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Ginger Bird
How in the world did you come up with your screen name?

As person number eight to ask a question like this, you get the straight and honest truth!

When I was a little kid, my best friend came up with it as the password to our secret club. It was tiny and like most secret clubs, really only included myself and my friend, but those were the best days of my life. When he died, I was beside myself with grief, and it made me even angrier when his death was pretty much ignored by other kids in the school. He'd been homeschooled for the last two years of his life, but he was still someone that they had all known. I use the password everywhere as my name now. We never needed the club or the secrecy, since we really only needed each other.

No wait that's a lie, I came up with this name outta nowhere when I was twelve and it's nonsense.
The story's more fun, though.

@above Well in that case, allow the f*ckery to commence.
Best story from your childhood?