In honor of the rainy season today we will look at umbrellas.

We have all heard that opening an umbrella indoors is bad luck. Some say this is because when umbrellas were first used they were mostly used to protect people from the sun. Some thought the act angered local sun gods and brought the god's wraith onto their households. Another story is that the umbrella was a protector of the storms of life and using it indoors angered the guardian spirits of the household. It was seen as a sign that the guardian's protection was insufficient. This caused the spirits to leave the house and leave a curse behind.

It is also considered bad luck to pick one up that you have dropped. Ask someone else to pick it up for you. It is also bad to give one as a gift. Leaveing one on a table will also bring bad luck. If you are a single lady and drop an umbrella it means you will never marry.