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Alchemist's/Humonculous (sp?):
Gaian Name: Perfect Being
Name: Lily Kip
State NickName: Illusionist Alchemist
Age: 16
Appearnce: Here
Alchemist or Humonculous(sp?)or Other?: Alchemist
If Alchemist State, Neutral, or Other?: Neutral
What type of Alchemist?: Illusion
Personality: Evil, kind-hearted, trickster, emotionless, loyal, and mysterious.
Bio: A female with an attitude, she is known for her recent murders. But she disappeared when the name 'Fullmetal' join the Military. A array circle of illusion is embedded on her both wrist, hiding her identity by her sleeve. She kill State Alchemists for the battle, she watches the military closely for any strong alchemists. She soon after watch Humonoclous doing some work for the rare stone. Her life was nothing but a game, she kills for fun. Her parents died from her mishap powers.
Crush: Roy.


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Perfect Being
Name: Aoi Sora [Japanese Name: Blue Sky]

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Trainer or Gym Leader? : Gym Leader of Caela

Personality: Sweet, mysterious, calm, innocence, childish, clear, and happy.

Bio: She is the child of the gym leader, she loved the sky and clouds. She even loved the wind. She soon started to play with flying pokemon, her father always let her play with. She once was flying with her father's Fearow, when she return her father disappeared. She used her father's fearow to catch different flying pokemon, she lets most of her flying pokemon out into the air to stretch. When her mother died of a serious illness, she took over the gym since she doesn't have older siblings. She train all her pokemon with the help of fearow, the most powerful pokemon of her whole gym.

Home Town: Caela Island

Pokemon Team:
Fearow [Her dad's favourite pokemon: Gender: Female, Level: 41]
Pidgeot [Her first pokemon: Gender: Male, Level: 39]
Xatu [Her favourite pokemon: Gender: Male, Level: 35]
Swablu [Her cute pokemon: Gender: Female, Nickname: Feather, Level: 30]Wingull [Her swift pokemon: Gender: Female, Level: 32]
Taillow [Sweet Pokemon: Gender: Female, Level: 31]

Appearence: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Theme song: Innocence by Unknown artist[I don't know either]

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