Vox Populi is scheduled to start after most of the characters are announced. It's a mass crossover of characters from the Series of Theories and Ethereal Cross. It does not cross with the original Syncs entirely, however.

Vox Populi is another term for the sort of "Ethereal Cross" that will occur on Earth and Theory, as well as the 4th Dimension. There will be two main characters in this story: Chris and Cree.
(Chris: The original human teenager from the first Blast stories, before Fourth.)
(Cree: The white squirrel fur from the Series of Theories RPs.)

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(No one knows his real last name. Many believe it is something like "Ifai". In fact, most believe his real name is actually Cruce Ifai. He was given a normal life with a normal family after being rescued as a baby Corussian by the forces of Light. Originally, he was an abomination of the Fourth Creator, otherwise known as Nijiiro. After being thrown upon the world of Corus(Reality Realm)), Light adopted him, sent him to Earth(Reality Realm), and gave him the memory of a normal boy. Ever since, Darkness, the opposing force of Light, has interluded into the Reality realm (being of Fantasy) to claim this world of Corus so that they may come a step closer in conquering Heaven's Tower(Empyreal Paradox). For that, however, they would require Light's assistance... Who disagreed. A battle began, a battle so epic that Earth became involved for the very first time. Of the Earthlings who shined, Chris was one of them, experiencing tremendous bursts of power as Corus became disturbed by Darkness. Adventuring into Fantasy, he learned of the truth, persuaded to join Darkness. He obliged, despite his Connection with three very peculiar "Eclipses"... Basically brainwashed, he returned to Earth a month later after joining Naught's Dark Forces to find that his "home" had been obliterated. Most of whom he had known, including his family, had perished in the crossfire. Having learned the truth of his past, he was no longer able to blame Light or Darkness. There was one face left to blame truthfully. The Fourth Creator. With his new family of Light and Darkness, with Kenny, Safiri, and Kutzu, he vowed to rise to the top of Heaven's Tower, where the gateway to the Fourth Dimension lie in wait.)

(As with the case of Chris, no one aside from Pachi knew Cree's true name. Most assumed he was "Cree Eitor". In the world of Theory(Alternate Reality Realm), he was created by a tiny Creator known as Pachi. He, himself, was something of a Creator, but not a complete entity of the sort. Despite that, his phenomenal abilities, such as metamorphosis and capabilities of bending light. He was known as the "Cree Project", and backfired horribly after two rebellious creations of Pachi's, Vulpix and Darkrai, allied themselves with one another to destroy their "foolhardy" Creator. Gathering forces from Malysses (Conception and Theory Creator) and mind controlling more of Pachi's, Risu's, and Edge's creations, their "coalition" became nearly unstoppable. This was until Cree finally came to realize he had been following the wrong path. He betrayed Darkrai, and worked with the three Siblings (Pachi, Edge, Risu) and their remaining creation to quench the fire that been started. Years later, some creations were remade, however a new threat arose in the Empyrean Region. An Executioner (Opposite of a Creator) named Nihilus tore the land apart, usurping the aura of those who lived upon this region. His forces became unstoppable, even as Edge was turned into a sort of Executioner and was forced to fight his brother and sister. Despite this, Cree, Risu, and Pachi worked their hardest to create an army to oppose Nihilus. They successfully defeated him after over nearly a year, however Nihilus spoke of his secret weapons: the Empyrean Orbs, which everyone had known about by now. He spoke of how they originated from a place called the Empyreal Paradox and threatened to continue to break the world apart if they were not placed upon a place called Heaven's Tower. This became Cree's and the Siblings' ultimate goal... to rise to this tower and even enter an unknown world if they had to.)

