This is just a friendly tip. If you lose your signature for a reason, that reason doesn't suddenly become invalidated because you pay the gold fine and enable your signature again.

For example: Say you have an image that is 700,000 bytes (7 times the limit) in your signature. It is reported and/or a moderator sees it, and disables it. You then pay the gold fine, and your signature is returned.

The image is not removed automatically, and it isn't magically resized. When you go and post you'll generally notice it is still there.

Aka, it still breaks the rules!

If you lose your signature, the FIRST thing you should do when enabling it is to FIX IT. If you are waiting to resize the image, REMOVE it from your signature in the meantime.

Unfortunately, if you have a huge signature and just enable it without fixing it, you will lose it again. And again. And again. Seriously, I've seen people who've not done anything about it except pay the fine multiple times, and each time I tell them they need to remove the content as it will continue to get disabled.