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The Teachings of Internet Jesus
Well, you know, I control the internet. I actually have the switch! I could turn the internet off anytime I want. ******** Al Gore! I invented it.
I Hate Gaia (Seventh Edition)
It's the usual Spring Shitstorm on Gaia. What's it about this time? One of two things:

1) The My Gaia layout


2) The Great Booty Grab Nerfdown

The first one is the usual Gaia idiom of OH GOD THEY CHANGED SOMETHING I'M USED TO RAGE RAGE RAGE. With the exception of the loss of the mini-house-and-car-and-Avatar-And-Age preview that I liked, it's no big deal. People will get used to it, forget it and move on until they change it again and b***h again. You know, business as usual.

The second one, I can see both sides of the equation. Inflation has gone insane with RIG(I refuse to call them CI)s and all that other crap, and Booty Grab's accessibility contributes to that. New RIG comes out? Booty Grab, buy it, sell for profit and/or keep.

So, Gaia catches on and halves the glow ratio, SHITSTORM ensues. Blah blah our money, blah blah. Greed piled on by greed piled on by greed.

I derive most of my Gold from Booty Grab. Most of the crap from my Avatar? Booty Grab paid for a lot of it. So am I affected by it? Actually...no. I went through one of the Dolphin threads before writing this and despite half the tanks having gone on this ridiculous strike (which I'll elaborate upon in the next paragraph), I still got about 10,000 gold, which is about half of what I would have gotten normally anyway. IMAGINE THAT. So, if I went through it normally without the strike, I'd be about 23,000 gold richer or something to that effect. Essentially the same even with the halved Glow ratio.

So, the main impetus of the strike is that the strikers paid real money to fill their tanks with Dolphins (currently the most profitable fish for Booty Grabbing) so they can reap the benefits. Sure, that sucks that their virtual income has...uhh...halved, I guess. But they do realize that taking off their dolphins doesn't help, right? Can it be that the right approach is to leave everything be and not buy dolphins again in the future? Probably.

Gaia listens to the cash flow. That's why RIGs are popular. That's why Evolving Items are popular. They pump them out to profit from everyone. You want to protest? Don't buy Gaia Cash. Simple as that. Dry up their cash flow and they'll try to improve things so you, the consumer, will want to buy crap from them again. Bitching gets nowhere. Annoying people gets nowhere. HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS.

[internet jesus]
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