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The Demented Mooing of an Unbalanced Bovine.
Or in other words....Meushi's Journal. :D I'll add more later, this is just my stuff of crap and if people read this...holy crap!
The Casimir Adventure 3
Part Three

Penn Almasy was enjoying the night sky. For once she had decided to sail her ship closer to the ground and was floating along one of the large bodies of water of Gaia. In other words, she was completely lost and had no idea where the heck she was at. That didn’t bother her though. She was in no hurry to get anywhere and she wasn’t expected to meet anyone as of late. So, she really was enjoying the night sky. Night birds were singing, and the other creatures of the dark were soon joining in. “Ah, nothing like doing nothing to pass the time.” She lend over the side of her ship to dip her fingers in the water. “Lovely lovely….what the crap…” She pulled her hand out of the water as it bumped into destroyed wooden parts. “What the heck is this junk?” “Well it use to be a ship…a beautiful, wonderful ship, with a kitty crew…now it’s a raft of junk.” “Holy crap what?” Penn looked around and then down at the water. A body was floating by and the man with dead black eyes smiled back at her. “Nice evening isn’t it. Mind a little help here?” He asked as he reached a hand up to her.“Are you a zombie?” “I think so.” “You eat people?” “I…don’t think so.” “Oh…ok.” With that Penn reached out, took hold of the hand and pulled the rather lively dead man on to her ship. The two stared at each other for a long, rather awkward moment. That is until the dead man scratched his crotch and Penn belched and so all was right in the world. “Name’s Sinsario.” “Penn. Penn Almasy.” “Nice.” “So what the heck happened?” Sinsario looked up at the sky as he scowled. “They sunk my airship!” “Who?” “Tree pirates!!!” The dead man pouted as he crossed his arms over his chest. “Tree pirates are real?” “Well HE stole my tree so yes!” “He?” Penn asked. Sinsario pointed to the sky. “THAT JERK!” “Why?” She blinked at the zombie. Sinsario paused, then blinked himself and made a odd face. “I have no idea…he just took it like the jerk he is….AND THEN BLEW ME OUT OF THE SKY!” “That sucks.” They both agreed. Fifteen minutes later, Penn was given a detailed retelling of the events that took place earlier. “It was just peeing on two legs?” “And it was that distraction he over took me and stole my tree….my lovely tree…I HATE to think what he’s doing to it.” A look of angst formed on Sinsario’s face and Penn could only pat his back. “There there. Well you’re aliv…uh…undead! And mostly unhurt. And I can safely say no one’s gonna attack this ship.” She pulled out a rather large blade from her back as a demented look appeared in her eyes. “IF THEY KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR THEM.” Sinsario cleared his throat and took a step back. “Yes well…that’s all fine but what if the tree pirate comes for your tree.” “Then he’s gonna have to destroy it all if he wants it.” “What do you mean?” Penn smirked and motioned for Sinsario to follower her. She lead him to her tree and nodded at him. He eyed her tree. It was dark and rather…creepy but still a lovely tree. He noticed a sign that said ‘Pull me’ and was pointing to one of the branches. He shrugged and did so, pulling a tiny twig from it. The most horrifying scream filled the air.”MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP!!!” Sinsario shouted as Penn laughed and gave her tree a few strokes. “It’s ok, calm down now, calm down.” She soothed her tree and then pointed to the tree’s root. Sinsario noticed then that the roots were the part of the boat itself. “Well…you don’t see THAT often. “And that’s why not tree pirates are gonna get the best of me.”

“DAMNIT! I LOST IT!!” Meushi slowed her ship down. Three hours, she had trailed after the ship for three hours and she somehow had lost the monster of a ship. “How the hell does it get around like that?” She couldn’t figure out how the massive ship could float around without making a sound. And the thing was a graceful as a dancer. “It sure doesn’t look like it would be a smooth ride.” She began to play with one of her antennas as she thought about what had just happened to her. Upon discovering the ship and it’s cargo, she was certain that this was indeed the dreaded tree pirate. Hopping into her ship, she took off after to do…to do what she didn’t know. She had followed it around the skies watching as it traveled boldly from one part of Gaia to another. She kept her eyes open for any crew members but she saw nothing. A few times she was certain she had been seen however the ship never confronted her nor did it make any attempt to attack. ‘He’s a ballsy SOB….’ However as a strong breeze from the south caused her ship to updraft and as she struggled to regain her course, the massive ship somehow got away. “DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT!!!!” She kicked a cart of something away from her. Five mintues later, after throwing the biggest fit that would put five year olds to shame, she calmed and tried to think of her next move. “Well maybe it’s a good thing I lost it. I mean…what the heck was I gonna do?! Now…I should go tell someone..yes…….who!?” After a long moment of staring at the skies she decided to try with the Barton Guards Guild. It was the only idea she could think of at the moment and so off she zoomed towards Barton. The sun was just beginning to set and the clouds around her were a lovely golden color. And because they were a nice golden color she almost missed the tiny cloud like ship. Stopping quickly she stared. “What the crap?” She stared at the ship for a good long time, noticing the small tree with fruit on it. A door opened and out popped a golden orange little woman. She was sweeping her ship when she noticed the odd green one next to her’s. “Oh…Oh my that looks like a…” “Have you seen a freakishly large airship pass by?” Meushi asked before the woman could finish. The woman looked around. “No sorry.” “Meh…it’s ok.” The two stared at each other for a moment. “I haven’t seen a zurg in a while.” “I haven’t seen a orange woman…ever.” The both laughed. “I’m Meushi.” “I’m Memyselfiamweird.” “Waaaah?” Meushi asked. The woman giggled. “You can call me Memy.” “Ok Memy.” “Would you like some tea?” Meushi looked at the night sky and then back at the cloud ship. “Yes….yes I would.”

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