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The Pond
My life
Donaters/Won/People I've donated to

HoSe_Ay ~ Green Corallus Egg 2nd gen, Deluxe Cat Ears, Cig, The Experiment 6th gen, Angelic Mood Bubble, Groucho Glasses, Labu Necklace, Skeleton, Panda Plushie, Teal Lowtoppies, Cool Starter Glam Guy Trousers, Harry Potter's Wand, Tiny Terror Doll, Mimzy, Red Sour Patch Kids Buddy
Khaos DeRanged ~ Vampire's Bat Swarm, Outlaw Biker Pants - Coal, Dark Elf's Light Armor
Spidargate ~ 1.2k
ZEX__EX ~ 50k
Aly-Chan182 ~ 500g
Enigmatic Facade ~ 10k
opheliatwinkle ~ Benkei's Vest Red, Men's Wearhouse Flirty Suit, Blue Flame Shirt, Cool Hip Starter Sneakers, Black Retro Phone
colorful jude ~ 11,471g
Dark090 ~ 5k
Tabitha Noir ~ Castaway Wash Jacket, Dont ask Dont tell Gray Shirt, Skittles Crazy Cores Contacts
Zombii-kun ~ Gray Polar Expedition Thermal Hat, Green-Blue Winter Scarf, Black Tennis Wristband
x__n 0 0 b ~ Space Monster Mask, Jack's 2k7 Headphones, 10k
rainbowxkyoko ~ Coocoon 5th gen
dance_ur face_ off ~ Jingle Me Hat
gothicpuppy123 ~ Ninja Pants, Black Skinny Jeans, Red Snowflake Boxers, Castaway Blue Shorts (Female), Blue Workjeans, Homemade Cat Mask, Ninja Hood, Fox Ears, Cheepz, Outlaw Biker Shirt - Burn [Birthday]
WeirdMonster ~ Fluff Battle T-Shirt
Gah Age ~ 10k
Join a tan Whore ~ Zhou Yu's Staff
ze_vondor ~ Pride of Hera
Insane Grace ~ 100k
(Anonymous) ~ Flower Ankle Bands
splitperson_yotsubato89 ~ The Gift [Birthday Present]


Irrelevant stuff;


Graffiti Heart ~ Poseidon's Legacy + 100g + 200g + 300g + Chain of Command + 400g + 500g + 600g
Spidargate ~ 2k + 450g + 2k
elyzia ~ 100k, Easter Bunny Shirt, Jack'd Cape 2k6, Red Fae Mask, Heart of Gold, Piggy Plush, 1.5k
l-lope ~ 2k + 2k + 10k
sweetie296 ~ Clutch Hat, Santa Cow Plushie, Ragged Ugly Scarf, Dunce Cap, Chicken Mask & Orchid Partition Top
Random Daily Chance ~ 370g, (1) White Carnation + 500g + 300g, (1) White Daisie + 200g + 300g, Castaway White Shirt + (3) Enchanted Wooden Trunk + (2) White Carnation, 400g + 350g + 300g + 300g + (1) White Carnation, 250g + 700g + (1) Blue Daisies, 300g + 350g + 200g + 450g + 250g + 350g + (1) Token, 300g + 300g + 250g
Harue-chan ~ Angelic Microphone + Gee Boi Turbo
XPandas_pee_on_RainbowsX ~ Black Wolf
icetears ~ Chicky Hoodie
Raining Magic Sprinkles ~ 20k
On A Morphine Drip ~ 10k + 10k + 10k


People I've donated to;

Aly-Chan182 ~ x1 Blue Ink, x2 Red Butterflies, x2 Blue Butterflies, x1 Red Dragonfly, x1 Blue Dragonfly, x5 Cicada, x5 Brown Beetle, x5 Cricket, x4 Firefly, x1 Red Fly, x1 Blue Beetle, x3 Brown Ink
Tak_Kobayashi ~ 106g
Tabitha Noir ~ White Chicken Egg, White Easter Egg
HoSe_Ay ~ Green-Blue Winter Scarf, Red Tennis Wristband, Red Tennis Headband, Ocean Wave Swimtrunks, Blue Phat Sneakers
a case of nostalgia ~ 1,165g
gothicpuppy123 ~ Wooden Sandals, Satin Red Pajama Shirt, Satin Red Pajama Pants, Blue Striped Legwarmers, Natural Coral Pendant, G-LOL Pink Slippers, Black Web Stockings, Black Cobweb Headpiece, Crisp White Summer Dress, Black Cobweb Long Gloves, Coal Tavern Wench's Cincher
laurenweird ~ Plastic Feather Duster
Revie Creation ~ Black with Red Ice Skates
8Dicheese8D ~ Purple Snowflake Scarf
Loveable Mess ~ White Clown Makeup
WeirdMonster ~ Inverse Red Cap, Inverse Blue Cap
Rioih ~ Green Work Gloves

Quest status; 166k->223k

Day: ⇨ 8

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Apr 27, 2010 @ 01:52am
A lot of people donated to you eek

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