Kenny the Killer
(Kenny was an Antifigurate of, simply, the Antifigurate World(Fantasy Realm.) An Escan veteran, he was praised as one of the most prized soldiers of the Escan military after leading a group of young soldiers in an attack against the Scailian(Their opposition) military's drugged/amped arms, heavily weakening their army and forcing the dictator, Neign Ruden, to launch an all out attack on Esca. Bad move. Escan drove their now-powerless forces back with the greatest conviction. Ruden committed suicide before he could be caught, swearing that this world would someday come to fear a Scailian Storm(Adrenaline Drug) Trooper. (I figure they're like the Nazis... xD) With little left of the evil Scailian military, Esca's president, Stephen Feral, ordered the obliteration of their country of cruelty, so that the world would finally know peace... One Scailian soldier, however, stood strong in a "final battle" against Kenny's invincible militia. Within the Thunder Head (Ruden's last escape, high mountains) a Storm Trooper named Idi, the most powerful soldier of the Scailian army, defeated this militia on his own, nearly killing Kenny and his closest friend, Roger "Shotgun". Kenny and Roger were forced to retreat, leaving one Scailian alive... And the war was not over. About a year after the Scailians tormented the Antifigurate World, Darkness came to finish its job as long as Light stood in its way. Kenny saw to the battlefield again with new allies, new enemies, and an entirely new purpose. After numerous run-ins with the Sync(Chris/Cruce Ifai), he befriended the strange wanderer, despite his position in Darkness. Both knew that, someday, they would be on the same side, with the same enemy... Eventually, that became true after another battle with the feared Idi, which was a victory for Light. After the war between Light and Darkness, Kenny did find Chris again and began traversing across Fantasy and Reality, searching for a way into the Empyreal Paradox...)

(Pachi was the Creator of Cree and was the head of the Siblings. His main focus of creation was like his sister's: Pokémon. However, unlike his sister, most of his creations were male. Some were even rebellious, such as his first creation, Vulpix. Vulpix worked with Pachi's second creation, that was Darkrai, to overthrow their Creator because of his idiocy. As the Cree Project was nearly finished, Darkrai and Vulpix worked together to free the creation from Pachi's paws. With a perfect trio capable of brainwashing just about anyone, they became a considerable force. Pachi's Distortion (Complicated Creator status that becomes unlocked under certain coincidences. Makes Creators mortal for a few moments. Makes them go out of control.) was unlocked for quite some time. He began recreating some of his horrifying, zombie-like creations, effectively distracting him from the true problem. Pachi became so enraged with Darkrai that he began killing off his own creations; those who were already controlled by Darkrai. One of those creations was Vulpix. The murder of his first creation snapped him out of his Distortion. This enlightened Risu and Edge. They shifted all of their efforts into assisting Pachi with his troubles, no longer fearing him. Darkrai's forces, known as the Darksiders, eventually crumbled under its own weight thanks to Cree. Darkrai was overtaken by the Siblings only a couple days later after Cree's betrayal. The scale was at least three times larger during Nihilus' reign. During the Campaign (Seige of the Seven Castles, all leading up to Castle Oblivion II, which was Nihilus' lair.) one of the Empyrean Orbs possessed Pachi and reshaped him into the orb's true being, a dragon figure known as Tiriell. Tiriell (Pachi) split from the Campaign's intentions to rescue the other Empyrean Orbs. However, as Edge's Distortion turned him into an Executioner, Tiriell was destroyed -- at least the "umbra" of Tiriell -- leaving Pachi for himself again. This ultimately lead up to a battle between Pachi and his brother, Edge, which seemed like more of a war, and killed off most of their creations. Cree, being the hero that he is, ended this battle by working with Risu to overcome the six castles up to Castle Oblivion, which was a turning point in the campaign. The evil shadow that loomed over the Empyrean Region faded fast. Edge reverted to normal, and the two brothers, now with a powerful feeling of love for each other, caught up with their sister and their savior to stop Nihilus... but that wasn't the end. Close to Cree, Pachi now ventures at the words of the dark Executioner.)

