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♃ ❤ The Facts:

Full name: Patrick Benignus Mun Gallagher

Any nicknames: Patty

Birthdate: April 19th 1970

Gender: Male

Race: Irish

Profession: Catholic Priest

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 200 pounds of pure muscle.

Hair: Short red hair, messy, always has a ‘Just rolled out of bed’ look to it.

Eye color: Hazel

Skin color: Peaches and cream

Physical Condition: Patrick is big guy, but it’s all muscle. Very fit.

Mental Condition: Patrick is very smart, though Siobhan would contest this.


What is your character’s temperament like: Very kind, he cares for people and wants to see them taken care of, but he does have a temper.

Favorite food: Salmon and potatoes

Least favorite food: Chocolate cake

Favorite color: Yellow

Least favorite color: Purple

Favorite animal: Doves

Least favorite animal: Snakes

Favorite weather: Mild weather, with a slight breeze.

Least favorite weather: Snow

Favorite holiday: Christmas

How do you celebrate it: Mass all day. Then helping the homeless in soup kitchens.

Most valued possession: His bible

Why: It gives him the faith he needs to go on. He realizes it was written by man, and doesn’t follow it to a T.

Hobbies: 1. Killing demons.
2. Praying
3. Bugging Siobhan

Interests: 1. God
2. Women (Now that it’s the end of the world, he no longer worries about the fact that priests should not indulge in the pleasures of the flesh.)
3. Siobhan

Fears: 1. The devil winning the final battle.
2. Losing Siobhan
3. Losing his bible

Irritants: 1. Siobhan
2. Demons
3. Weak willed people

Angry: Someone losing their faith in God.

Happy: Siobhan growing up, and seeing her pray.

Sad: When he is separated from Siobhan, though he won’t admit it.

Lonely: When he can’t pray.

Frustrated: When people lose the will to believe in God.

Content: Reading his bible.

Nervous: When Siobhan is away from him, fighting on her own.

Scared: Falling into a pit of damnation.

Embarrassed: When Siobhan is in revealing clothing around him. He believes she should be more modest.

What would you say are your character’s best qualities: His complete faith in God, and his kindness.

What would you say are his/her worst qualities: His blind devotion, and his closet drinking.

Does he/she have any weaknesses? If so what are they: Siobhan, drinking.

Does your character have any characteristic behaviors? If so, what are they? He is constantly patting his pocket, to make sure his bible is still there.

Does he/she have any bad habits? If so, what are they: His lying about his drinking.

Does he/she have any vices? If so, what are they and how did they acquire them: Drinking. He always saw his father drink, and it kind of rubbed off on him, though he never drank on Sundays, or holy days.

How does your character carry him/herself: Gently, he is a real gentle giant, unless he is fighting.

What languages does he/she speak and how well: English, and very well.

Does he/she have an accent or other distinct way of speaking? If so, what does it sound like: Slight brogue, though only once in a while.

Does your character have any goals for his/her future? If so, what are they: Help God win the final battle.

Someone you don’t recognize comes up to you, hugs you, and greets you warmly:
Hug them back, and ask how they are doing.

You catch someone in the act of stealing a few coins from you:
Stop them, reprimand them, and then give them the coins.

An attractive member of the opposite gender asks you to dance at a party:
Politely decline, but talk behind their back with Siobhan about how crazy that person is.

Someone accuses you of something you didn’t do:
Defend himself, but remain calm and polite the entire time

A friend ignores you when you greet him/her:
Accept it, and try to greet them again.

Someone says something bad about someone you have a great deal of respect for:
Get very upset, and perhaps punch someone.

You are stuck somewhere for a long time:
Worry about his friends and loved ones.


Where was your character born: Brooklyn, New York

Where did he/she grow up: Salem, Massachusetts.

What sort of financial situation did the character grow up in: Middle Class

What sort of social position did the character grow up in: Jock

What are his/her parents’ names and professions: Alex Gallagher and Abby Connor

Does your character still live with his/her parents? If not, where are they now: No, they are dead.

How did/does he/she feel about his/her parents: he hated his father, since he was a drunk, but he cared for his mother.

Does your character have any siblings? If so, what are their names and how does your character get along with them: N/A

Did your character have any occupations before their current one? If so, what were they: He was going to go into Business, but he thought about his life, and decided to become a priest.

What did your character want to be when he/she grew up: A professional football player

Who was his/her best friend when he/she was growing up? What did they do together? What was he/she like: His best friend was Shaun Gattensburg, they were teammates on their high schools football team. He was a class prankster.

What was your character’s home like growing up: Awful. His father was constantly drunk and beat him and his mother, before he got strong enough to fight back, he hasn’t seen him since then.

Did he/she have any pets? If so, what were they: N/A

What was a tradition his/her family had: Church every Sunday, Christmas with family, and Easter with family.

Has anything tragic happened to your character? If so, what and how did it affect him/her: He watched his father beat his mother, and deal with beatings himself, until he kicked his a** and made him leave.

One - First Christmas and Easter with his family, Baptized.

Two - Got into some knives and give himself a scar on his leg.

Three/Four - Took an interest in sports

Five/Six - First beating from his father

Seven/Eight - First football game

Nine/Ten - Met Shaun, pulled pranks on people together

Eleven/Twelve - Began playing Quarterback.

Thirteen/Fourteen - Fought his father and made him leave.

Fifteen/Sixteen - Started playing in his High Schools football team.

Seventeen/Eighteen - Changed his idea about what to be.

Nineteen/Twenty - Began becoming a priest.
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♫ I'm the fear that keeps you awake
I'm the shadows on the wall
I'm the monsters they become
I'm the nightmare in your skull
I'm a dagger in your back
An extra turn upon the rack
I'm the quivering of your heart
A stabbing pain, a sudden start. ♪