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The Demented Mooing of an Unbalanced Bovine.
Or in other words....Meushi's Journal. :D I'll add more later, this is just my stuff of crap and if people read this...holy crap!
The Casimir Adventure
(Crappy, not edited and done in one sitting)

Part One

Captain Lab looked out at the skies around him. Only a few puff ball of clouds floated in the bright blue sky that day but it was days like this that one needed to be extra sharp on their guard. Helmsmen Carn gave a salute to the captain as he ended his shift. "All seems good today Captain, clear skies and smooth flying." "Aye...but for how long..." "Sir?" "Nothing lad. Tell me your report." Carn began to give a detail report as the Captain pulled out his spy glass and began to search the skies. As Carn was ending his report something flashed in the corner of Lab;s eye. Quickly turning he adjusted his spy glass. "Sir? What was that flash just now? Should I sound the alarms?" The Captain scowled and then sighed. "No Carn...it's not THAT type of trouble." "Sir?" The Captain pulled his telescope away and began to watch the small ship move closer. The large blue sail looked like a odd fin on top of the thin but long shaped ship. The four sail paddles on the side made the ship move fast and gave it the impression of a fish swimming through the sky. As the ship moved closer it was clear it was a shocking color of green. Lab sighed once more. “The PP….” Carn looked at him in surprise. “Sir?” He asked once more. Lab looked at the man next him. “It’s the PP…” Carn made a face as he looked back at the ship. “The PP, Sir?” He asked, sounding somewhat amused. “ “It’s the initials of the ship…please don’t make me say it…” The Captain replied sounding embarrassed. Carn eyed him oddly as he turned to look at the green ship. It was much closer now and moving at a rather fast pace. “It’s a tiny airship. I don’t think I’ve seen one that color before.” The man leaned forward on the ship’s rail as he tried to get a better look of said ship. “Damn…she’s slowing down.” Captain Lab pinched the bridge of his nose. Carn was able to see the ship better now. “It reminds me a bit of a submarine with that glass panel there. But something seems different…Oh…Oh wow….” Carn’s eyes widen as he finally noticed the shape of the ship. “Dear Lord it…it looks like a pe…” “I know…I know…damnit she wants to dock with us.” Carn’s mouth dropped. “What kind of ship is that?” “Technical….it’s a space ship.” “A SPACE SHIP? WHO? WHAT? WAAH?” “That lad….is …” The Captain sighed once more as the ship stopped and a small rope was tossed over . “HEY! You gonna tie me up or something?!” “That’s…The Picklely p***k….” Just then the glass panel popped open and a little green odd thing stood up. “Captain Lab! You look like you could get some. I gotta pill to help with that!” The man looked at the tiny zurg girl. “No thank you, Miss Meushi.” “Ah come on! Don’t be an old stiffy….” She wiggled her eye brows at him, that is if she had them, which she did not but the effect was still there. Carn choked on his spit. Meushi turned to give a odd beak grin at the man and then turned to wink at the Captain. “New…Seaman?” Carn just stared, while the Captain gave a great heave. “That joke doesn’t really work up here Miss Meushi.” “That’s what SHE said.” “Who?” Meushi made a face and waved the Captain off. “So hey! I got a bunch of Stars for sell! You interested?” “Ah, so that’s where you’ve been. “ He looked up at the sky even higher above him. The zurg girl only grinned. “They are BEAUTIFUL this time of the year! And Super bright! Light your ships for hours! Make great gifts for the kiddies too!” “Perhaps…I am about to run out of the last order I got for you.” “I can throw in a good moon beam or two as well!!”

Meushi looked at the goods she earned and traded. “Captain Lab you make a green girl happy….among other things…” She winked at him suggestively. The man didn’t even flinch. However he seemed far more interested in her ship. “You’re unprotected…” “Captain!! Not with your crewmen around.” The few crew that had gather coughed uncomfortable. “I mean your ship. How do you protect yourself from attackes?” ‘I have my ways…besides, most pirates don’t even take notice small little me…and zurgs tend to freak most out anyway.” She began to play with one of her antennas as she lend against her ship. “So? Where ya going with this Captain?” “I’d be more careful Miss Meushi. Pirates attacks are beginning to come more common.” “Yeah well…I have a few tricks up my l sleeves and even if one..” “You’ve been gone for some time I take it. You haven’t heard about this new pirate.” “New pirate?” Meushi looked up at the tall dark elf. “Whacha talkin’ about?” “A tree pirate.” Lab calmly replied. Meushi couldn’t help the startled look on her face. ‘A tree pirate…what the hell…’ “He…or she, have been attacking ships and stealing their Casimir trees.” Meushi gasped from shock. She looked at the dark elf and then at his crew. “You’re…joking, no one steals trees…I mean…how do they…”’Most crash afterwards, though some are lucky enough they stay afloat until help arrives. If the ship hasn’t been destroyed.” “When did this start happening!?” “A month, perhaps two. At least the reported ones. They still are trying to discover who is causing such…trouble…” “Trouble my a**!!! WHERE THE HELL IS G-FORCE? WHY ISN’T GAMBINO DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!?” The Captain and crew looked startled. “Miss Meushi…just..how long have you been gone?” “What’s that…” “Gambino can’t do anything about it.” “What do you…” “Gambino…is dead.” Meushi’s mouth dropped but no words came. She stared long and hard at him and then at his crew. The dark elf was not lying. “Damn….” She looked at her tree. Her tree was more to her than just a tree or a source of power to fly her ship. She talked to it, helped it grow and damn, the thing even gave her pickles. She still couldn’t figure out what the heck the black thingies where but it would only be a matter of time. If someone took her tree…it would be like stealing a bit of her. She scowled and then glared at the Captain. “Thanks for the update. Safe skies.” “Safe Skies Miss Meushi.” The Captain watched the zurg climb aboard her ship and help untie it from his. “Don’t go looking for trouble, Miss Meushi. “ He called out to her. She smirked back at him with her odd alien beak. “I never go looking for trouble Captain!” She gave the ship a wave and called out before she took off at fast speeds. “It goes looking for me.” The Captain sighed as he watched the green ship speed up and then sailed away. “I have a sudden stomach ache….” Turning and telling his men back to their duties, he gave a glance back at the now disappearing ship. He shook his head and went back to his own duties. Had he glanced back once more, he would have noticed a large deadly looking ship raising up with the current winds. The Captain gave a dangerous grin as only one goal now entered his point of view.

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