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Day 2:

My dream started out like this:

I was at my house and some detectives came to my home. They said they were working on a project and they needed my mother's help. It was actually more like a construction project because they were showing her a floor plan of a park they were working on. It was before and after blue prints of the park. I looked at them myself and it was definitely bigger and greener. They were going to take us there and I was super excited to see the new remodeled park. When we got there my mom and I were amazed at the Garden feature they had constructed. It stretched out half a mile with very exotic plants and flowers. It was beautiful and it reminded me so very much like Alice in Wonderland because the plants were just so beautiful and really enormous.

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Then my dream started to shift, here comes the best part. We were getting chased by bad guys. They had also launched a dragon so we kept on running and running . Other pedestrians were trying to flee as well. We tried to lose the bad guys and actually led them to a swarm of beedrills from Pokemon. Here was our chance to get away and so we did. We ended up making a sharp turn into a really old destroyed house. Well what was left of the house anyways. There were only broken walls and looked like ruins. It turned out to be Snow White's former home, she was also with me during the chase. You see the bad guys were chasing us because they wanted to take over the kingdom since Snow White is a princess and all. There were also old pictures of Snow White in the house and the old guy told us the prophecy of when Snow White would be Queen. All she had to do was drink from a cup and that was her inauguration. As I looked over my left shoulder I noticed that someone was spying on us. It was a lady better known as Bellatrix with
red hair from Harry Potter.

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We then agreed to split up so they wouldn't catch us. I took out my wand and walked cautiously. I so happened to run into Mad Eye Moody but he wasn't in my team, and we were about to dual. I quickly yelled out "Petrificus Totalus" but nothing happened. He stood there puzzled and so was I. Why didn't it work?? I tried to do the spell again but it was like Mad Eye read my mind because he used the same spell as me at the same time. He then laughed and said "Is that all you got?" Then I decided to use "Stupefy" and as you can guess, nothing happened. He came over and said "no, no, no, you're holding your wand wrong." I mean like I even tried the "swish and flick" movement.

Suddenly the dream started to shuffle again. After trying out the spells over and over again, I thought to myself, "maybe I can do the spell Harry Potter used for dementors". I was feeling extremely happy and I knew I could do it. Mad Eye and the Minister of Magic were now standing in front of me and I asked them what the spell was called. The Minister gave me a look of disapproval as if that spell was illegal.Then it quickly came to my head, it was called the, "Patronus Charm". I yelled it out and wonder to myself how did it go? I remembered it instantly and yelled out "Hey everybody watch this!" Like ten faces looked at me as it turned out to be that I was at my school's cafeteria. I said "Oh just kidding mind your business guys" I obviously didn't want to look foolish if my spell didn't work.

I took a step back and yelled out "Expecto Patronum!"

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All of a sudden a white beam of light spewed out of my wand. I was so excited and extremely happy, especially since it worked. Everyone was clapping and cheering my name as I gave them a show. I had a lot of fun and it was kind of hard to control it. I decided to turn my charm into Tinkerbell something really small and easy to control. I made it fly super fast and it was so much fun. When I finished I walked over to my mother and she smiled and said "Wow we have a wizard in the family".

As you can see, this time my dream ended nicely.

Thanks for reading.

- Jose
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