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ima bird in a cage..waiting..waiting....and waitin for....sumone to pick me..a new family...BECAUSE OF MICHAEL (a fat b***h) he did sumtin to my brother and sisters (kyle 5,brooke 6,ashley 4) he did sumtin HORRIBLE..i cant say if i tell u....(i mite not) then u will also be sad.....and THE REASON IM IN A GROUP HOME FOSTER LIKE HOME PLACE I BECAUSE..because...:::::SO me and my adult friend johnny and his gf (i think it was his gf..cuz out of nowhere they started to make out..EW) so went for a walk at like 1 in the mornin and we were goin to get sumtin to eat and the FRIGGIN mcdonalds said it was open for 24 hrs... BULLSHIT mad ...and so we tryed closer places and ALL CLOSED..so we went to his friends house (i think it was his friends) and he looked for his stuff and O YEA his gf was with us and then she left and this other gal came with us then i was peein in a buch and a guy by and said "shouldnt u be asleep" so i said "no" he said "well then go to sleep" so i said "IM TAKIN A PISS" and he was like "watever" so i was like "..weird" and then when he was like 30 secs ahead of us i yelled "IDIOT" and he looked both ways then walked over AND I RAN LIKE HELL and stopped then johnny pulled out his knife and then the dude was like "DO IT HUH DO IT I DONT GIV A s**t DOO ITT" so he did and then the guy (it looked like he didnt get stapped but i was like 20-30 feet away) so then he was tryin to break a board off a fence then WE RAN so we took the route of the train (2-3 mins) and the cops showed up SO THEN THE COP WAS LIKE "PUT UR HANDS UP" and then johnny RAN and then i was tryin to itch and itch AND THEN he was like "I HAV A GUN" so i kept my hands up and then i was in the car and i thought my mom didnt kno where i was but johnny went to the house and told her to come where i was but i didnt think she knew i was there but she did kno and then like 1-2 weeks later they came and got me for witnissin a stab (i agree it sounds kinda stupid but still) and now i hav visits with my mom and siblins but now i cant see my mom WICH IS ******** HARD and yea so im here livin my life.~end~...ps johnny is a great man TREAT HIM BAD AND I WILL KICK YOU UPSIDE UR HEAD..~offical end~....IMA little devil and yall im evil.. burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes my little bro kyle and my little sis ashley were moilested and my sis brooke was raped and ive been to 20 foster homes and 3 group homes and a place called ledger (all the doors arre locked but you have fun most of the time)

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  • [05/02/10 10:58pm]

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    Tue May 04, 2010 @ 09:16pm

    well this is all canadian truth emo

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    Sun Aug 01, 2010 @ 05:07am

    so u live in a foster home now?

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