Ah, now that I have some more parchement, I think it is time to finish penning in the rest of my few days, lest I forget what I have been up to.

So, after clearing out the Ayleid ruins of Vilverin, I decided that I've been trading and such for so long I ought to be a trader. I could wander all over Cyrodiil and pick up various wares and such, then come back to town to sell whatever loot I find and repeat the process. I'm already close to having 1000 septims sitting in my coinpurse, which is a modest sum to say the least. Personally, this is aleady lucrative: I'm sure Jauffre will wait whilst I make my fortune here.

What better way to find new places to go than to explore? As I returned to Vilverin, I found there was a stretch of road behind it: a perfect place to start. The Imperial city was just in sight, so I took a stroll down the beaten path and admired the lush landscape of the Imperial Province. Certainly beats the barren wastelands and loads of islands that made up the familiar Telvanni Great House lands I have become accustomed to. I happened to find the ruins of what looked like a fort of sorts. As I began to poke closer towards the ruins, some odd man wearing blue mage robes came running down the road towards me, yelling something or another and summoned a daedric creature called a Scamp. He obviously wanted to fisticuff with me, so I summoned the despicable skeletal guard and engaged the mage. He managed to summon a daedric weapon as well, though it served little use as I pressed my hand to his face to discharge a blast of fire, effectively ending his life.

I probably forgot to mention that I learned some new spells at a store called the Mystique Emporium. Probably should have penned that one down earlier.

Anyways, the fort, known as Urasek, looked profitable if it were not for the goblins that were roaming around by the door. Not my choice of adventure to be honest, so I continued on down the road. Luckily, I happened upon an Imperial Legionaire on horseback. We chatted up a little, and he even dismounted his horse to help me take care of some highwayman who wanted 100 septims! Instead, he took a beating, and his gear was mine to pawn off. I came across another fort not too far down the road, called Fort Magia. I did not investigate these ruins, since I am low on space for loot and the day was getting late. I pressed on, and passed another two Legionnaires. I decided to inquire about the Emperor's murder, but they told me it wasn't the Dark Broherhood.

If it isn't a group known to murder people for money, than whoever did it is most likely more disturbed by a longshot. That is a chilling thought.

There certainly are quite a number of ruined forts around here: I came across Fort Alessia. From a book I read, Alessia was a saint that liberated the human population (Human is a term for Imperials, Nords, Bretons, and Redguards) from the Ayleid rule. This could be interesting. As I got closer, I found some bandit who wore iron armor and wielded a nasty looking longsword. I was wearing furs, and she accused me of being a Bandit before taking a swing at me, hitting right in the chest and claiming this was Marauder territory. I don't know what the hell a Marauder is, but I continued to duel with this woman until my sword cut across her neck, effectively ending her career. Iron is heavy but valuable, so I pilfered it and left: I am out of space to carry more loot. Any more and I would be too weighed down.

Just my luck: a campsite! And bandits too! My day keeps getting better! I decided to relieve the Sweetwater campsite of such parasites and settled down, even noticing that there was some Ayleid ruins nearby. I would poke at them tomorow, since by now I was tired. My sleep was unbelievably good.

The next morning was a hike to the Imperial City to pawn off my weapons and armor to Rhossan once more, and decided to poke into Jensine's shop. As soon as I got in, she started telling me about her problems with some Wood Elf named Thoronir who was selling wares dirt cheap. I think she's just jealous, but I told her I would look into it. As a show that I was serious, I pawned off the Ayleid statue I found.

Now that I think of it, I want it back...