
Forest Fairy Bunny: Not at all, but with how he's treating the Ancient Growth, we can't say it will last for very much longer.
Chris: [Walks to Safiri's side. Daniel walks to the other, raising a brow at the fairies.] ...Lordy. I hope that thing doesn't have any quarrel with you little guys and girls. That's kind of unfair, though you're fairies... If you worked together, couldn't you stop it?
Forest Fairy Mouse: Oh, no no! We can't stop it with Darkness around as well! That's too much.
Daniel: Hey. Chill, little dudette. Darkness won't be causing any more trouble for a while, 'kay?
Chris: Yeah. The only things left to deal with are those black monsters running amok.
Forest Fairy Bunny: Well, in that case, I suppose we could stop the demon, but we are missing one of our kind...
Safiri: Eenie?
Forest Fairy Bunny: Ah, yes! You know her?
Safiri: Mhmm. She helped us fight the monster off the first time... but things got a little out of control and she blacked out.
Forest Fairy Bunny: [Sighs, shaking his head.] ...Eenie... She's so reckless. If she had waited for us, things would've been easier... She fell outside the final source of power for all of us, and now she will only waken if the cause of the problems was vanquished...
Daniel: The monster, you mean?
Forest Fairy Mouse: Yep... You see, we wittle fairies might be big and tough in the magic department... but we need other things to keep us safe, like numbers!
Forest Fairy Bunny: And these restoration ponds. They act as... Mm, pretty much everything convenient for a fairy.
Chris: And we know the monster came through here. So that's why none of you are hurt... That's good, but we're still gonna have to pay that jerk a little visit
Forest Fairy Mouse: Ooh, you're gonna save the Growth of Oaths!? Yay! [Claps a few times.]
Ray: Got that right! Where'd that parasite go anyway...
Forest Fairy Bunny: [Looks straight up...]
[Everyone looks up at the vertical tunnel... The difference here is that this tunnel is natural. There are no vines for climbing this one....]
Daniel: [Whistles.] Rad...
Slianna: How on Safa do we get up there...?
[The forest fairies part from each other, forming a circle around the ridge of the small pond. Their circle is uncompleted, with one fairy missing. They raise their wands, a light shooting from each of them and gathering into a gleaming sphere in the center of the pond. After a few seconds, the fairies separate, allowing the five through.]
Forest Fairy Bunny: That thing couldn't have made it too far... But the weaker point of the tree is there. [He points up.] The demon will surely attempt to corrupt our home... If you would be so kind...
Chris: We'll clean the house for you. [He smiles, nodding to the fairies. The fire enter the light one at a time, Chris being the first to reach it. The light shrinks their bodies and engulfs them... it shoots straight up into the tunnel.]
Forest Fairy Mouse: Good luck...
[It takes only a few seconds for the light to vanish, bringing the five up to a new room, one much darker and grotesque than the previous. Tentacles protrude from the walls, black slime covers the floor, and a gloomy fog envelopes the oval-shaped area. Within the center of the room, the BlackParasite awaits... Four of its infecting tentacles pierce the weakened walls of the Ancient Growth in attempt to corrupt it and bring it to life. It roars frighteningly, ooze spraying from its mouth.]
Safiri: Bingo!! [Prepares herself.]
Ray: Looks like it recognizes us... [Prepares himself.] I'm not getting myself infected again.
Daniel: Howdy big guy... We're back.
Chris: (This is Hellspawned for sure... For messing with the Eclipses and for causing this world so much trouble, they're really asking for a mess. From me. This time, I'm going to fight.)

--E n d i n g--