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Let's get it started:
Lately I been having wonderful REM dreams. I was thinking it would be a really good idea to blog about them and create an amazing dream journal for myself. I hope to look back to the past one day and have a good laugh at these:

"If I fall, if I die, I know I lived it to the fullest" - Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness.

Last night I dreamt that I was in a competition. It was very much so like Real World Road Rules Challenge.
My partner was actually Landon, a really strong competitor in the show, here's his picture:
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It turned out to be that later it was a group competition. It was made up for four people, two guys and two girls. I was suppose to run and pick up this yellow looking molding clay which quickly turned into chocolate. I run to get them while Brandon ran to give it the girls who were suppose to mold the chocolate into an Arch. But it was intended to be very Architectural. I had the most amazing feeling in the world because we were in the lead. You know that adrenaline rush you get where you just want to work extremely harder? That's the one.

All of a sudden I saw Landon trip and fall down as he was carrying the equipment. Apparently the slut at Real World Road Rules Challenge had eyes for Landon so she quickly ran up to him with the host asking him if he was okay. As you can imagine I couldn't stop rolleyes my eyes. She was suppose to help out her team but what ever this meant we could still possibly win. I asked him if he wanted me to call an ambulance but he said he was okay. So we continued to work and decided to help the girls with the Arch.

We seem to struggle a lot with this so we were like "******** it! let's just eat it". We had no clue what we were doing and it turned out to be a chocolate sculpture of a lady instead. I made a joke and said "I'll eat the hair!" everyone started laughing even the audience watching us.

The texture was like an exact replica of human hair. I was amazed and disgusted at the same time but it tasted good. And you guys are not going to believe who the females in my group were. Jessenia Velazquez and Suzette Sagisi from Static Noyze! Like my favorite group from ABDC.
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Anyways Jessenia wanted to eat the head so I'm like "Ima eat the nose like ima punch yo face" jokingly of course. And we were just messing around like we were the best of friends.

Then someone from another crew came up to us and said " so like how are you guys going to incorporate your sculpture for your next performance?". Then it quickly hit me that I was competing in ABDC with my favorite crew Static Noyze. I quickly started brainstorming ideas like "how the fux we finna do this?" A dance routine with a half eating scupture? Then he said "you can eat it once, don't eat it twice". I have always loved a friendly competition and I knew we were going to pull this off and create an even better sculpture.

How ever it jumped from a being a competition to a class project and it was the end of the period. We then started singing Happy Birthday to Jessenia which was super awkward in my opinion, I didn't sing. This was my Academy of Information Technology class with the super lay low teacher. After we sang to her she went to get her field trip form signed to Mrs. Walenta. She said "oh alright, now get out of here" in a joking manner. Then I woke up. Would have loved a better ending.

This turned out to be surprisingly long.

Thanks for reading.

- Jose
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