Meh computer ish finally fixed!!!!!!! No more virus/Trojen thingy~
Chu don't want it cause it's annoying thoughhhh.
Meh cousin got Malware and I got almost the same thing~ We both got these from Deviantart. ;w;
It's not so wonderful,and I guess it's going around or something. Deviant is safe after you get and get rid of the virus. ._.
I'm letting Norton decide that now.................. .-.
But it's easy to get rid of,just takes FOREVERRRR. (It took like an hour for mine.)
If I were you,I wouldn't use deviantart until the virus passes if that's the case. Cause viruses are VERY annoying.
[Also if you get one Don't click on the ads like AntivirusXP,It's false]
Alsooooo,If you have Firefox get ADblock Plus. Gets rid of the ads. :3