xd biggrin smile confused sad cry
Sorry, I'm bored.
Me and my mom went to this store to buy flowers and I saw these kids around the age of 10-12 and they looked like gangsters. Baggy pants, Sideways hats, ears pierced. Seriously. EARS PIERCED? It was on his left ear so he might be gay though I have nothing against gays.
Anyway, when I was there, I found a mini snail in one of the flowers. I named him Sneil. Get it? Nevermind. And I found a bunch of flowers and surrounded him with them to see if he could figure out how to get out. It took a long time. Then a lady came next to me and said "Very pretty" and I said "Oh, I'm bored" It was awkward.
WELL gonna go now. Funky llama out dramallama

P.S. I heart nerds emo
P.S.S. Wait emo is supposed to be emo?
P.S.S.S. Well, It's a nerd to me