Recently, in the Renaissance Galaxy, Andy Bogard has been trying to fly Dragon Ball Z style, and has been failing miserably at it.

Since being married to Raditz, Andy has been trying to impress the saiyan by trying things he is not yet able to do. His heart is in the right place, but I say he should be more careful.

Also, recently in the Renaissance Galaxy, there has been an attack by a monster known as Relinquished. Relinquished, for those who are not Yu-Gi-Oh fans, is a ritual monster. This means you have to offer something in order for this creature to come to life. Well, as this adventure goes, this particular Relinquished, the one that attacked without cause, had been summoned by the one and only Trunks Truesdale. I am pretty sure my son wasn't quite prepared to handle such power thus this disaster occurred. As a result nearly everyone in my world has been sent to hospital only one of those victims had minor injuries.

In other news, Terry Bogard, my husband has been questioning and still pondering over how much I mean to him. It is very strange to hear such things, but yet, at the same time, it isn't. His and my marriage is just that strong where, it almost seems unreal. I also suppose that since the "honeymoon" stage is starting to slow a bit that Terry is feeling this way. He just isn't used to being with someone whom he can depend on for all of eternity. Most of the ladies in his life, previous to me being with him had died. Lily, his first love was murdered when Terry was 20. Then Sulia, she committed suicide. Then there was Marie, who just so happens to be Rock Howard's mother who had also abandoned the kid when she got diagnosed with cancer. Marie is now dead also. As for his father, Jonathan... well... he was a criminal for most of Terry's life, so I don't think Terry will ever consider him to be someone that he can depend on at all.

Then there's Cynthia, Terry's mom... she is a very kind woman, Cynthia is, but... she can easily be misled and abused. So, Terry knows he can't really rely on her for much.

Terr did have a martial arts teacher, Master Tung, but Master Tung was also murdered.

Other than his best friend Joe and his brother Andy, there isn't anyone else besides me that he can count on. He does like to go to Northern Wolf Tribe meetings, which is like a club he's joined.

The only thing bad about these meetings is, I think they are trying to convince Terry that there is someone better out there for him. Hence what happened last night. Terry was actually considering going his own way for a while, leaving me to be, once again, like a whore.

I don't want to go from man to man again. I want to be with Terry. Sure, when I was younger and before I had really finalized it with Terry, then that was okay. And sure, there are a few guys that I would consider going back to, but... nobody could ever replace Terry.

I mean... there was the time when he and I were trapped in the "Hotel California" where you can check in any time you like, but you can never leave. Well, Terry managed to escape first, and I almost lost him then for good. When I was reunited with him, after I escaped, I knew then that there would be no one else that could be so close to my heart than him.

And if the Terry Bogard is reading this right now, I sure hope that some day, you and I will be together not only in the Renaissance Galaxy and in Enthera, but on Earth as well.