Safiri Taira
(Safiri was a brave young girl who stood out in her home village of Oathville. She befriended a squirrel named Ray, a snake shaman known as Slianna, and got along very well with her squirrel sister Lavender. Safiri herself was actually a squirrel too, and led a small group called the Squirrel Trio. However, thanks to her tendency to get in trouble, she stumbled across a magical force in a large, ancient temple that transformed her into a fox. The tribe elder, Maiwell, believes that this was the Curse of the Blizzard Fox, bound to set upon a very important figure; a very dangerous figure who would soon cause the death of an entire Ancient Growth (Energy sources, trees, for the planet of Safa.) This would actually freeze the flow of time upon the hemisphere the tree had grown in. Safa would be in peril. Everyone of the village, aside from her friends and family of course, became skeptical of this and misread it multiple times before coming to believe that it was Safiri. Days passed, and eventually the false puzzle was completed. Her parents had been persuaded that she was some sort of demon. Safiri was forced to leave the Oath Tribe, though with her friends at her side. They believed that Safiri was not the Blizzard Fox's Spiritual Gateway. (The Spiritual Gateway is a Safan who the entity known at the Blizzard Fox could manifest within, potentially turning that victim into the Blizzard Fox.) She was something far greater than that. Time passed as the Squirrel Trio voyaged to the Ancient Growth Forest, growing more powerful along the way. Upon entering the forest, they found a drastic change in the weather. The forest was frozen. The perpetrator was known was Daniel Freece, one who had been expelled from the Oath Tribe a year ago after his mischievous crimes and studies of the forbidden Spirit magic (Dark Magic.) Daniel was the true Spiritual Gateway. A fox, manipulating ice. He had nearly become the Blizzard Fox. With a few other former Oathans, Daniel wanted vengeance. He wanted to freeze the entire forest, but the Squrirel Trio managed to stop him before any further damage could be done. Safiri and her friends returned home, triumphant and glorified for their work. Othans came to actually worship the Squirrel Trio for a while, showing the most gratitude for the one they had blamed. Safiri Taira. Daniel, on the other "paw", escaped for about a year, returning to finish what he had started during the war between the two forces. He had Darkness on his side this time. Nonetheless, with a little inspiration from Chris (Who Safiri came to love as a friend) and a lot of help from Light, Daniel was stopped again. Things returned to normal after the war, however Safiri found herself "incomplete" without Chris. After running into him one night in the center of the village, she vowed to always stay with him. Ironically, Chris was looking for her...)

(Edge was the brother of Pachi and the sister of Risu. He was the most unique of the Siblings, not actually being a Pachirisu like the other two. In fact, he wasn't even a Pokémon. His creations weren't Pokémon either. He adopted a name for he and his creations, however. They came to be known as Neos. Risu called them Neopets, due to their "cuteness." Cuteness ran in the family, so it wasn't much of a change, in all sincerity. Edge practiced divine magic. He loved the studies and the possibilities that this "healing touch" was capable of. Edge was also a sort of "bard"; a capable singer. He jingled his bell, sung a poetic line, and combined his healing magic skills with his musical skills to create a concoction of beauty and serenity. He didn't pay much attention to Cree because he was jealous of his brother's ability to create something that magnificent. He began working on what he called "The Two Witches", who weren't as powerful as Cree when they were created. They came to be known as Sophia and Arela, and were a huge help during the time known as Conception. (Conception was when Darkrai and Vulpix betrayed Pachi.) Edge's role in that was to be the top magician, which he was. If it were not for him, Pachi would not be alive. He made sure his brother, his sister, and all of their creations that were left survived and repelled this threat with any more mistakes. (This became far too easy with Cree on their side.) During the Campaign, Nihilus' minions captured Edge and a few of his creations. They tortured him by slaughtering his creations in front of him, making them fight each other, and destroying his dignity, sanity, and self-esteem until his Distortion unlocked itself, which was Nihilus' plan for the boy. Edge became a puppet of Nihilus, trained only to destroy those who oppose him. His appearance changed. His attitude was cruel. He was an Executioner. At the siege of Castle Cyrasilver (Ice Castle), Edge fought and destroyed Tiriell(Possessed Pachi), revealing his brother's appearance afterward.. They fought. An enormous-scale battle raged on between the two as Cree and Risu moved on to Castle Geaxanthous (Earth Castle) Many of their creations perished trying to stop this single battle... Though, has Cree and Risu brought the assault onto Castle Oblivion II, Edge finally snapped out of his Distortion, on the verge of death. The two actually fell in love for a short time after this battle; a bond of brotherly incest between them. They rushed to Castle Oblivion II to help defeat Nihilus... But it wasn't over. Nihilus' words left a strange, abstract cloud over the Empyrean Region. Cree took leadership, gathered Pachi, Risu, and the recovered Edge, and tackled this head-on. Edge and Pachi soon realized that their love would have to remain brotherly.)

