My dear, my love, my one, my only. Miyukichi~

That is, Sawashiro Miyuki. My #1 seiyuu in the industry. I first heard her as Canaan in The Melancholy of CANAAN, obviously. And we all know how much I loved CANAAN~ I still do. I just can't have anything to do with it directly for a few years because it ******** my mind so hard and...well, this is a fun entry. Onward!

Miyukichi won Best Female Leading Seiyuu for her role as Canaan in this year's annual Seiyuu Awards, as well as for her role as Lag Seeing in Letter Bee and Ayane Yano in Kimi ni Todoke. The year prior; Best Supporting Actress. In a recent survey conducted in Japan with some 28,000 (or 23,000?) participants on the most recognized seiyuu, Miyukichi ranked 7 out of the ten female contestants. (That Nana lady was first and in second was forever-idol and also a great love of mine ((obviously)) was Hirano Aya. Thought she'd get first for sure...)

So clearly, I'm not the only one who thinks Miyuki is totally magnificent! I do refer entirely to her voice acting skills, not knowing much about her IRL beyond that she enjoys playing the piano and is confident enough to change a director's script as she speaks into the mic. Which is awesome for them conservative Japanese. Or anybody.

A list of shows Miyukichi is currently voicing in right at this exact moment...

Arakawa Under the Bridge
Angel Beats!

Leading in DRRR!! as the sexy motorcycling Celty Sturluson. Who, ahem, doesn't have a head. Which, as you can imagine, rather worried me at first!! No head? How does she speak? Where does Miyuki come in!? No worries; she started off with a marvelous narration as an anonymous and then Celty's voice came in the form of text on a PDA to avoid forcing the audience to have to read everything. I must say, during Celty's two episodes of silence, I made her out to be someone completely different from who she is. (I've been doing that a lot.) Took me a bit to get used to the fact that, rather than being a serious lady existing in the show solely for some kickass action and a sexy body, Celty's incredibly human for being a dullahan. (There is a reason for that.) She's quick to anger and frustration, can be quite feminine and insecure, does the whole anime-turn-aside-head-and-say-something-amusing-in-shadow thing (More maturely~ Not really like that.). She's also, pffft, scared of aliens. So cute.

Also kicks serious a**. With a scythe. Or her fist...or helmet..or foot... She's very talented.

Miyuki plays off this interesting character with a low, gravelly-breathing voice similar to Yuu Kobayashi's portrayal of Rio Kazumiya in So Ra No Wo To just not to such an asthma-attack extent and...uhm, sexier. Win. Favorite character in DRRR!!

Miyuki doesn't appear in Arakawa until episode four, but it's my favorite show of the season so seriously, so do not mind. The main attraction was another anyway; the before-mentioned Sakamoto Maaya leading as Nino. Miyuki's character is Maria; a woman living under the bridge who works the farm. ...Yeah. I know. AWESOME, RIGHT? She seems sweet at first~

No, not really. Poison tongue. Fierce. And all with a smile~ Maria sang an alternate OP for episode 5 titled, "Think of a Title Yourself". You can't even imagine. Link at end. I love Miyuki's singing voice~

As for her speaking voice for Maria... Low, mature; poisonously sweet always on the edge of a cruelly deceiving giggle.

As mind-blowingly fantastic as that all is, Maria is not, in fact, my #1 in Arakawa. It's a girl named P-ko who just appeared in episode 5. Love. A new episode is due actually! Airs on Sunday.

As for Angel Beats!... A lovely girl with blazing neon pink-red hair and cool matching eyes. The guitarist, vocalist, composer and obvious leader of the show's badass all-girl band Girls Dead Monster. Iwasawa. She debuted along with most of the rest of the cast in episode one; blowing the minds of watchers across the globe with the MOST gorgeous concert scene anime has ever yet to witness. Songs weren't the greatest but they're really pretty damn great once you tear through the lyrics and figure out what exactly Iwasawa is saying.

Miyukichi does not do Iwasawa's vocals; she's a lovely singer, but Iwasawa demands serious power and for that job, marina was called in. KILLER job!!! marina and Miyuki sound wonderfully alike and both have totally sexy voices.

Ahem. However.... *POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 3 OF AB! AHEAD* Miyuki's role in Angel Beats! ended after two episodes. One, and three. Iwasawa did not appear in two. Outrageous. Horrible. It wasn't even a really touching scene! 100% even if Iwasawa did not = Miyukichi, I'd still be furiously pissed off and disappointed. (Though I still have hope......) Peh!

Anyhoo... Voice for Iwasawa... Young. But mature. Cool, and soft--kind. Surprisingly feminine, but also a little rough. Remember that soft. Most similar to Canaan's gentler moments, the characters being a bit alike and also around the same age. Loved it. Absolutely loved it. Iwasawa is still my #1 in AB!.

Fun fact time now. Reason for ever starting DRRR!!--fail AB! episode three. Needed moar Miyukichi immediately. Excellent decision~ Initially went for Letter Bee; no interest whatsoever. xD;;

Also inspired by this massively talented seiyuu was the purchase of The Demon Blade: Muramasa for the Wii. A 2D side-scrolling action RPG with the most beautiful art ever. Oh yeah, and Miyuki voices one of the two playable characters. Momohime. A princess possessed by a demon. Need I explain the sexiness of that voice?

Though to be totally honest. The VA work isn't actually that stellar. Same for all the other voices in the game. Must be thing. Whatever. It's a really fun game nonetheless. =33

Oh yeah! Started watching Strike Witches on Sunday as well for a couple reasons, among which is that Miyuki voices one of the ladies; Perrine. I'm halfway through episode 6 now and as it turns out, Perrine is a jealous, stuck-up woman and I'm totally uncertain if the only reason I grin whenever I see her is because Miyuki does an awesome jealous/stuck-up combo. She's gorgeous anyway. Blonde hair and golden eyes~

Fun show. I'm really into it even though there are loads of flaws that would normally drive me nuts. xD One of the girls, Francesca Lucchini got her own GS nendoroid a while back and she seems pretty cute thus far. So, because of the BRS figure failures, I may buy that if I really end up liking her. Otherwise; I demand a Perrine figure.

May add to this some other time.... Yay, Miyuki~! heart

(Maria's song of epic win.)