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The Demented Mooing of an Unbalanced Bovine.
Or in other words....Meushi's Journal. :D I'll add more later, this is just my stuff of crap and if people read this...holy crap!
The Casimir Adventure 2
Part Two

Captain Sinsario the great and mighty and awesomely dressed, or at least he called himself in his head, looked out at the open skies. “I still say it’s unnatural to be up this high.” He mumbled to himself.”Well at least nothing can go wrong.” Sinsario was dead as a doornail, so a little something like danger wasn’t a big threat. A threat sure, but a big one? Not by much. And now that everyone was floating around like a bunch of lost balloons, he had decided to join the fun. But for the dead captain, being in the air just didn’t feel as right as it did when he was in the water. At least the same rules applied for both elements. You need a good wind to get you about and if you fall overbroad, you’re pretty much screwed. Today, the air smelt sweet and a warm breeze was coming in the northside. He had decided to let his crew get their land legs and went off by himself to sail the local skies. “Maybe that was a bad idea.” He wondered out loud. He had heard about the odd rumors of tree pirates yet he hadn’t truly seen anything himself. Sky pirates, sure, but tree pirates? Now that was a new one. To make matters worse, Gambino was gone and had died…again. “I wonder how long he’ll stay dead for this time…” Sinsario pondered as he scratched the back of his dead neck. As of late Gaia was getting…well, kind of weird…weird for Gaia that is. “Well enough of this air time. I’m heading down to the seas. Hmm maybe I should set sail to find Ivan…mmmmm…” And with that he turned to fly his ship to the grounds below. He had barely begun work when a odd shadow covered the sun surrounding Sinsario’s ship in darkness. “The hell…” He looked up and had his heart been beating it would have stopped. “MOTHER OF GOD!!!” The dead man gasped as he fall back. The monster of a ship above him was one of the largest he had ever seen. The large dragon like head of the figure maid looked as if it was about to devour his own ship. ‘Where the hell did this thing even come from?’ He looked around quickly. It had completely surprised him and that bothered him greatly. A sudden thought popped into his zombie brain and he turned to look at his Casimir tree. Looking as dead as him and yet very much alive, he knew what was happening.”LIKE HELL YOU WILL!!” Sinsario shouted at the ship above his own. “Well, what a warm way to greet someone…Of course you were always full of charm weren’t you Captain Sinsario?” A smooth voice spoke out. The dead Captain’s eyes widen in surprise. “I know that voice…” “I’m sure you do…” And the attack began.

Meushi popped a jelly bean in her mouth as she sat on top of her ship. After a few hours of endless flight she decided to land her ship on a cliff near Durem. She was high enough she could see a great deal of Gaia’s land mass. She looked towards Dead Man’s Pass from there. “Vampires…” She shook her head and looked towards the forest near Barton. “Centaurs…” She rolled her eyes and looked down at Durem below. “Dark elves…” She popped another jelly been in her mouth and then looked towards Barton Lake. “Merfolk…” She stood up quickly and looked at her tree. “Gambino’s gone, so who the heck has the balls to steal trees!?” She began to pace. “Stealing trees…I MEAN REALLY!? Tree pirates…UGH!!” If she had hair, Meushi would have pulled it out. “Maybe the orcs…or the robots…” The more she thought, the more upset became. “TREE STEALING!!!” She shouted at no one. “WHO DOES THAT?! AND WHY!?” She jerked her head towards her own tree and relaxed. She let her odd fingers run up and down it’s smooth, almost flesh like bark. “Don’t worry….I won’t let anything happen to you. I promise.” She frown in thought. “Could it be…zurgs?” Zurgs had been rare the past few years but one would always pop up once in a while. “There are humans of course…” She pondered over the different races of Gaia and which one could be behind the pirating. She poured half the bag of jelly beans in her mouth and chewed angrily. “Pirates are one thing but tree pirates…it’s like soul stealing!!!” She shouted to the clouds above, sending the rest of her jelly beans all over the place. Jumping down from her ship she began to pace on the cliff’s ground. “Maybe it isn’t true, maybe Captain Lab was just pull my antenna…yeah…maybe…and maybe zebras fly out of my nose!!” She frown and kicked a rock away from her. She huffed and then puffed and then sat on the ground, pouting like a two year old. Her large black eyes stared at the land and skies before her. “I don’t even know what I can do to help…I feel so damn useless…and that’s more scary than someone stealing my tree.” She sighed and laid flat on the ground. She raised her green hands and looked at them. “Something so small like me is so useless.” She sighed once more, letting her hands rest on her alien flat chest. She frown at the action. “How come I ended up with the flat alien chest unlike the green babes in the movies?!” The sound of something rather large passing by just then caught her attention and she sat up rather quickly. What she saw made her eyes pop out of her head. “What the hell is that thing?” The top of a VERY large airship was just passing by the cliff however it almost made no sound at all as it moved. She got up and ran towards the edge to get a better look at it. “Holy Coco…That thing’s HUUUUGE….that’s what she said.” She added on in a whisper. She was able to get a better detail now of the ship. It seriously looked like a monster. However as it passed by, what it was pulling with it caught Meushi’s eye the most. “Are those…” It was forest. A forest of Casimir trees. All different shapes and sizes and colors and well…different trees. “That’s a lot of damn trees for one ship.” She watched the ship sail away from the cliff, however as it began to leave one tree stood out the most to her. Her heart froze and her breath stopped for a moment. “Captain Lab’s tree…”

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