Kutzu Aria
(Kutzu was a creative Sorenian. He was a respected soldier of the Masculine(More commonly known as Dragon) Army of Northern Soren, high in the mountains of the Melody Range. Marc Kapran, the Commander of the Dragon Army, promoted him to the field of officer for his awe-inspiring battle skills. Around this time, the Dragons were leading the territory race of Northern Soren, the other three far behind. The Cyborgs, also known as the Romuline, were the closest behind them. The Illusions (Creminine) were third. And lastly, the Fairies (Feminine), who would later play the part of a huge change in Kutzu's life, were fourth. During one battle against the Romuline, Kutzu's closest friend Rush was injured from a neutralization ray, though he was not neutralized. He was lucky and convicted enough to stay with the Dragons. His pride was unwavering, though Kutzu had difficulty with pride in the Masculine Army for some reason. Nonetheless, the Dragons looked up to him. One day, the Fairies declared a battle on the Dragons for "coming too close within their boundaries." This was the largest scale battle that Northern Soren's Starfall Plains had seen... Soldiers were being converted here and there like nothing. Rush himself was nearly converted, but managed to escape neutralization's grasps many times. Kutzu, however, was not as fortunate. A face-off between he and the ominous Lea Galedoxy commenced three hours into the battle. It lasted about three more hours, with Lea as the victor... sort of. An elite Fairy caught Lea using forbidden magic to neutralize Kutzu; a magic so cruel that it wouldn't change the victim right away, in fact, never. It would change the mind of the victim over time, appearance only slightly. Kutzu was left prone on the battlefield, unaware that his life had been changed forever. (Lea was banished from the Feminine Army.) Rush and Marc came upon Kutzu, shocked. They returned to the Dragon HQ, concerned for Kutzu. A few weeks later, Rush (refusing to go into battle as long as Kutzu remained injured) found that Kutzu's demeanor had become more feminine, his voice a tad higher, and even his shape more along the lines of an hourglass. Kutzu requested to use the Fairy supplies that Dragons ordinarily came across on patrols. He was changing, and know one wanted to believe it. Out of safety, Marc felt forced to ostracize Kutzu from Melody Range. Rush despaired, but Kutzu had to leave in sorrow. The Fairies did agree to take him, where he befriended Princess Susie (Ruler of the Fairies) and Helena (Princess' guardian) very closely, actually becoming a guardian of Princess Susie himself. He was very at home with the Fairies, at least until Darkness and Light decided to wage war across Fantasy, ultimately including Kutzu. Darkness aimed to steal Soren's power source... (These were the Soul Spheres. Each force on Soren had one: Dragons, Illusions, Cyborgs, Fairies.) Light and all Sorenians couldn't let that happen. An ironic battle with the vengeful Lea erupted between the Fairies and Darkness. It was a nearly lost battle, but Light saved the day. After Lea was defeated again, Chris even came to assist with the remnants, not letting Darkness know about this. He loved Kutzu like a confused little brother, and Kutzu loved him in return. The two, after the war between Darkness and Light, fell in love for a while, about for as long as Pachi and Edge did during the Campaign. They then realized that love between a human and a Sorenian would be complicated, so they remained friends, and allies through the voyage to the Empyreal Paradox.)

(Risu was the sister of Pachi and Edge. She was the only girl of the family, but that was obviously fixed in all of her creations, who were designed to be Pokémon. Being the twin sister of Pachi, she worked to make her creations like his as well, though getting somewhat sidetracked from time to time. Her favorite creation (She was constantly trying to think of Pokémon similar to this one) was Pikachu. Pikachu had a very identical anatomy to a Pachirisu. She even became something of Risu's "secretary", and a close friend of Pachi's and Edge's. Pikachu actually worked so hard to keep the creative process running that Pachi created a being exactly like her, except smaller. He was known as Pichu. Risu became a little upset with her brother's idea of stealing her thunder(pun), but got over it quickly... then got upset again when she heard rumors about a relationship between Pikachu and Pichu. It passed (though it was actually entirely true), and Risu settled the dispute with her brother by winning a bet that Pachi had to create something so unique and so different that she could not even conceive of it. Thus, Cree was created, unfortunately stolen from Pachi by Vulpix and Darkrai as a sinister plot to destroy Risu's brother. Upon hearing this, Risu alerted Edge first, sadly not making it in time to alert Pachi because of his Distortion. After her enraged brother killed Vulpix, Risu snapped Pachi out of his insanity with the greatest of effort. Later, Risu found that she was talking to Cree much more frequently, potentially becoming his closest friend. During the Campaign, Risu acted as a front lines crusader with Cree at her side. They were unstoppable, at least until an Empyrean Orb took over Pachi, and Edge became an Executioner. Seeing only one way out of this, Risu, with Cree, overtook Castles Geaxanthous and Anemaberyl. They would have overtaken Castle Ionamauve easily if it had not been for the strange being that sent them spiraling into a world of distortion and puzzle. The Dialga Puzzle. Spending much needed time to escape this chaotic, blue world, Risu and Cree did manage to escape, passing Ionamauve, and reaching the final destination: Oblivion II. Some time into this siege, Edge and Pachi returned to aid the two. They finally defeated Nihilus, where a new adventure was born. One which Cree will have to dominate.)


