"You'll never understand"

As the smoking guns falls from my lips
My heart will be released from your grip
When fragments of my skull ricochet off the wall
And my limp body starts to fall
All of our memories will start to play
As children watch them, what will they say?
Even if we were happy, this is how you’ll remember me
Close your eyes because I don’t want you to see

That I have the will to pull this trigger
And soon Ill haunt your dreams as a demonic figure
Never truly showing you my reasons
As to why the cold ones are my favorite seasons
When I hear the explosion in my head
I don’t think that I will be dead
Instead I’ll be granted my wings
And I’ll fly away before it starts to sting
I always warned you to get away
But I won’t be surprised if you watch my body decay
I never saw you let go in your eyes

Even if they held in anger as a disguise
I know that you love me but this can’t be stopped
Until it’s fired this gun won’t be dropped
This tragedy will be a miracle once a feather strokes your face
And you’ll accept that it is my time to go with grace
I don’t know if my next world will be below or above
But even though we didn’t make it, you were always my love