Hm.. I need a new way to start out entries, just randomly shooting out things would be weird.. Suggestions perhaps? ;D
Yesterday I was planning to edit my first entry because I made it at like 12am, & was going to talk about my day and stuff, but last night I completely forgot and was just whore-ing OTF, oh how I miss it.
On a side note, I found out what class SHE has during 9:30-11. Lol I'm not a stalker! We just happened to have the same teacher & class, but different times and I was early and stood outside the door. SHE didn't see me, what a bummer. I wish Huey was here, she's definitely the only person who understands why I said what I just said. Yum, I'm so confusing :]

So happy because I have my first journal subscriber, DJ Twissta! Tysm. Sorry if I'm boring or anything =)

I see that Gaia has now become more friendly & a tad bit more confusing now in just a year. I love it though, it's a good change, I hope to meet more new friends than I already have and form a good friendship with them! Can't wait to get the trading pass... Finally access to marketplace for cheap baits & tokens! Gotta miss fishing & blackjack. Oh God, fishing with a basic rod is going to be soooo crappy now. I use to have a performance rod plus, really great rod, probably won't get any new rods anytime soon. Hm... idk what to quest for, for my first item. I'll just end for now since I'm just jabbering nonsense. smile

Quick rant; so earlier I was in the kitchen washing dishes, drying them, washing mushrooms, cutting them, peeling potatoes, etc for like an hour and my sister was just outside in the living room on her laptop. Definiately some gender swap issue going on here.. Jk!! Not sexist, just that she's soooo selfish.

Day: ⇨ 2
Mood: ⇨ Hungry for some chips! Excited to go Gaia fishing =D
Currently: ⇨ Talking on MSN and browsing in the Lifestyle Discussion section
Need to: ⇨ Go to the restroom xD
Hope to accomplish today: ⇨ Um... I'll edit this later perhaps... Hah

P.S. Sorry if there are some grammar problems or spelling errors... I don't use spell check or re-read my stuff xDDD