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(Amen was known as the Eclipse Guardian of the Antifigurate World. Strangely though, he found himself rarely fighting alongside Kenny, the Eclipse of this world. There were battles the two shared during the war, however... Unlike the other two Eclipse Guardians(whom he likes to think of as his children), his species does not match the world he protects. Amen was a very powerful sorcerer who looked up to Hideaki as his leader. He was a follower of Light, never to turn his back on it. During the war between Light and Darkness, Amen and the other Eclipse Guardians ventured to Earth, battling the forces of their enemy there as well as on separate worlds across Fantasy. Their prime goal was to locate and capture Cruce(Chris) before his influence spread throughout Fantasy. The Eclipse Guardians were well aware of the "Connection" he shared with the Eclipses. They knew he would not hurt them, but he could have lured them into Darkness very easily. It is this reason why Amen felt forced to check the Antifigurate World very often. While his "children" were at bay upon the world of Safa, Amen found that Darkness was plentiful around Esca. Idi was leading an enormous force of Nightmares (Naught's entities) into battle against them. Fortunately, Light was strong in numbers as well. Amen fought beside Kenny and his friend Roger until they came across Cruce and Idi. Cruce fled at the sight of them, while a battle began between Idi and the three... Amen fought through multiple encounters with Cruce, yet never succeeded in capturing him because the Sync(Cruce or Chris) was always backed up by Darkness, or even the Eclipses, which was a dangerous sign. It meant that they would rather break the omen of Light to battle with Darkness than oblige to Amen's orders. When this happened, Amen was forced to retreat. However, when Darkness was involved instead of the Eclipses, battles occurred, and shook the plain they were fought upon. One day, Amen and Rush managed to capture Cruce while he was alone. Cruce had been weakened in a previous scuffle with Light's forces... They brought Cruce to Me'ihm Gardens (Home of the Phazes[Another Story], and the Lord of Light, Hideaki.) where Hideaki reverted Cruce to his Corussian self for some time. Darkness did not take this sitting down, and launched an all-out attack on Me'ihm gardens, weakening Castle Tartarus'(Naught's lair) forces considerably. While Cruce was rescued, the Eclipse Guardians had overthrown Naught, rendering him powerless and potentially defeating Darkness. The Shades had been the ones to rescue Cruce, yet their leader was on the verge of defeat. Light counterattacked, sending even Phazes to Castle Tartarus. Even Naught knew that it was too much for his Shades to handle. With the final burst of his power, he changed Cruce back into a human and sent the Shades to Earth. Amen, Rush, and Lavender defeated Naught in a showdown... however, after the war, they attempted to search high and low for Cruce and the Shades, but failed. The truth is, they could have been anywhere... Amen did not know. But he did know that they had no one to run into. They were simply delaying the inevitable. Little does Amen now know that he and Cruce are destined to meet again... under different circumstances.)

(Shaymin was one of Pachi's very first creation, seventh only to Vulpix. Technically, Shaymin was an elder of all of Pachi's creation, yet he decided to remain young. (Beings of the Theory world were capable of pausing their age.) He was very close to his Creator, and helped him in creating most of his Grass-types or Flying-types. Shaymin even helped Pachi with Cree, and was the only one to do so, but not the only one who knew about it. He had talked to Vulpix one day about Cree, virtually giving him all the info he needed to pull off the unthinkable. And he did. Vulpix worked with Darkrai to steal the Cree Project the following day, causing tumult within the Skyscrape Woodlands (The Siblings' homeland.) Shaymin took it upon himself to find and bring Vulpix and Darkrai to the light, seeing as he believed it was his fault for this entire thing. With the reasons unclear to him, he was joined by Pikachu and Disgrey, two other Sibling creations under Risu and Edge. They felt that they played a part in the cause of Conception. With their powerful trio (which they called the Cloud Runners), Shaymin, Disgrey, and Pikachu even disobeyed their Creators to bring confusion to their enemies. Things only got worse when Pachi's Distortion was unleashed. In the midst of a preparation to locate Darkrai, the three saw conflict with Pachi, and battled him with no hope of returning him to his original self. They fled, spotting Vulpix on the way and battling him for a short time... Shaymin called out that it was of no avail when Pachi caught up. This led to a battle between Creator and first creation... As Vulpix was dying, he mentioned the whereabouts of Darkrai: Castle Oblivion. With this, and with Risu tending to Pachi's Distortion, the Cloud Runners left for Castle Oblivion... the Siblings not far behind. With a surprise ally, that is Cree, they overthrew Darkrai's rule... Later, the three were happy to gather together again for another adventure. Nihilus, the Executioner... They fought through the Campaign, sadly losing themselves to the ferocious events throughout. Pikachu was killed at the second castle (Castle Pyravermillion) after being overwhelmed by an ambush that secluded her from the crusaders. (Good guys). Shaymin was killed during the battle between Edge and Pachi. Disgrey made it much further, but fell to fatigue and was slain by Castle Geaxanthous' leader... After the Campaign, efforts were shifted to recreate the Cloud Runners... Cree stepped in and restored them whole. They have another journey ahead of themselves.)

