S'all well and good. I've got three bookmarked; RandomCuriosity, Metanorn, and Celestial Kitsune. RC was good times until OMNI left. Now it's basically crap writing. Metanorn I never read but they get downloads which are nice if relevant to my interests. CK is lovely stuff though only two watches this season--what the hell is that?

I'm currently watching eleven animes which are kept up on my profile. Only one of them isn't airing right now. After I watch an episode of an anime, I've a lot to say. Theories, simple random opinions, complaints, songs of praise, and questions. Wish I had people to discuss all of that with. Have tried to round 'em up; really put myself out there. Inquired before stating, dived without wading. That's good stuff and I shall italicize it.

Some concerns I have with my setting up an anime blog--on animeblogger to make life easy for myself--are... Well, layout. s**t, I haven't known a thing about any pretty codes since the fourth grade when I studied HTML for Neopets. Also; screen caps. Love screen caps; I thieve them all the time. I don't know if people have some fancy tech that caps automatically as they're watching, or if they sit and pause every second and do it manually...but those are not options for me. Then there's; can I go back in time without being scorned? I'm very proud to say that the public's opinion of myself, matters little to me. But wanting to blog, is me wanting them to see what I think and in turn, trade it back. If I wrote about an oldish anime I just really like...how will the community respond to that? I definitely want to write about animes that are already over. Not episode by episode, but in general. It seems okay, right?

That's mostly it. Well, no, there's also my insecurities with my writing. I see a lot of editing going on if I were to publish and that's cheating the readers would I get any. I don't really want readers, actually. Forget the trade-back thing; that just flew out from the keys under my fingers. I want my own opinions logged because I like them. I've got a Text Edit where I have super brief summaries of what goes on in the episodes of a couple anime--the format on the summaries varies, so like, for Lucky Star; not so brief. It's all listed and there's a piece of a line or two for every thing those girls do if ever I'm looking for something in particular. For Arakawa Under the Bridge and Angel Beats! it's two to four sentences. There's no room for reactions.

In a blog, there's a summary, and there's the reactions. I'll probably blend the two together like the new main RC writer does (I miss OMNI...Divine has always been there, but in the background, y'know? Sigh.) but hopefully with some amount of style and truth.

So those are my concerns and in there is my desire to have an anime blog. So, I'm going to do a bit of anime writin' here. Here in this angsty journal on Gaia I've been using to lay down my issues. It's been good times and I'll definitely keep that up. But this journal deserves some cute anime girls. And now, I'm going to see if I can embed images. One moment, please.

No, it didn't work. Alright. Well...no one's reading this so whatever, it's all good. As always, this is for me. =) Even so, I'll probably be shy about blogging for the first time. I'll do my best!