I sigh as I my head down
for a small nap in the Asphdel fields
The smell of the orchids surround me as i lay.
I would usually come to this feild every weekend to think
about watve ive done in my life and
possibly what impact it will make on my life
in the future.
As I look to my left
I see a flower wilting
Before i know it all of them are wilting
I struggle to get up
but its as if the flowers have a hold on me
now I can hardly breathe
Theres no waking out of this nightmare
But the bright light is shining and all
I can see is a beautiful girl with long black hair and brown eyes.
Her mere presence there is bringing the flowers
back to life.
The flowers release thier grip and i can breathe.
Im sad to say that is the last time I was in Asphodel feilds.