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♃ ❤ The Facts:
Full name: Siobhan Lily Duffy (Pronounced Shuh-vahn)

Any nicknames: Sio (Pronounced See-oh)

Birthdate: October 25th 1992

Gender: Female

Race: American, but with firm Irish roots

Profession: Demon exorcist

Height: 4’10”

Weight: 140lbs

Hair: Natural red, though it’s dark, because she spends most of her time inside.

Length: It reaches her waist.

Type: Straight, curling at the end.

Eye color: Green

Skin color: Peaches and Cream, with freckles all over it

Physical Condition: Curvy, slightly toned, but nothing special

Mental Condition: Sharp wit, but sometimes can get flustered.

Distinctive traits - Right upper ear pierced with a silver ring. She also has a common Irish curse tattooed on her back. (May those who love us love us.
And those that don't love us,
May God turn their hearts.
And if He doesn't turn their hearts,
May he turn their ankles,
So we'll know them by their limping.)


What is your character’s temperament like: Calm, yet loves to argue, friendly and happy a good portion of the time

Favorite food: Burgers

Least favorite food: Eggs

Favorite color: Green

Least favorite color: Gold

Favorite animal: Wolves

Least favorite animal: Spiders

Favorite weather: Snow/Rain

Least favorite weather: Sunny, since she burns easily

Favorite holiday: Halloween

Most valued possession: The Axe she was given by Patrick.

Why: It signified a change of opinion, and all the responsibility she holds now.

Hobbies: 1. Killing and exorcising demons
2. Reading
3. Whining

Interests: 1. Old books
2. Technology
3. Finding out more about Patrick

Fears: 1. Spiders
2. Clowns
3. Demon Clowns

Irritants: 1. Patrick
2. Getting woken up
3. Having food taken from her

Angry: Patrick condescending her.

Happy: Being rewarded with a new book or a burger.

Sad: The fact that there only 10,000 or so people left in America, unknown how many are around the world.

Lonely: When Patrick goes on a scouting mission without her.

Frustrated: She is still too young to really grasp the fact it is the end of the world.

Content: Reading a book

Nervous: Going to a new area, and wondering how many people are left there.

Scared: Going by a cemetery.

Embarrassed: Having Patrick outsmart her.

What would you say are your character’s best qualities: She accepted her responsibility and fights to protect people.

What would you say are his/her worst qualities: She is easily angered, and will throw tantrums.

Does he/she have any weaknesses? If so what are they: A few phobias, Fear of Spiders, Clowns, and small areas, and an allergy to bees.

Does your character have any characteristic behaviors? If so, what are they: Playing with her hair.

Does he/she have any bad habits? If so, what are they: Biting her nails

Does he/she have any vices? If so, what are they and how did they acquire them: Binge eating. She just loves food, and with the end of the world, she doesn’t eat a lot, so when she does get to eat, so eats a lot, and gets reprimanded by Patrick for indulging in gluttony.

How does your character carry him/herself: She comes across as very confident, but is really scared most of the time.

What languages does he/she speak and how well: English, and took the mandatory two years of Spanish, but barely remembers it.

Does he/she have an accent or other distinct way of speaking? If so, what does it sound like: When she is scared, or angry, she speaks with an Irish Brogue.

Does your character have any goals for his/her future? If so, what are they: To stop the end of the world, and save the planet.

Someone you don’t recognize comes up to you, hugs you, and greets you warmly:
She’d probably freak out for a second, and strain herself to remember them.

You catch someone in the act of stealing a few coins from you:
Punch them.

An attractive member of the opposite gender asks you to dance at a party:
Seeing as it’s the end of the world, she’d back away slowly, and let Patrick handle the punching then.

Someone accuses you of something you didn’t do:
Defend herself fervently.

A friend ignores you when you greet him/her:
Get upset, unless they were busy fighting for their life.

Someone says something bad about someone you have a great deal of respect for:
Punch them.

You are stuck somewhere for a long time:
Cry, and cry a lot.

Where was your character born: Salem, Massachusetts

Where did he/she grow up? Salem, Massachusetts

What sort of financial situation did the character grow up in: Middle Class

What sort of social position did the character grow up in: Nerd

What are his/her parents’ names and professions? - Mary Conner and Geoff Duffy, Mary was a homemaker, and Geoff was a construction worker.

Does your character still live with his/her parents? If not, where are they now: She did, before the apocalypse, but they died.

How did/does he/she feel about his/her parents: She loved them, even though they were often upset at her for her religion choice.

Does your character have any siblings? If so, what are their names and how does your character get along with them? N/A

Did your character have any occupations before their current one? If so, what were they? She was a student in college before the apocalypse.

What did your character want to be when he/she grew up: Nurse

Who was his/her best friend when he/she was growing up? What did they do together? What was he/she like: She was a huge recluse, and didn’t really have any friends.

What was your character’s home like growing up: Full of fighting, mostly between her and her parents, ever since she turned thirteen, she had been asking questions about their religion, and when she became agnostic, it sent them off the deep end.

Did he/she have any pets? If so, what were they: A turtle she named Hermit.

What was a tradition his/her family had: Mass every Sunday, but she would never go.

Has anything tragic happened to your character? If so, what and how did it affect him/her: She lost her parents, her pet, and all her classmates. She realized the only person she had was Patrick, and she realized she didn’t want even more people to suffer that.

One - She took an interest in shiny things.

Two - She began running from her mom and dad, they put a child leash on her.

Three/Four - She began reading a lot.

Five/Six - She went to kindergarten and pulled a girls hair.

Seven/Eight - She broke her arm.

Nine/Ten - She punched a kid for calling her a leprechaun.

Eleven/Twelve - She went into the hospital after being stung by a bee, finding out she was allergic.

Thirteen/Fourteen - She began staying inside more, reading and playing on the computer.

Fifteen/Sixteen - Got asked on a date and got stood up. Stayed home and pigged out on ice cream.

Seventeen/Eighteen - Got Hermit, and loved him dearly. Then got approached by Patrick, and the world went to Hell, literally. Beginning of her life as a Demon Exorcist.
✖ ☢

♫ I'm the fear that keeps you awake
I'm the shadows on the wall
I'm the monsters they become
I'm the nightmare in your skull
I'm a dagger in your back
An extra turn upon the rack
I'm the quivering of your heart
A stabbing pain, a sudden start. ♪