On this night i lay in bed
Trying to remember everything you said

You are only there to help me
The right path is what you want me to see

I just cant go through with it
I cant see my parents throw another fit

Its not just for my protection
Because they already know im far from perfection

It's not just my life at stake
Even though this is my mistake

I will fix this my way
It's always been my price to pay

But thank you anyways for your assistance
Even when its from a distance

Its like you know just what to do
Thank you

Are you in love?

Can your friends see your eyes sparkle when she crosses your mind?

Do you beleive that love is blind?

Do you get butterflys in your tummy around her?

Do you wish she was everywhere you were?

Do you feel as if you cant live without her around?

Like your heart was found?

Are you happy whenever she texts or calls you?

Is it meant to be, and you always knew?

Can you tell that she is the one?

Do you call her babe, or hun?

Then let me tell you this when it comes to love,

When it comes to anything else, she is always above.