Date: 05/06/10
The video below is Aomi goofing off in Monster Hunter Tri. Sorry for the horrible video quality and scan lines of doom and any strange butt-shots. sad
Aomi here decked out in cyan/teal hair/eyes, has on the Bone Helm, Qurupeco Vambraces, and the Piscine Leggings.
Her weapon is a long sword called Guan Dao. This is Aomi's goof-off getup/outfit. I like to mix and match the armor sets when I'm just being a doofus out in the Moga Woods and because I want the armor to have much Aomi colour
themes as possible. When on Quests however Aomi is in full armor sets, currently the Qurupeco one. I am aiming for the Barioth one though...hopefully I can pull it off. I basically couldn't have done much without my friends. :0
ATM: Aomi's HR is 31. I can honestly say MH3 was one of the best games I've bought for the Wii.
My ID is: QX3VRZ ---- Username is: Aomi

Currently I got my hands on the Bnahabra Armor + set, colours are all Teal of course to match Aomi 's colour theme. HR now is 34 I think.
The Gestures for the game are hilarious, specially when in The Tavern. My friends goof off a lot, like dance about , wave, rage, rant, kick back and stomp on each other or crush each other with Kick Back, quite demented but hilarious.