Hey guys! Did you know I have some of the most awesome friends ever? It's true! You may not know their names in real life, but i know them well enough that i give 'em nick names or just call them by their real names because their name is too simple to figure out a nickname for. ^_^ Here's the list!!!

1: Lizzy (friend since 4th grade)
2: Leo (known him since I was 10) [I have 2 friends with this name]
3: Carrie (We're like sisters. friend since 6th grade)
4: Andre (using his french name. xD he's been my friend for a year now.)
5: Tia! (She don't come on here, but she's awesome.)
6: Patrick (one of my friends from school. He ish a Freshman.)
7: Patrick K. (He don't go on here. But he's pretty kool and plays Halo w/ me.)
8: Jay (He's awesome. He don't come on here much, but that's kool.)
9: Benneh! (He don't come on here as much anymore. He lives in hawaii. XD)
10: Jake (He don't come on here, but he's kool.)
11: Skylar (This kid is funny and kool.)
12: Jeff! (One of my friends from my 2 year life in Florida. lol He's hilarious!)
13: Dubay (I call him by his last name, so this isn't his 1st name)
14: iPreasul (used his username on here cause I got lazy for a min. lol)
15: Adie! (Short for his username Admiral Conrad. lol He ish awesome.)

There they are. Btw, Patrick K. is my dad's girlfriend's son. But he's still kool. Every body that's listed is awesome and unique in their own way and stuff.