(Rush was, like his "father" Amen, an Eclipse Guardian. He knew little of this during his early days in the Dragon Army, but he realized in his later life that he was an Eclipse Guardian; though it was pretty obvious with his unique looks, and his friendship with the Eclipse Kutzu. Rush was naturally furious with Lea for taking Kutzu away, and searched all throughout Northern Soren for her, hoping to set things right... However, she was gone. A war exploded, and not between the Fairies or the Dragons; a war between Darkness and Light. Rush soared to greater altitudes, traveling the realms with his new allies. Amen and Lavender. He came to adore Lavender the second they met. Their relationship became romantic, though there was little time for that in the war. They sought after Cruce and the Shades, hoping that either would eventually slip up. Upon Safa, while Amen was upon the Antifigurate World, Lavender and Rush were surprised by an attack on the Ancient Growth Forest. They gave it their all to protect the forest from Danny's ice. With Safiri's help they felt they were more than capable of doing so, though Safiri fled from action at the sight of Cruce, whom Rush already hated. Darkness was extremely numerous at this time, yet Rush and Lavender fought as hard as they could. Cruce focused on Lavender more than Rush, nearly killing her in this battle. Rush became so enraged with Cruce that his only two goals in this war were to rid existence of Darkness and kill Cruce. Unfortunately for him, he was forced to flee with Lavender's dying body in his arms. If he had not done so, she would have met her end within an icy wilderness. Cruce was not at all proud of this, but Danny thought it was kind of cool(pun). Hearing news of Amen's return to Earth, Rush was requested to pay a visit to Soren by Hideaki. He figured that it was for the best to leave Lavender with Amen. At Soren, he saw that Kutzu had changed even more, which only caused him to feel more hatred for Lea. A conflict with Darkness near Castle Blossom (The Fairy HQ) nearly proved to be the end of the Feminine Army, but Rush pulled through with Kutzu... who soon left battle as Cruce appeared. Rush vowed he would destroy Cruce after he destroyed Lea, which he almost managed to do if it had not have been for an early retreat by Naught's command. Darkness came very close to stealing the Fairy Soul Sphere... Rush shook his head at the retreat, waved goodbye to Soren, and left for Earth... Though, Cruce had not retreated. He stayed and helped Kutzu with another issue... Upon Soren, Cruce realized that he had become weaker. He bid farewell to Kutzu, whom he was madly in love with at that point, and started for Castle Tartarus... until Light ambushed and capture him. (Cause of the Battle of Me'ihm Gardens, explained in Amen's bio.) Rush ignored Cruce, seeing as he was a harmless Corussian. He decided to advance upon Castle Tartarus with his recovering Safan girlfriend. The unbreakable bond skyrocketed through the lair, Amen joining them along the way. Then Phazes. Then all of Light. Darkness was over... They overran Naught. To this day, the realms are silent with the eerie gloom of Darkness' effects... Cruce and the Shades were still free, and it was the Eclipse Guardians' duties to locate them and bring them to Me'ihm... But Rush thought and still thinks otherwise. He wants Cruce dead...)

Disgrey((Got deleted. Very short summary: Disgrey was Edge's creation. Shy, member of Cloud Runners. Thought he was the cause of Conception. Became insane. Died. Recreated by Cree.))

Lavender Taira
((Got deleted. Very short summary: Lavender was Safiri's sister, Eclipse Guardian. Hated Danny. Got injured by Cruce. Understood his story. Came to like him... And loved Chris.))

((Got deleted. Very short one here again: Pikachu was Risu's creation. Member of Cloud Runners. Loved Pichu. Felt she was cause of dispute and Conception. Fatigued during Campaign. Died. Recreated as a Pokémorph))

I'll reveal some of the characters' past stories in the actually story itself.