1. shyly clad in the morning mist,
the mountains retreat into the sky

2 inside the mirror of the rice field the moon hides,
yet the water reflects it

3 so still the world barely breathes,
the moon has painted with silver the castle,
the mountain-top,
who within it has the calmness of heart to watch the star filled night

try and decode the next one

4 p1 the buds on the plum tree contain the hope of spring.
born in winter and alone i long to see them unfurled

p2 the bud on the plum tree fears to unfurl.
it knows that the splendor of its petals will fall to earth for others to tred on

p1 when the storm comes it will break the boughs and scatter the petals of the flowers wide.
i shall gather them up and keep them in my sleeve
p2 the frost that comes out of season will kill the budding flower.
spring, dressed in winters frost, leaves no fruit for summer ripeness