It was nice. We had lunch at our Church, and then dinner with Brad and his parents, his fiancee, and their close friend Ashley. It was very nice, and we had tons of fun!

I even got a red rose. smile

Anyway, hopefully today I can find out what I have to do to get my CNA certification within a month...but that means LOTS of homework and gotta log hours with hands-on activity, in an actual hospital, and I'm pretty sure I'll have to pass the test with flying colors...but I know I can do it!

I need a good, secure job that pays well, and it helps people, so its really a nice choice for me.

I suppose getting it done faster is better, even if it means I have to work super extra hard, but it really is better than stretching it out over six months. I don't have time for that crap. I need a job NOW.

I've needed a job for a while, actually, but that's okay because I had babies that needed me, but I needed to go back to work sooner or later.

And because this position pays so much, I can definitely put David through the same course in less than a year! Only 700 bucks. Good deal biggrin

Anyways, we gotta go to Wal-Mart to get food for dinner. Happy belated Mother's Day to all you mamas! <3