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Mandys Life/Thoughts.
I suppose I will write about my feelings and whats happening
I looove how you couldn't say JACK S H I T to me.
And you couldn't even tell me that , you didnt WANT me anymore,
And you know what?
You couldve.
because I wouldve understood.. but no.
You have to keep it up fcking my over farther and farther,
So now, I hope you feel good about yourself,
I hope you feel PROUD in the tears I've cried and the cuts Ive cut,
And all that blood Ive bled for you.
I gave you my fcking heart and soul,
And all you decided to do was be a d**k about it and fck me over yet again.
And do you know whats SAD? Is that you KNEW
Id take you back
And keep you as my own,
What bullsht were you trying to pull with me?
Both of you.
Cause girl, you're not any better.
You made me feel more worthless then my own friggen self.
And thats A true compliment.
Im proud of you,
Because you know what?
NEITHER of you, have felt ANYTHING near to what Ive felt.
And have NEVER felt or been put into my position.
And you guys both have it pretty damn easy (:
Cause you guys both have the person you love.
the person I love... yeah,
he thinks of me as somebody who deserves to be dead.
And thats it.
Jasmine, I'm nothing but dead to you.
And Nathan?
Im nothing but dead to you either.

I hope you guys have good fckn lives, because I won't be there in them.

Jasmine you MISSED ME? Bulllllllllll.
All you did was constantly put me down.
And Nathan? you LOVED ME? Bullllllllllll.
Once you love someone you NEVER stop.
you never did.
And I love how you kept that lie up as well, (:
Because for a while ..
I actually believed you.

"Out of all the lies you've told me, I love you was my favourite"

Goodbye guys,
Have good fckn lives.

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