I have become quite the merchant, if I do say so myself. It has been 3 days since I last wrote, and much has happened.

I started day 4 with heading out to the First Edition, a very orderly bookshop where I managed to purchase a copy of the rare tome The Last King of the Ayleids. Turns out all of these ruins I'm fiding belong to these Heartland Wild Elves, who are now all extinct. It reminds me of the Dwemer, or 'Dwarves' of Morrowind and Hammerfell: the race vanished from existence but left behind some ruins and such. My father Divayth is an avid studier of the Dwemer, but I do not wish to be a reclusive n'wah. I'll leave him to his own rediculous devices.

When I went back to the ruins of Vilverin, I had snuck into the main chamber. I was sure to notice that there was a pathway to the far right, and sneaking up the stairs led me to a bedroom of sorts. A table was lit with some candles, and had some glowing blue stones nearby. The letter on the table told that the bandits were hiding here to ambush wandering merchants, and that these blue stones were filled with magicka. Apparently Two-Coins and some Khaajit made camp down closer to a door that led deeper into the ruins. Next stop was there.

3 bandits later, I had to return to the Imperial City to sell all my loot to Rhossan before running all the way back to Vilverin to explore further into the lost ruins. I found one bandit, and took care of her before a pressure plate slid into the floor to reveal a hidden passageway... and bloodstains. I found a dead Khajiit on a pedastle: so perhaps Two-Coins was right afterall. The further on I pushed in the area, the more undead I found. I cannot believe such blasphemy exists here! They guard nothing, yet wander about mindlessly! I eagerly put them to eternal rest, and pressed on to the next level of the ruins. I even found some more of those blue stones, but still more undead; a fair trade off since I am able to salvage the iron weapons and arrows the skeletons possessed.

I actually found some odd cage covering a pedastel, and by pressing a button nearby it revealed a beautiful white glowing shard. Magika radiated from it, so I decided to hold onto it and continued on before finding a door to a fourth area! These ruins go pretty deep indeed. My escapade into the next area yielded a strange looking statue; looked like some spiky rectangle with a glowing blue shard. I snatched it while trying to avoid the swinging blades that littered the corridors of this place. These Aylieds really didn't like visitors much I guessed. However, I think I found the cause of all the undead running about:

In the last chamber I found some black robed Redguard. He saw me and rushed me, though with my trusty sword I was able to deflect his tiny dagger and slash him to ribbons before he could hit me with the lightning bolt gathering in his hand. I took the dark robe, noticing the blood red skull on it. I also happened to pilfer his black shirt and pants: they would be my new clothing, along with the dark green hood I found earlier. It appears that Jalbert, a Redguard Necromancer, had run from Daggerfall since his graverobbing ways were found out.

Despicable. Good thing he's dead now.

Back to the Imperial City to sleep, and to sell my wares.

I am running out of pages, so I have to go buy more parchment and such. I will finish my story after I get more.