Lorelei (German, Meaning Siren) Whitney (English, Meaning white or Fresh)

It was another hot summer night in the casinos of Gambino in Gaia. Lorelei took another puff of her Cigarette, glad the once ban on them had been lifted. If she wanted to kill her self smoking so be it. She pushed the strand of hair out of her face before flicking the rest of the butt and making her way back inside to start a second shift. It was quite a busy day, surprising around the cards tables. Most often people are playing the more addictive slot games Johnny had put in for them. She sighed and went back to her post on the far end near the bathrooms.

Unfortunately for her she had taken a job unknowing to her the cocky guy who stole all of money when she was just old enough to gamble was next her her. She couldn't remember his name, which often annoyed him. He wasn't often beat, so he had a bit of an ego. She had, however, heard rumors of people who frequently kicked his a** at his own cheating games. She cracked a short smile before shuffling her cards. It was going to be a long a** night.

I hope you liked my brief story about my character. I do it this way so that people can read it but not use it against me in the the arena! If your reading this and are not from the arena, please stop by and comment and vote if you'd like!

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