Origin of Kenny the Killer

-Welcome to the Antifigurate World... This is the story of a soldier who discovers the strength of quality... in both the hearts of good and evil. Kenny "the Killer" is his name... This Antifigurate World is his home... The world of Antifigurates is not all too complicated, and for that matter, not too different, aside from the fact that Antifigurates can regenerate lost limbs and recover from wounds much faster than human beings, their more complex counterparts..-

~Our story begins with a soldier of the Escan military who finds himself lost in a large militia of other soldiers... They are patrolling a captured Scailian village (Scail is their current enemy. Esca and Scail are both equal in country size, but power is another story. Unlike the democracy of Esca, Scail possesses a totalitarian government with a power-mad leader: Neign Ruden. President Stephen Feral, troubled with the turnouts of a few previous battles, has requested aid from the neighboring allies. However, they are up in arms with defending their territory from the relentless attacks of the Scailian military, which has spread eerily throughout the continent of Zeta. The reason for their power is because of the overwhelming strength of their colossal military, and the drugs they use to strengthen their troops (Speed, Meth, etc.) One incredibly dangerous drug in particular grants an individual a permanent adrenaline rush, turning them into super beings. They are restricted from ranged weaponry however, because of an overuse of ammunition from uncontrollable body actions, causing the individual to unintentionally spray bullets in any direction. They are masters of melee... Now, back to our soldier... He walks in a single file line, scanning the bombed area as he does so. Not very many buildings remain standing... The village is destroyed, and will take quite a while to rebuild.~

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Kenny :: [He sighs quietly to himself, staying close behind other soldiers who speak in a crude manner about the drugs of their enemies. It was apparent that they haven't witnessed the terror that these injections cause, especially the effects of storm, the adrenaline drug. Recently, rumors have spread that this drug is actually mutating the recipient, turning his skin gray and creating patches of dark red which radiated supernatural heat... Kenny, holding his MP5 with one hand aware that it is secured with the strap over his shoulder, squeezes his cigarette between two fingers and pulls it from his lips, blowing forth a puff of transparent smoke into the sky... He stops... The soldiers behind him give him a quick holler, but he doesn't move... The soldiers in front stop and turn around.] ...

Escan Soldier :: [Shakes his head...] C'mon, Killer! What's the deal this time!? Move along!

Kenny :: ...Shut up... [He says nothing more, flicking his cigarette to the ground... He waits for a few seconds, perplexing the rest of the soldiers as he stares at his extinguished cigarette... it begins vibrating on the ground... then motion begins to move to Kenny's feet... then the militia's.] ...

Escan Soldier :: ...s**t.

[The soldiers look to the sky as a thunderous roar is heard approaching.]

Escan Soldier :: [He yells out over the oncoming noise.] Scailian Silencers!! Head for cover!! They're going to bomb us!!

Escan Soldier :: [Instinctively covers his head with one arm, beginning to run for the bunker nearby.] What the hell is left to bomb!?

Kenny :: [Under his breath.] Us...? [He runs with this soldier.] Somebody over there knew about this patrol! Just get to cover!! [He pushes the slower soldier into the blown out bunker in front of him, diving in soon before the explosion that follows. The jets roar, an object makes contact with the ground. A flare of red and yellow rises into the sky as Kenny dives, some poor soldiers lost in the explosion... A few minutes pass... the soldiers hear nothing anymore. Kenny lay prone on the muddy ground, hands over his ears... He presses himself up a bit, looking up as much as he can.] ...Idiots! Using up their bombs on little patrols! Tch! I'd like to see who was in charge... [He stands, kicking himself to his feet, his MP5 almost flailing off.] of that operation.

Escan Soldier :: [His sits, looking as if he was blown back a bit.] Dammit... dammit, did we lose anybody?

Kenny :: [Climbs out of the bunker, seeing only desecrated land...] ...Looks like we lost about half of our men.

Escan Soldier :: [Stands, shaking his head with his hands still holding it.] Why!? Why did they bomb us!?

Kenny :: Tch! [Kicks at the scorched dirt.] 'Guess we got a little too close for their comfort... Those bastards are all about revenge.

Escan Soldier :: ...We took this area... It's because they want to purify the land by destroying it? I hear the word purity a hell of a lot more than revenge when you talk about the Scailian military.

Kenny :: Purity...? I know they have something to do with that... I can't figure them out.

Escan Soldier :: The only way to really get them is to fight on the front lines...

Kenny :: ...[Turns to this soldier and shakes his head.] Can't say I've done that.

Escan Soldier :: Are you joking? You're an excellent soldier, Ken. If it weren't for you, we probably would've been six feet under right now. I don't mean this [Points to the bunker.] either.

Kenny :: ...Front line... ...Hey... what's your name?

Roger :: Roger "Shotgun", they call me. [Equipped with two Rangers across his back.]

Kenny :: Roger... I feel kinda bad. [Chuckles a tad.] Here you are, War Hero, knowing my name... and I didn't know yours.

Roger :: Ha! Don't sweat it. You kinda saved me back there anyway... Thanks, Ken.

Kenny :: [Smirks.] In a day's work.

Roger :: No kiddin'. Okay, let's get back to HQ before more of those Silencers sneak any more bombs on us.

Kenny :: Right.

[The two, a little bloodied from the dive, regroup with a few of the remaining soldiers and head back from where they came...]


[Their next destination is the military outpost Heren. It is concealed naturally by a canopy of thick trees, deep inside the Pangent Jungle... It is here where they report the surprise bomb attack... In other words... the genesis of a historic battle.]